Does Anyone Have an Opinion on UK CD label BGO Records?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by bigpink68, Nov 8, 2012.

  1. GodBlessTinyTim

    GodBlessTinyTim Forum Resident

    Ontario, Canada
    I've somehow gone this far without getting any BGO releases, but that may change with this Little Richard Reprise set. How are their booklets/liner notes?
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  2. Well written and thorough, not to Bear Family standards but informative nevertheless. The mastering is done consistently well too.
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  3. reeler

    reeler Forum Resident

    They offer Two records on one no frills disc. I have Robin Trower and Rick Derringer discs by BGO, I dont think I'd have been able to get the albums on CD otherwise. That is all I have but both sound fine to me. "For earth" below was not far from the Lp on a quick comparison. As with any reissue company it will probably vary by what they are sent. I never got the feeling that they were doing anything untoward on their end. Thumbs up here.
  4. The Killer

    The Killer I'm Gonna Get Your Gumbo

    Yeah, what shabbos said, the Little Richard release is welcome as apart from the OOP set you couldn't get these on CD.

    I've had a response from the owner too when I've suggested stuff, he hasn't released anything but he did respond!
  5. Carl Swanson

    Carl Swanson Forum Resident

    Just a toss-off line from an old TV commercial for gum, to sweeten up that "dirty mouth."
  6. Dave S

    Dave S Forum Resident

    The only BGO release that I own is a promotional copy (with PROMOTION NOT FOR SALE in the hub) of UFO's Phenomenon/Force It.
  7. melstapler

    melstapler Reissue Activist

    Definitely. Although not a major problem I usually replace those 2CD cases with individual slimline or individual jewel box cases. The 2CD cases can make it easy to scuff during handling or accidentally leave fingerprints on a disc.
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  8. Carl Swanson

    Carl Swanson Forum Resident

    Something like it just did . . .

    I e-mailed Andy to tell him about my defective Osibisa set, and he replied very quickly and said a replacement would be sent free of charge.

    File "BGO" under "favorites . . . "
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  9. Carl Swanson

    Carl Swanson Forum Resident

    Got my replacement copy today. Appears perfect.
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  10. The Killer

    The Killer I'm Gonna Get Your Gumbo

    Here's Mel just popping another CD in the player. ;)

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  11. mikaal

    mikaal Sociopathic Nice Guy

    Only 2 BGO's do I own.
    The Motels/Careful and All Four One/Little Robbers.
    I can't praise the sound higher than they're wonderful.
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  12. ash1

    ash1 Forum Resident

    bristol uk
    I own a few. Generally I find them at least very good and they put out some stuff that no-one else would except on the grey market. Compared to the grey market releases I've heard of Marty Wilde's first 2 albums for example and some Billy Fury (Billy/We Want Billy), I thought their releases sounded great esp. the Marty Wilde set which looks/sounds like it's come from properly licensed tapes rather than over processed needle drops which seemed to be the case on some sets I owned and dumped. Shame they couldn't replace the orchestral cuts with the Wildcats !
    I like BGO.
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  13. Veovis

    Veovis Forum Resident

    I have all of the Nucleus/Ian Carr two-fers and like them a lot, despite some pretty nasty drop-outs and stuff. Guess they didn't have the original master tapes or some of the master tapes are in less than stellar condition.

    Think I also have BGO:s of Steve Morse, Dixie Dregs, Dream and Al diMeola but cannot comment on SQ since I haven't listened very much to them. I think at least the Dream two-fer sounds good though.
  14. Veovis

    Veovis Forum Resident

    Got inspired to listen to the Steve Morse two-fer of The Introduction and Stand Up on BGO. Sounds ok but unfortunately there are grave errors, sounds like in the digital domain, during the last half minute or so of Unity Gain, the last song on the CD. Checked my rip against Accurip and CTDB and the rip itself is fine. Pity. Fantastic albums and quite hard to find elsewhere.
  15. Thomas Casagranda

    Thomas Casagranda Forum Resident

    I love the Jerry Lee Lewis twofers, and some of the BB King, Bobby Bland stuff too.
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  16. Absolutely. The Killer! Have 'em all. Love them.
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  17. Thomas Casagranda

    Thomas Casagranda Forum Resident

    That version of Ride Me Down Easy is one of the greatest things the Killer ever did.
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  18. The Killer

    The Killer I'm Gonna Get Your Gumbo

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  19. melstapler

    melstapler Reissue Activist

    Very exciting news! Hopefully they will release more 4fers containing his entire catalog just as they've been doing with Charley Pride.
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  20. Dennis Metz

    Dennis Metz Born In A Motor City!

    Fonthill, Ontario
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  21. Indeed these are now my go to for The Motels and if you add in the bonus live tracks on All Four One....
  22. bluemooze

    bluemooze Forum Resident

    Frenchtown NJ USA
    The mono Donovan "A Gift From A Flower To A Garden" sounds great. :)
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    XISMZERO New Member

    I've had two releases from BGO. They do in-house remastering and it's generally very good with the exception of volume. If you're ripping these on the go (I use a custom configuration for EAC to LAME 3.99), be prepared to MP3Gain them. The average readout for Benson & Farrell/Good King Bad was around 86db -- far too soft for a modern release, could barely feel it at all without jacking it up far beyond the rest of my music.

    I especially favour BGO because of their value (coupling two or three albums in one for around $10), extensive, freshly-written liner notes and in-house mastering (instead of keeping it vague like some Japan issues or throwing out 20 year old previous masters like other UK re-issuers). I generally hate the packaging by way of cover art... it's downright terrible and cheap looking.
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  24. Mbe

    Mbe Forum Resident

    Didn’t the Official Wishbone Ash website once state “better than you have heard them before on BGO”,
    I bought S/T and Live dates, not played for a while though I don't remember disliking them in any way.

    DEAN OF ROCK Forum Resident

    Hoover, AL
    How are the Little Steven BGO's?

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