David Bowie - Brilliant Adventure (1992-2001) [Box set #5]

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Ken_McAlinden, Sep 17, 2021.

  1. Azorbz

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    Swindon, England
    What I don't understand is why I'm Only Dancing is shown during the limited releases section. Will the RSD release be reissued?
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  2. jimod99

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    Vienna, Austria
    Probably unsold stock, a couple of stores here still have copies in stock.
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  3. mishima's dog

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    Glasgow, Scotland
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  4. NunoBento

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    Whoa a Bowie Pop Up shop in London! That's interesting. Do we know which vinyl releases are going to be there? And when?
  5. Music Geek

    Music Geek Forum Resident

    Which day of the week will you be going?
  6. sillyboyblue

    sillyboyblue Well-Known Member

    Agreed, however if the blurb is anything to go by, it’s not simply a shop per se (though that seems to be a key driver):

    “The pop-ups will offer visitors a unique and immersive career-spanning deep dive into the sound and vision of David Bowie, with features including:

    • Immersive audio and HD video screening rooms in partnership with 360 Reality Audio, an immersive music experience using Sony’s spatial sound technologies. With music in 360 Reality Audio, fans will be able to hear and see Bowie content available for the first time in immersive audio, exclusively in the Bowie 75 locations.

    • Hours of video content including previously unseen behind-the-scenes material, rare footage from the Heathen and Reality eras, and more.”
    (Quoted from official Bowie news item)

    So, I’m thinking it may be a small multi-media exhibition, like a simplified version of “Bowie Is” without all the key elements such as cool memorabilia, costumes…

    And also there’s the actual shop to buy expensive satin & tat…
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  7. Starmix

    Starmix Forum Resident

    What kind of music does Steve Hoffman do?
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  8. Halloween_Jack

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    Hampshire, UK
    I'm so glad I'm out of this madness! Have just put my Five Years & Brilliant Live Adventures sets up for sale too. Will continue to just buy the occasional stand-alone release as/when (I'm Only Dancing and Cracked Actor get a LOT of play here) and I'll continue to enjoy his core catalogue on prior / superior releases.
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  9. aphexj

    aphexj Sound mind & body

    I enjoyed David Bowie Is but I'll wait for the immersive audio to hit streaming. Preferably in Dolby Atmos, as the 360 RA tracks I've heard have all been a bit disappointing

    Space Oddity the album remix was done in 360 RA, no? Probably that means Metrobolist and some of Visconti's other remixes have been ported to that format as well...

    ANYWAY, back to Brilliant Adventure 1992 - 2001 because that's what this thread is supposed to be about!
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  10. Cat People

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    West Midlands
    I’m just finding the whole thing a quite brillianf adventure;-)
  11. Gavaxeman

    Gavaxeman Take me back to dear old Blighty...

    West Midlands U.K.
    The limited vinyl sells out in -3 seconds ! I got a Red vinyl goats head soup but no luck with any others
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  12. Rant423

    Rant423 Forum Resident


    “A gentle face you've seen before...”

    If it’s the 15th of October where you are, you may already be streaming DAVID BOWIE KARMA MAN c/w SILLY BOY BLUE (ALTERNATIVE ENDING MIX) via your preferred interwebz music portal.

    Because Parlophone Records/ISO Records today announces the release of KARMA MAN, a previously unreleased track taken from the forthcoming DAVID BOWIE 5. BRILLIANT ADVENTURE (1992 – 2001) and TOY (TOY:BOX) boxsets. KARMA MAN is coupled with SILLY BOY BLUE (ALTERNATIVE ENDING MIX) which is exclusive to this single, the original mix also featuring on the album TOY.

    KARMA MAN was initially recorded by Bowie in September 1967 and debuted on John Peel’s BBC Radio 1 show in the Spring of 1968, but it was not officially released until 1970 on The World Of David Bowie album. In 2000 the song was re-tracked by David, backed by his Glastonbury band for inclusion on the TOY album. SILLY BOY BLUE originally appeared on David’s 1967 self-titled debut album and along with KARMA MAN reflected his interest in Tibetan culture, a theme that continued into the 90’s with the song SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET from EARTHLING.

    TOY co-producer Mark Plati “Karma Man is notable for Cuong Vu’s opening and closing lines, and especially the glorious backing vocals from Holly Palmer, Emm Gryner, and Lisa Germano - they had so much to do with the sound of Toy, and this is a prime example. When I re-listened to these tracks, the sound of fall 2000 came flooding out of the speakers, from a song I'd not heard since then. I’m not too proud to say I shed a bit of a tear, something that happened a few times while mixing it.”

    #BowieBrilliantAdventure #BowieKarmaMan #BowieToy
  13. NunoBento

    NunoBento Rock 'n' Roll Star

    First day and any day there's new vinyl in stock :)
  14. Frankie_Collector

    Frankie_Collector Bowie nut extraordinaire

    Mexico City
    Dying to hear this track...
    Alas, it's still October 14th for me.
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  15. Fabrice Outside

    Fabrice Outside Forum Resident

    Dying to hear it too, but it won't be before January...
  16. mr.datsun

    mr.datsun Incompletist

    Ask him.
  17. Rant423

    Rant423 Forum Resident

    I hate this:

    SILLY BOY BLUE (ALTERNATIVE ENDING MIX) which is exclusive to this single

    We're getting a 3xCD and it still doesn't collect everything?
    I can excuse the radio edits, but this...
  18. OneLife

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    Tyne and Wear, UK
    very well said, completely agree with you
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  19. Starmix

    Starmix Forum Resident

    Not really interested,I’d rather discuss stuff on this Bowie Forum hosted by Mr Hoffman:tiphat:
  20. pobbard

    pobbard The CD is a pretty good format (ducks)

    Andover, MA
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  21. Steve Carroll

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    Palm Springs CA
    I always thought the "Bromley Dave" persona was as much a fabrication as Ziggy Stardust or The Thin White Duke. It seemed forced, phoney and wore very thin, very quickly. The TV interview appearances to promote 'Hours' are excruciating, all that "Watcha' mate ... 'ow you all doing? ... alwight?". Seeing DB all matey with prize bellend Chris Evans on TFI Friday around this time, was for me, nauseating. After it aired, I had to lie down and listen to "Station To Station" on repeat for a deep cleanse.
  22. Steve Carroll

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    Palm Springs CA
    There's already some on Etsy! Some more successful in their rendering than others!
  23. mkwant

    mkwant Forum Resident

    It's basically the same mix as the leaked version. Which makes some kind of sense: cd2 of the Toy box seems to be close to the leaked mix of Toy, but replaces Silly Boy Blue with the 'Tibet version'.
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  24. footstomper

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    London UK
    Another streaming only single - are we really not getting a 7" of this? Kinda bummed everything isn't on the forthcoming 6 disc set!
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  25. Oogie

    Oogie Forum Resident

    I disagree.
    Cd 1 is different to the leak the streaming version of habit points towards that.
    Mark plati seems to suggest it's a new mix.
    Also cd2 includes many of the alternative visconti.mixes which were on the slowburn/Hi cd singles and nothing has changed 3 cd compilation.
    I think we can forget about the leaked version that wasn't meant to be heard and was an early version hence uncle fkoyd and afraid.
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