Dodax - selling polished cd's as "new"

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by murphywmm, Jan 14, 2020.

  1. murphywmm

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    Hello all,
    Just wanted to give you a heads up - I received a bunch of cd's today from (they operate under a few different domains specific to each country and they sell on Amazon). All of the cd's were listed as "new" but they were in fact polished used CD's that were re-sealed. Many may be tempted to buy because of the low prices (like I was) but listing these discs as new is very deceptive.
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  2. Dave

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    :thumbsup: Thanks for the heads up Warren.
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  3. murphywmm

    murphywmm Goodbye Rainbo Records! You won't be missed. Thread Starter

    Follow-up: The 2nd order arrived and these are actually new cd's. They also refunded me promptly for the re-sealed discs listed as new. Good customer service, but I would still be leery about making any future orders.
  4. Zach_

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    That's not only unethical, that's fraud in just about any jurisdiction. I would find it hard to believe a legitimate company would try that. Did they offer any explanation?
  5. elgreco

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    This happened to me too on several occasions. I noticed that sometimes Dodax offers long out-of-print CDs for reasonable (and sometimes not so reasonable) prices. I took the plunge a few times, only to find out that these were re-sealed items. However, it never occured to me that these were polished. Maybe I'll have to take a closer look but the few ones I bought from them all were in 'like new' condition, with even the booklet still looking great. Sometimes those CDs appear to be packaged in the original, sturdier jewel case and sometimes those were obviously replaced by lighter ones from a more recent date.

    Yes, from an ethical standpoint this just isn't right, especially if the discs are polished. To their credit I have to state that I'm pretty satisfied with the ones I bought, if only for the fact that I got these titles much cheaper than I would have otherwise, if I had to acquire them from eBay or Discogs.

    I realize that I am taking a risk when ordering an obviously OOP CD from them. But CDs that are still widely available and not OOP are always new copies.
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  6. murphywmm

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    Nope, they just sent me a quick refund and apologized for "inconvenience". They probably get away with it quite often, but quickly refund when a customer calls them out on it.

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