Dune to be directed by Denis Villeneuve (Sicario, Arrival, Blade Runner 2049)

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  1. It’s had a cult following even when it was first released. It’s also Lynch. Lynch has his following as well. It’s a weird stylized film colliding with a big budget popcorn flick. It has its moments but even the acting is all over the place.
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  2. Knowing the filmmaker, I have the feeling it's not going to be a “Twilight” type of film.
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  3. Leviethan

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    Watched it this morning. The Harkonens look really ominous and scary. Not all greased up S&M weirdos like in Lynch’s version (which I adore). The worm looked amazing. I loved it just silently sitting there. I can’t wait to see what they do with the Guild Navigator. Khal Drogo!!

    I thought Blade Runner 2049 was the best sci-fi film I’d seen in years, and really outstanding sequel. I’m really excited for Villeneuve’s Dune!
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  4. SandAndGlass

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    That pretty much describes everything that David Lynch directs.

    He is an interesting director but every single movie he directs is all over the place.
  5. Drew

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    The one character I didn't see in this trailer is Thufir Hawat. I know they cast an actor in the role. I guess we didn't see Piter de Vries either. Interesting.
  6. pig bodine

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    Dune was one of the only books I couldn't finish reading. It was so dry (Ha! See what I did there!) I picked it up in high school because the cover looked cool - like a Uriah Heep album
    Maybe the movie will show me what the fuss is all about.
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  7. marmalade166

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    We do see Hawat, he's at 1:15 of the trailer being played by Stephen McKinley Henderson, he's also in at least one of the photos that have been released
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  8. IronRinn

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    Man, Villeneuve is great but this looks pretty generic. (Also, someone need to tell Villeneuve he's allowed to have more than one color on screen at a time.) I also have a soft spot for the Lynch version. It made an interesting film out of a book that I found stultifying dull.

    Still, it's just a trailer and he's had far more hits than misses so I'm still going to give this a shot when(ever) it gets released.
  9. tomhayes

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    My thoughts on the trailer after wathcing it 3 times:

    The Duke's men in formation and the Sardaukar in formation look like anyone of a dozen sci-films. Duke's men seemed like they were in Phantom Menace - the Emperor's seems like they were in The Last Jedi.

    Timothy Chamliet doesn't look like Paul to me - I never imagined Paul with an emo haircut.

    The shield fighting between Paul and Gurney looked stupid - it was supposed to be about finesse - and they are WILDLY battling.

    Duncan Idaho should look like Duncan Man-At-Arms from he Man and The Masters of the universe - not Aquaman.

    Paul doesn't sense a crusade - he senses a jihad - did they change that for 9/11??

    Zendaya doesn't look like Channi to me - she's waterfat and baby fat. I expect her to be more of a tomboy type.

    Javier Bardem doesn't seem like Stilgar in my mind.I always envision a T.E. lawrence/Peter O'toole type.

    Helen's voice isn't stern enough. And what's with the fat macrame face covering?

    I did not care for the Pink Floyd cover. (Wonder Woman has them beat on a using a cover.)

    That part where Paul and Jamis are fighting and Paul hold the knife up to kill Jamis seemed real shaky - I don't buy Timmy having the training or strenght that Paul has at that point.

    Oscar Issacs seems 10 years too young to play the Duke to me.

    I saw no evidence of who they'll manage the inner dialog that makes the book what the book is.

    The recital of the Litany Against Fear seems like the wrong reading of it too.

    The sound of the worm was stupid - it was an "Elevator Going Up" keyboard sound, then the sound of someone exhaling.

    Wiki says the movie will only cover the first half of the novel??????????????????? So how does it end? he drinks the Water of Life and it says "To be Continued...???"
  10. mr. steak

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    How Dune should look. Utterly barren, blazing sunshine and psychedelic in it's harshness. This Arrakis looks rather hospitable in comparison.

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  11. Bolero

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    would have been better off writing new music for it, DSOTM is really it's own thing

    if anything, "careful with that axe Eugene" would have been my pick
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  12. Part,of,that is he views actors like a paint stroke; some are broader and more detailed than others.
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  13. David Dastmalchian - IMDb he’s playing Piter. Good choice IMHO.
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  14. Squealy

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    They never announced who is playing Feyd Rautha... either it’s some kind of surprise or they’ve constructed the story so that he doesn’t appear till the second half (which he mostly doesn’t in the novel anyway). It may have been a money saving thing ... there are a lot of name actors to pay in the first movie that probably won’t be in the second.
  15. Panther

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    This sounds interesting. I read Dune for a university course back in about 1996-97, but I've never seen the 1984 film and haven't really thought it the story since.

    By the way, on the subject of the '84 film, I have a question: Should I watch the original theatrical film (Lynch's cut), or the "extended" TV-version that was almost an hour longer? It's weird because normally the 'director's cut' is the longer one that the studio tried to shorten, but in this case Lynch never did any director's cut, and the longer one is a bit of a Frankenstein-ed fake.
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  16. Plan9

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    Watch the theatrical first, see if you like it. The fake-extended version is excruciatingly slow and redundant if you know the book.
  17. Lynch did have a cerwi0n that was longer but Dino and a universal forced him to cut it down. I don’t know if that version exists any longer. The extended version is a bastard child-no involvement of Lynch and sequences created to clarify the action thst Lynch never intended for the film.
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  18. Holerbot6000

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    Reading DL's autobiography at the mo. Apparently he turned in a four hour cut and there was no narration. It was highly impressionistic, as his work often is. He says his first cut of his films is almost always four hours and then he pares down from there, but he never got to do that final transformation and that was what was so heartbreaking. Given how visually stunning it is, it's a shame he wasn't able to see it through, but it does feel like something that was doomed from the start. They wanted another blockbuster and that is not what he is about. I often wondered if the original cut is still around. It would be interesting to see a glimpse of what he originally intended. Dune is such a tough tough book to interpret cinematically, an entirely impressionistic approach might be the way to go. As flawed as it is though, it's still a very compelling entry in DL's oeuvre.
  19. Deuce66

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  20. Slackhurst Broadcasting

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    I’m sure Lynch has said somewhere that he’d been asked to do a restoration/re-cut of Dune but he didn’t want to.
  21. Bolero

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    wow, I would like to see a 4 hour version of the 1984 film. the visuals were fantastic

    I always thought it was rushed though, didn't like the editing much
  22. Holerbot6000

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    NO INTEREST he recently said and quite emphatically.
  23. Slackhurst Broadcasting

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    It’s been a while since I saw Lynch’s Dune, in a version that was plainly telling a story too big for its length, speeding up in its last half-hour or so to cram in some kind of ending. Not to mention Virginia Madsen’s monologue at the beginning.
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  24. rjp

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    saw the trailer for the new 'dune'...in a word...uneventful
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  25. Macman

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    That's the version I read in high school. Loved it, and I'm looking forward to the film. Villeneuve is probably my favourite director these days.
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