Dave Clark Five All The Hits Coming 1/24/20

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Bill, Nov 12, 2019.

  1. bhazen

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    Newcastle, WA
    At the risk of being annoying*, I'll repeat myself (then absent myself from further comment): The History Of The Dave Clark Five. You can find copies of this long out-of-print 2-CD set for a reasonable amount online. It's got fifty (50) tracks -- in my opinion, pretty much everything great the DC5 ever recorded. And, it sounds slightly better than the two more recent compilations (although I'm not sure that any were taken from original master tapes -- I may be wrong.)

    *Not that that has ever slowed me down.
  2. lavalamp3

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    Because the DC5's Red Balloon reached number 7 in the UK and the album's called "All the Hits"?
  3. Pelvis Ressley

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    Capac, Michigan
    If you want to hear what a DC5 song can sound like properly mastered, check out this release:

    Various - Epic 50th Anniversary Collection contains "Glad All Over" mastered by Mark Wilder from the dub sent from the UK. No Manny Kellem manipulation.
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  4. CowboyBill

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    I recently acquired the newer 24bit remasters of a couple albums. Those sound great. I’m glad all over to see a physical release for this band!
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  5. MarkTheShark

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    Some years back I picked up a CD of "questionable origin" which was called "Rare Tracks" or something. It had a version of "Last Train To Clarksville" on it. I guess this stuff wasn't "really" "technically" the DC5, but...what IS it?
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  6. Deek57

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    Slightly off topic...... DC 5 and Foghat are the only British bands I can think of that had more success in the USA than on their home turf. I really am surprised for the love of DC5, when I was a kid they seemed to be a bit of a novelty act (hit's like Glad all Over & Bits and Pieces). Dave Clark is more well known for his entrepreneurial skills than his time on the drum stool these days.
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  7. bluenosens

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    I wish he had included "At the Scene, their last #1 here in Canada. Also "red and Blue" was their last single I remember on the charts here. Also miss a very Badfinger-like "killer" song called "into Your Life", which I don't have. Check that one out on y-tube. Wish I had got those Russian bootlegs. Will be interesting to see how "good" they sound. "Glad All Over ", still makes me feel good when I play it. Also the underrated song "I've Got to Have a Reason". But by than, the DC5 weren't cool except to us diehards. :) We'll see on Jan 24th.
  8. MarcS

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    New Jersey
    I think Traffic, Chad & Jeremy and Herman's Hermits were bigger in the US than at home.
  9. bluenosens

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    malagash centre
    I'm wondering if this is some of the music he recorded after the DC5 when it was just Dave Clark and friends. Mike was still with him at this point.
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  10. Bill

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    As you can tell from the final tracks on the new hits album, at the end, Dave vainly tried various styles of music, as the DC5, and finally, as Dave Clark and Friends, to keep things alive, perhaps to satisfy existing contracts. I suspect the cover of Last Train was one of these recordings. To show how far afield he and Mike drifted from the DC5 sound, play this:
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  11. Deek57

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    Herman's Hermits had quite a few hits, Peter Noone too had a couple as a solo artist iirc. Traffic, had a hit with "Hole in My Shoe" but were more of an album band. Chad & Jeremy ? never heard of 'em.
  12. drbryant

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    Los Angeles, CA
    I don't know about outtakes, but American Tour is a great album.

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  13. majorlance

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    Collingswood, NJ
    And even then...
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  14. VinylSoul

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    I miss their monkey suits and their fairy boots.
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  15. SPikor82

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    Really? wow.
    I really like C&J, saw them a few years ago on the British Invasion Tour. Despite being the more creative of the two main British duos I still like Peter & Gordon a bit more.

    I have the DC5 History and the CDs from the 1990s [likely vinyl rips] also the recent Oldays mini LPs of the albums, but of course would buy a complete stereo/mono/b-sides box set in an instant.
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  16. segue

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    Freddie Mercury and Dave Clark
  17. Two Sheds

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    The Yardbirds (at the end of their career) and the Zombies were bigger in the USA also.
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  18. I lost interest in the DC5 when they stopped doing loud rock and roll and started doing mushy ballads.
  19. bluesky

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    south florida, usa
    Seen DC5 once.
  20. I saw them once, well maybe not. I went to the Gateway Theater in Chicago in 1965, to watch the movie, "Having a Wild Weekend". It was advertised that the DC5 would appear after the movie. When the movie was finished the DC5 walked onto the stage, waved at everyone, and left. So yes, I did see them once.
  21. Rigoberto

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    After eliminating the filler this would fit on a 3" CD.
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  22. ssmith3046

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    In the early years these guys were the Beatles biggest rivals, at least the fanzines made it that way. As a kid and Beatlemaniac in 63/64 I remember those fanzines well, it was always Dave Clark 5 vs The Beatles. Of course when Satisfaction hit in 65 a lot of the made up rivalry changed. It did sell those magazines because we were eager to read about our favorite groups and that was about the only choice we had 56 years ago.
  23. Bill

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    Nice thread-crap.
  24. akmonday

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    OMG is that Dave Clark? I seriously thought it was a picture of a Klingon at first.

  25. Marc Perman

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    And it’s mono and sounds as good as the DC5 ever would (or should).
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