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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by DML71, Aug 9, 2018.

  1. Dorian75

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    What do you define as “modern instruments”? Computers? If yes then yes.
  2. PretzelLogic

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    Don’t be afraid of the future.
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  3. Dorian75

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    I am afraid of everything.... :(
  4. 9 Volt

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    I'm a musician. I play guitar and keyboards. These days when I compose a song I have two choices:

    1. Create my song by playing musical instruments along with other musicians (or if I'm Dave Grohl play all the instruments myself).


    2. Embace technology and draw the entire song all by myself on a computer screen.

    I've done both and I've been happy with the results in both cases. And either way the song ends up in a computer. Both methods have their pros and cons.

    But guess which way is a hell of a lot more fun?
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  5. vinyl diehard

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    No. Probot.
  6. tcbtcb

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    Heck put jazz flute on anything and it'll sound better. ;)
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  7. davesmoked

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    Little bit of singing and soloing and it'd be perfect. Gonna go for vinyl anyway
  8. Dave Gilmour's Cat

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  9. DTK

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    I think Dave should play a nose flute out of his ****.
  10. Grunge Master

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    I love Nirvana (my 2nd favorite group after The Beatles), and I think that Dave is a genuinely good guy. I just don't care for his music. He's a great drummer-and a hard hitting one; he helped take Nirvana to the next level by giving them that extra crunch that they needed. I think that most of his stuff is indistinguishable from each other. It has nothing to do with talent; I mean, he played all of the instruments (aside from one guitar track) on the FF debut album (which I love). It just feels bland to me.
  11. stagnation

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    I like this project and Dave, but i'm starting to wonder if he is gonna become the Phil Collins' of the modern era and will become hated.

    Dave just appears to becoming everybody's darling... similar to the way Phil did in the mid-80's. I would say that 'Play' is that point where Collins' released 'Both Sides' (where PC also played every instrument on the album). Unfortunately that had a big negative effect on Collins' career - he left Genesis, and he didn't have the hits anymore.

    I just hope DG doesn't go down the same route - just because he has done 'play'.
  12. jwoverho

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    Overexposure possibly. People just might be tired of seeing him everywhere being asked to pontificate on all things rock. Dave seems like a genuinely nice guy, but anyone can wear out their welcome.
  13. Haggis Wampovich

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    Seek this one out. The music is great.
  14. Haggis Wampovich

    Haggis Wampovich Professor of Dead Languages

    Three Rivers, USA
    The TCV record has a large amount of Josh Homme’s influence in terms of the writing. If you’re lukewarm on his output, it’s no surprise you didn’t connect with TCV.
  15. nodeerforamonth

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    I think it's a good way to see how the first album was recorded. Don't forget, with the exception of one song, he played everything on the first album.
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  16. Anyone know if vinyl is one side or two, 33 or 45???
    I really like this. Sounds like an audition piece for Rush.
  17. davecaddie

    davecaddie Well-Known Member

    Among the best rock artists of his generation
  18. Jeff57

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    It's one side at 33rpm. The other side is an etching of the studio layout.
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  19. Dorian75

    Dorian75 Forum President

    Opened the LP tonight and listening now. The die-cut packaging is beautifully done. Includes a copy of the mic and track notes, which is very cool.

    The LP pressing quality is excellent. The etching of the studio layout on side 2 is the best of these types of etchings I’ve seen.

    The sound quality is fantastic. No surface noise, no ticks or pops, excellent mix and mastering. You can really hear the air in the studio in the quiet passages and each instrument is well delineated, even in the heavy sections.

    The track itself I think is great, I’m a big prog rock/metal fan and I’d definitely put it in that genre. Reminds me of a cross between Rush, Tool and Foo Fighters perhaps.

    A lot of care and attention to detail has gone into this release. I think it’s especially noteworthy given that Dave must have known this wouldn’t be a huge seller. It’s much appreciated.

    Thanks Dave, well done!
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  20. Remote Control Triangle

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    I honestly think this is just Dave's way of inspiring people to pick up a musical instrument. He doesn't seem like the kind of guy who is doing music to "show off" anyway, so I doubt he was just trying to be epic for the sake of being epic...more like, here's what can be accomplished if you put your mind to it, sort of thing.
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  21. ron325

    ron325 Well-Known Member

    My gf is a HUGE Grohl fan (she's at her 27th FF concert at this very moment), so she forced me to watch this. Ehh, I thought it was boring. Basically, just Dave showing that he's a talented musician and has all the time and money to do whatever he wants. That said, even though I don't like his music, I do think he's one of the cooler rock stars because he has a great sense of humor and seems to really care about rock (not just the money).
  22. davesmoked

    davesmoked Forum Resident

    after watching back and forth documentary I decided to learn to play guitar...one of best decisions of my life. So I guess he's quite successful in his effort
  23. Gagnedouze

    Gagnedouze Forum Resident

    I enjoyed it. I really like Dave Grohl. Brilliantly talented and very likeable.

    Very passionate about what he does - that comes across live and in the studio.
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