Deep Discount Music sale

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    New York
  2. I may pick up Zappa "lather" and possibly the A&M box.
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    New York
    McCartney sets are the cheapest I seen them
  4. Trevor_Bartram

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    I've used DD for many years, their service has been consistently good and prices are low. They recently had a store wide 15% off sale for Mothers Day that I took advantage of. It's good to see someone competing hard against Amazon etc. Good luck to them.
  5. street legal

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    west milford, nj
    They not only compete with Amazon, but their prices are nearly always better, sometimes significantly.
    I can't even remember the last time I ordered anything from Amazon.
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  6. Curveboy

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    DD got a bad rap because at some point they changed ownership or management and the site was crashing constantly, they deleted everyone's wish lists...and they had an awesome yearly sale that became not so awesome.

    That said; it's still a decent alternative to other big sites. I find it's great for imports; sometimes by as much as 1/2 price.
  7. ti-triodes

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    It's worth comparing the prices to the prices at Import CD's, which is pretty much the same company. Even with shipping Import CD is usually a bit cheaper. Their shipping has also gotten better lately. It used to take over a week to the East Coast, now it's just a few days.
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    Thanks man:thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    Wings Over America is still too high
  10. Scope J

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    Why are they listing cds on ebay
    (CD Used Very Good) ?
  11. kokishin

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    Silicon Valley
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    The original link is over a year old, that could have something to do with it.
  13. chodad

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    they're having a sale now but everything I'm interested in is back-ordered

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