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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Bink, Jan 8, 2022.

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    David Bowie recorded an album in 2000 that included mostly new recordings of songs he wrote in the 60's. The album which was called Toy, was not released during Bowie's lifetime because of what was apparently put down to 'scheduling conflicts', although it is generally thought that the record company did not want to release the album.

    The album was eventually released last year as part of the Brilliant Adventures boxset and a Toy boxset was released yesterday which included alternate versions as well as the main album.

    There has already been some discussion about this album in the Brilliant Adventures boxset thread, however it has been correctly pointed out that it should have it's own thread.

    So this thread is to discuss the album, the Toy box, why it wasn't released etc.
  2. Scott6

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    I think the true honest answer is that it wasn't released at the time because it isn't actually very good. The record company have the final say and weren't prepared to release a poor album consisting of 60's songs that weren't that great in their original form. I'm prepared to be shot down though.
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    I think it’s great that Mark Plati has been allowed to finish it. Did I read elsewhere there are no notes with the box? That is a big grrrrr for me. I want to know whether my hunches about it, for example that only three tracks were fully mixed at the time to be sent to the record company and when they were rejected the rest weren’t finished, are true. It’s an expanded snapshot of where his head was and the songs sound to me a lot better than in their 60s original versions.
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    It's true that there are no liner notes. There is a booklet but it just contains credits and a few nice photos.
  5. Kent Gray

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    I'd heard several of the tracks years ago and wasn't impressed. I didn't see the purpose of Bowie re-recording these tracks with so little enthusiasm. Based on interviews, he enjoyed revisiting the compositions and focusing on the music, but his vocals were simply drab. In every case (of the ones I heard) I preferred the originals.

    Edit to add:

    I just listened to a couple of the tracks and my impression is slightly better. "You've Got A Habit Of Leaving" sounds better than the original, now The Kinks' inspiration is obvious.
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  6. Charismatic Enigma

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    I love the box set especially the unreleased photos :)
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  7. Colocally

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    Surrey BC.
    I find a lot of enthusiasm.
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  8. muzzer

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    Are the credits comprehensive as to when each track was recorded, what was done to them and when? I’ve got to the point where I think an excel is the only solution tbh ;)
  9. ralphb

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    So do I. Never got the knock on this album, I love it.
  10. Bink

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    No, I'm afraid not. Just songwriting, production and publishing credits etc.
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    It's a fantastic album.
    With regards to the lack of notes everything really we need to.know is in the ba boxset. No real point in repeating themselves. It's still a nice package with some great photos and detailed credits. It's nicely put together in a thick sturdy box. It's well worth the 25 quid or so.
    It's great that they all sound very different to the bootleg and from each other.
    I also have no issue with the sound or the artwork. It looks and sounds amazing to me.
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  12. ralphb

    ralphb "First they came for..."

    Brooklyn, New York
    Except there are some of us not interested in the box set. I was ready to buy this but the lack of proper annotation (how hard is it to copy/paste?) is a deal breaker. Sheer laziness. I'll stick with the version on You Tube.
  13. timnor

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    I guess this won't get a 12 inch vinyl release appart from the recent box set ?
  14. Bink

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    I agree with you about the music, but I am afraid I can't agree that they should leave out any liner notes out of an archive release just because there is another release that includes some liner notes. Not everyone has bought the Brilliant Adventures boxset.
  15. Nice box and collection of music from the sessions. It’s not among his best efforts but enjoyable nevertheless.
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  16. lemonjello

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    I got halfway through this last night...
    I really enjoyed it, the band and David are tight and it was all very interesting. Simple straightforward production
    But i can understand at least why the record company didn’t think it would fare well in 2000, everything on the radio then had a ‘BIG’ and ‘POWERFUL’ production aspect. And the quality of those early song are different then the songs on his early albums.
    A band just playing good songs and playing well was always met with a ‘blah’ attitude in those years. So I bet the record company thought it would disappear without a trace instead of having the impact Heathen.

  17. Adam Bosman

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    I grabbed the 1o" box set yesterday. Really enjoying it. Glad they are releasing this stuff. Haven't had a chance to digest the different versions.
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  18. Grahamstuartcanada

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    I just am streaming it and like it more than I expected. Band sounds great can't wait to hear on proper sound system...
    While a release at the time might have changed heathen which I adore, it might have altered reality which while inconsistent has some very high highs...
    I guess i think to quote Midnight Oil "we have the best of both worlds here"
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  19. 45 RPM Audiophile

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  20. muzzer

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    That’s Motivation
  21. NumberEight

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    Toy is a recursive version of Pin Ups. :)
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  22. muzzer

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    Can’t see the whole box streaming on Amazon yet. Am having to do some compensatory listening to other Bowie. HB db X
  23. Markyp

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  24. steviej

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    Calgary, AB
    If that artwork was Bowie’s original choice, then I can totally understand why it wasn’t released. That’s horrific!
  25. Station2Station

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    Enjoyed the different comments here.
    I haven't heard anything from this release yet.
    My copy is on the way.

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