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    Always sounded like some automation error in the mastering chain or a problem in the transfer to me
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    The releases that would use the OMT would be (at least)

    US LP AFL1 2522 (Sterling master)
    US CD (Jpn for US) PCD1-2522
    RYKO CD RCD 10143

    After recording the master tape would have been sent to the rights holder - RCA US New York. The US LP (and one of the first UK versions) was mastered in New York.
    Ryko also said they used the two-track masters.

    It's not such a hard comparison. It's also possible that a fault developed on the tape.
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    No paranoia on my part. Just curiosity. Ironically, you seem to be engaged in an opposite kind of paranoia. For what it's worth, record companies have often made mastering mistakes. That's common knowledge, and it leads naturally to common rebukes, whether or not they are justified in specific cases.
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    I apologise for any errors I may have made in my post.
    What is your opinion of the Five Years remaster of the Space Oddity album?
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    Looking forward to hear a song called Jerusalém
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    "Have patience."

    It Ain't Easy.
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    Based on the lack of replies to this thread, I'm guessing that people are pretty luke-warm on the new Bowie box.
  9. writteninwater

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    I have an interest in it. Bowie the singer/songwriter. But it's a little anticlimactic. I was waiting for box number five.
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    I'm a near Bowie completist but it never occurred to me to buy this set, at least not at the current asking price.

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    I agree - I like the SO album and I count 10 songs (as opposed to multiple versions of a song) that I don't have, but I can't quite convince myself to pay the current asking price to hear those 10 songs. But at least they haven't combined vinyl and cd in this release as many other SDEs do.
  12. Vaughan

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    Tbf there's not a lot to say about it. A lot of people will have most of this on Vinyl already, and those that don't are waiting for the release. I have it on pre-order, even though I'm convinced the price will fall. I allow myself one artist where price isn't the prime motivation on whether I get something or not. I complained a lot when most of this was Vinyl only, so I'd feel a little foolish if I bagged it now. :D
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    CDs in an awkward sized book. I want my discs 'compact'. I don't have room for this nonsense. I'll pick up the set when it depreciates in value like Bowpromo has. These 14 oddities will get downloaded for now and I'll buy the Space Oddity 2019 Mix CD as a gesture:

    April’s Tooth Of Gold (2.29)
    The Reverend Raymond Brown (Attends the Garden Fête on Thatchwick Green) (2.15)
    When I’m Five (3.18)
    Animal Farm (2.21)
    Space Oddity (version 2) with John ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson (5.00)
    Conversation Piece (3.47)
    Jerusalem (4.19)
    Hole In The Ground with George Underwood (3.29)
    Space Oddity (Morgan Studios version – alternative take) (4.22) with John ‘Hutch’ Hutchinson
    Letter To Hermione (early mix) (2.32)
    Janine (early mix) (3.23)
    An Occasional Dream (early mix) (2.54)
    In The Heat Of The Morning (Decca mono version) (2.51)
    London Bye, Ta-Ta (Decca alternative version) (2.36)

    Grand Total £9.99

  14. EdwinM

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    I would have been more excited if I hadn't bought these fecking vinyl boxes.
  15. hulloder72

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    Please...can you tell me what is missing from this box set or can you consider it complete?
  16. wildstar

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    How about - they didn't want to eat the cost of remastering/repressing and sending out free replacement copies. Do I know that's the case? No - but since after capitulating (after initially giving denials/excuses) and sending out replacement copies (for a while) they said that no more replacements will be offered since the corrected version is now available for sale separately and from then on, if you buy a box with a bad disc, you can replace it yourself by buying a new copy of the now individually available LP.

