Disney+, long-rumored Disney streaming service, launching in late 2019

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by AKA, Nov 8, 2018.

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    Anyone able to use this in the UK yet via vpn
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    "There's are only two kinds of songs; there's the blues, and there's zip-a-dee-doo-dah." - Townes Van Zandt
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    Good photo. What about something like My Cousin Vinny ? I’m Italian and I find that film to feature vile stereotypes of Italians. It’s showed on cable quite frequently. Should it be banned ? I personally wouldn’t ban it.

    Now Disney essentially curates what’s on Disney+. I’m fine with them not including a movie like Song of the South on Disney+, although a DVD/Blu release should be available. Should The Birth of a Nation (I thought it terrible) or Triumph of the Will (never saw it) be banned ?

    However, the standards are inconsistent (not just for Disney) - Scorsese (an Italian no less) and Spike Lee have consistently portrayed Italians in a negative light. Their films are almost ubiquitous on cable. Green Book was a decent film, but I found the depiction of the Italian guy offensive.

    I personally don’t know anyone that acts like these stereotypes, yet this is all the viewing public gets of “Italians” - none of the music, art, food, wine, fashion, literature, Rennaisance, etc. The studios (Hollywood and television) continue this calculated bigotry and the viewing public and awards voters seem to eat it up. This phenomena isn’t commonplace in actual Italian films, which is quite telling.

    If we’re going to take this to its logical conclusion everything is going to be banned or censored. Welcome to the People’s Republic of the USA.
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    Disney is free to release or not release their own intellectual property in any way they see fit. They own it, after all. There is no government agency forcing their hand one way or another. And we as consumers and citizens are free to either criticize or applaud Disney for their actions, depending on our point of view.
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    Anyone have any issues getting 5.1 sound? I get 5.1 on every other platform but for some reason Disney + is only coming in on stereo
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    I just got this today!
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    This is a great App. I haven’t explored it too much beyond using it for my toddler, but she loves it!
  8. Everything's an agenda until you agree with it.

    Again, Warner Brothers has shown that these kind of artifacts can be presented respectfully and with enough information upfront to advise viewers what they're about to see. Documentary content alongside the feature would also be a great way to tackle some of these issues headon.

    That said, I'm not sure Disney+ is the best place for it. Put the documentary on there, release the film on disc, everybody's happy.

    Letting it sit in purgatory where serious effort is required to view it only increases the infamy of it all.
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    Warner has released some "controversial" cartoons with disclaimers. But they have many that are sufficiently over-the-top with the stereotypes that they are in the same limbo as Song of the South. And I get it; it's the company's property and they don't want to be known for publishing racist content in 2019.
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    Discussion degenerated into name calling. Multiple posts deleted as a result. Please keep it civil.
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    Does the service have the classic Disney shows which used to air on the Disney Channel, like all of the Mickey Mouse Club episodes, Zorro, etc. What about old black and white Fox shows from the 60s?
  12. NickCarraway

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    Since many "civil" posts were caught in the undertow of the "name calling" purge, here is the requested cite regarding Disney's 4K restoration of "Zip-A-Dee-Voldemort"

    This is the transcript of an interview conducted by the owner of Home Theater Forum with Sarah Duran-Singer, Senior Vice President of Post Production at Walt Disney Studios, Dave Bossert, Creative Director of Walt Disney Studios Animation in charge of special projects and Artistic Supervisor of the Restoration and Preservation Team, and Joe Jiuliano, Director of Film and Video Services with Walt Disney Studios and the Technical Advisor for the Restoration Committee.

    Interview - Disney’s Restoration of Dumbo and Efforts to Preserve Their Film Library

    TLDR: Voldemort is only mentioned once as being one of the films to receive a 4K scan and new prints, but it is followed immediately with a parenthetical "no plans to release".
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  13. PTgraphics

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    I signed up last night during the one day sale - a year for $59.99. My kids have watched a few minutes of Star Wars: The Clone Wars series but that's it so far.
  14. SamS

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  15. Ken_McAlinden

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    It includes the first week of the classic Mickey Mouse Club as well as a full season of "Spin and Marty". It includes the theatrical movie versions of the Zorro and Davey Crocket series. Not a lot of classic Fox material from the 60s or earlier (TV *or* film), but they have the original Miracle on 34th Street. :shrug:
  16. JAuz

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  17. Dr. Pepper

    Dr. Pepper What, me worry?

    What is the deal with only having the first and third installments of the Kurt Russell's Dexter trilogy?

    Where or where is the beloved Now You See Him Now You Don't!
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  18. James Slattery

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    Big wow. That first week came out on DVD years ago.
  19. Ken_McAlinden

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    That’s like saying “Big wow. It was broadcast for free on television 65 years ago.” :laugh: If you have absolutely everything Disney has ever released on DVD including expensive out of print stuff, prefer discs to streaming, and have no interest in the newer programming, this is not the subscription service you are looking for.
  20. James Slattery

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    Long Island
    I would be interested if they made available the content which formed the basis of The Disney Channel from when they started in the 80s (long before cable was available where I lived in New York) All of the MM Club shows, Texas John Slaughter, Davy Crockett, Elfago Baca, complete episodes of Wonderful World of Color, Walt Disney Presents, Disneyland, etc. There were approximately 330 original MMC episodes produced and they are streaming the 5 which were most readily available. Yeah, big wow.
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    thanks very much for posting. great detail on how that process works. SOTS will see the light of day someday i think.
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    [QUOTE="GregM, post: 22543218, member: 68]So if you care about quality, I'd seriously consider getting an Apple TV 4K and supporting both services. Of course I'll be sticking with discs and going down with the sinking ship. If anyone recovers my body, please bury me with the other luddites.[/QUOTE]

    A $50 Firestick 4K will do the trick too :angel:
  23. Where are the Fox titles other than Star Wars? Home Alone and the Sound of Music is not enough. If Disney doesnt say something about when the Fox movies are coming Ill have to drop them.
    by the way did read all over the net Wes Ball and Fox/Disney are in the early stages of a new Planet of the Apes film. :whistle::confused::agree:
  24. AKA

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    There’s also Avatar, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Flicka, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Millions, Miracle on 34th Street (1947), Rookie of the Year, The Sandlot, The Simpsons, The Simpsons Movie, and Thumbelina.

    I’m sure more will be added as current streaming/premium cable deals expire. I’m certain we’ll see things like Mrs. Doubtfire, Anastasia, John Hughes’ Miracle on 34th Street, and the Ice Age movies on Disney+ sometime in the nearish future.
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    He can go about his business. Move along.


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