Do you own any CDs in their original "Patent pending" jewel cases?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by William Bryant, Mar 13, 2018.

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    Run your finger around the lower right corner on the back and you will find "Patent pending" in raised relief. Best I can tell, these are the oldest jewel cases from 1983.

    I also see that these "Patent pending" cases came in two types, one with a rounded hinge and one with a square-ish hinge. I'm talking about the easily broken tabs on the front lid that connect to the case body.

    Here are titles I've found so far.

    Telarc CD 80078 Copland Appalachian Spring, Rodeo, Fanfare for the Common Man (rounded hinge)
    Telarc CD 80060 Beethoven Symphony No. 5 (rounded hinge)

    Delos D/CD 3022 Liszt Sonata in B minor
    Delos D/CD 3012 Mozart Symphonies 40 & 41
    Delos D/CD 3007 Vivaldi Four Seasons (rounded hinge)
    Delos D/CD 3001 Haydn/Hummel Trumpet Concertos
    Delos D/CD 3003 American Brass
    Delos D/CD 4002 Mavis Rivers

    MFSL MFCD 802 Ravel Bolero
    MFSL MFCD 817 Schubert Symphony No. 9

    PAUSA PCD 7148 Rob McConnell & the Boss Brass Vol. 1 (rounded hinge)

    How about you? What do you have in "Patent pending" cases? And do any of them have rounded hinges?
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    I probably don't anymore, although I remember them. Many earlier jewel case had "dots" instead of "dashes" to hold the booklet in place; what usually happened is the booklet would slip out a little bit and become dimpled by the dots. I always tried to replace those cases as quickly as possible. That being said, older jewel cases are often heavier, which I prefer.
  3. Dave S

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    Too many to count. The most unusual one is Kate Bush's Hounds of Love. It's a 1985 release but the case is an early Japanese patent pending one. I've reason to suspect the case has been replaced (the inserts were also printed in Japan).
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  4. 4011021

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    I threw away all my CD cases so if I had it's gone now.
  5. Dave S

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    I should have said "I've no reason to suspect the case has been replaced."
  6. c-eling

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    Couple off hand- All round
    Howard Jones-Human's Lib
    The Psychedelic Furs-Mirror Moves
    Chuck Berry-Rock 'N Roll Rarities
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    Yes, I think about 30, some of them with their long boxes. The patent pending cases show up rarely at the local Goodwill supercenter.. and they get LOTS of CD's in.
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  8. Dave S

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    Some of those cases appear exclusive to the North American market.
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    Yes, I don't think I have any Euro patent pending stamps.
  10. audiomixer

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    Tons of them.
  11. PhilBiker

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