    Over the past decade or so labels have been getting more and more prickly about correcting THEIR mistakes. One that comes to mind is one of the Duran Duran double disc deluxe remasters when the record company (EMI) actually did acknowledge the error, but then refused to do anything about it (with the excuse that in their view the error was too minor to need correcting). :rolleyes:

    It could be because profit margins are getting increasingly slim as sales fall, but there's no excuse for such "screw the customer" behavior/business practices. The record companies should either get some proper quality control in their processes to catch these things before they make it out the door, or suffer the consequences. Regardless its not the customer who should have to deal with the consequences of not only shoddily manufactured product, but also bad customer service.

    Anyway record companies have no one to blame but themselves for falling sales when they are willfully driving actual paying customers away by not (or in many cases at best only very reluctantly/feet-draggingly) standing behind their product. I'll reluctantly accept/listen to a faulty disc when it comes to free streaming, but I sure as hell ain't gonna pay money for it!

    End of rant.
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    This is not how I remember it at all. I don't remember denials. I recall people brought it up, Parlophone said they were raising the matter internally, and after a few days we got the truth - it's on the master, so they left it on the release. They said there would be replacements, but we had to wait until they were available. Keep in mind, the masters they were using and were getting ready to press would have been the master from the box set, so it took them a little while to fix things.

    They sent out replacements, so they put it right. This was a "limited" replacement scheme - but then again, I don't think it's reasonable to imagine they could spend the next five, six, or more years holding stock of a replacement. A limited time replacement was reasonable, imo. The replacement is, indeed, on the single release as I understand it (I don't actually own one to check, but I assume so).

    As has been mentioned several times previously -these box sets are replete with anomalies that are, apparently, part of the masters as they exist today. The only truly egregious one was on Heroes, although you'll find others who get upset about the others too. It was unfortunate that the Heroes thing happened, and that someone didn't hear it before release and decide that it just wouldn't fly. In the end Parlophone did all they could to put it right - yet they still get attacked. I'd say this falls into the "you just can't in" category.
  18. NightGoatToCairo

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    Previously Unreleased:

    Ernie Johnson (Demo Tape) 1968 David Bowie - Illustrated db Discography > Ernie Johnon rock opera
    Mit Mir In Deinem Traum ('When I Live My Dream' German Version) 1969 Vocal
    Lieb' Dich Bis Dienstag ('Love You Till Tuesday' German Version) 1969 Vocal

    any more?
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    Hi that's a cunning plan - where would you recommend to d'load from? :)
  20. NightGoatToCairo

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    Recommend? iTunes, Amazon, etc...
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    It's pretty hard to get psyched for it when the cost is presently about double what it's worth. There are multiple releases coming out around the same time containing far more material even though we're still talking about a "one album" period in a given artist's career.

    Whitesnake, Jethro Tull, and Muse are really nailing the "value for money" category to the wall. Even King Crimson are offering a stripped down In the Court box for people who want something now instead of waiting for another year for the "Complete 1969" box that's coming down the road - and at a value price, nonetheless.

    The Pink Floyds and Bowies of the music industry are going to have to forgive a lukewarm reception to offering less value and less content. It's not 1992 anymore.

    Full disclosure though: I'd be eagerly in line for Conversation Piece if it were priced more in line with the other sets I'm citing.
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    Same here. I wouldn’t pay more than £30 for this, no matter how enticing they try to make it with the packaging, book etc.
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    So you finally answered my question - thank you. :p
    I'm much more stoked for this set than I was for LTA. I can't wait to get my hands on it - one of my favourite all time albums; tracks unheard for 50 years, some not even known about even by Nicholas Pegg etc - what's not to like? The book is going to be great and they've killed off the hated (by me) Five Years Remaster Disaster which I take as acknowledgement of a screw up! I'm happy!
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    Well, yes, but the problem is that the track has always been one long crescendo, and the second half is supposed to be louder than the first. What I think happened is that they tried to fix this "loss of energy" section, then normalized the sections of the track on either side to get everything evened out, without regard to the original intended dynamics of the track. At least that's what it sounds like. It was an amateurish mistake, didn't match any previously released version of the song, and they've never really fessed up.
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