Discogs can be an awful place. Beware.

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  1. kwadguy

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    Cambridge, MA
    A crooked seller can also request a neutral feedback be removed.

    There is an art to leaving feedback to make it difficult to get it removed.
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  2. eddiel

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    No feedback system really works 100% of the time as they are all prone to abuse in some way. Seller feedback on eBay's can't be trusted either, though it does have detailed ratings for condition, shipping time and communication, which does give it an edge.

    I take feedback with a grain of salt these days even if it's at 100%.
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  3. Silksashbash

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    Plus the most significant fact that Ebay don't allow sellers to retaliate by leaving negative feedback for buyers.
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  4. kwadguy

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    Cambridge, MA
    Some helpful hints in leaving feedback:

    1) Stick to simple facts
    2) Do not use words like cheat, thief, crook, etc. Ever.
    3) Do not mention feedback, EVER, in ANY email to a seller on eBay. EVER. If you do, your feedback can TRIVIALLY be removed and you can even have your account suspended.
    4) Do not mention any third party EVER--that will give the seller an out (UPS, USPS, FedEx, PayPal, etc.)
    5) Stay away from words that impune character like "stole", "ripped off", etc.
    5a) Try to phrase in a way that explains the problem without impugning character: "Unpleasant interaction" is better than "Unpleasant seller".
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  5. no.nine

    no.nine (not his real name)

    Yes, sticking to simple facts and writing unemotionally is the best bet. I can only remember having to leave negative feedback on Discogs one time, and it went something like this:

    "CD listed as NM, but had lots of scuffs. Seller defended his grading, would only offer a small partial refund. Not acceptable to me."

    If you have to wait and calm down before you write it up, then do that. In the end, that type of feedback is MUCH more likely to stick if the seller complains to them. AND you'll have a good shot at getting retaliatory feedback removed.

    PLUS: make sure you give the seller a chance to make things right before you post feedback. If you don't, you're in violation of Discogs policy and your neg can be removed for that reason alone.
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