“Echo in the Canyon” (1960s Laurel Canyon music scene documentary): May 24, 2019

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  2. rkt88

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    malibu ca
    they shoulda interviewed me lol
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  3. rkt88

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    malibu ca
    i just discovered that andy slater directed this. had i known? i'd have made him interview me. 9th floor capitol tower. what year is it again? ha
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    May 24th. Bob Dylan's birthdate.
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    This is going to be a killer soundtrack!
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  6. Myke

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    Just saw this on Facebook. Looking forward to it.
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  8. Gary

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    This could be really, really good!!
  9. chacha

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    Yes looking forward to it!
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  10. Vidiot

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    Looks absolutely fantastic. By the time I got to LA in the late 1970s, the allure of Laurel Canyon had started to fade, and it wasn't quite as cool as it was in the 1960s and early 1970s. But still a very interesting, evocative place. There were (and are) some interesting people in the area: I once saw a weird-looking, tall guy with blue & green streaks in his hair at the cash register of the Country Store (pretty much the only convenience store in the entire area), and as he was leaving a friend of mine elbowed me and said, "wow, Steven Tyler!" Who knew?
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  11. Myke

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    Gonna be a great Blu ray !
  12. Chris DeVoe

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    Definitely want to see that. I've read a few books about Laurel Canyon, and it will be interesting to see how deep they go into the culture that existed there.
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  13. alexpop

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    Hoping this is insightful with rare footage as well. Not a cut n paste job.
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  14. ssmith3046

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    I'm in.
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  15. carrick doone

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    If he was a tall guy that wasn't Steven Tyler...your friend was mistaken.
  16. Vidiot

    Vidiot Now in 4K HDR!

    Hollywood, USA
    The storekeeper confirmed that yes, Tyler had a place just about 3 blocks away and came in frequently for beer and various items.
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  17. carrick doone

    carrick doone Whhhuuuutttt????

    Vancouver, Canada
    All good. Maybe my definition of tall is a wee bit different. I'm 6'3". Anyone I have to look up to is tall. I'm considered tall by everyone else.
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  18. Cokelike-

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    Saw this over the weekend in Washington DC. And...

    It was awesome!

    Interviews with Mama Michelle, Crosby, Stills, Nash, John Sebastian, Tom Petty, Lou Adler, Roger McGuinn, Jackson Browne, Brian Wilson, Eric Clapton, Ringo Starr. It was packed with many funny quotes, moments and anecdotes which kept the audience laughing throughout. Crosby, in particular was a hoot! Even Lou Adler's clothing choices got a laugh, haha.

    Jakob Dylan's interviews with the various characters of the Laurel Canyon scene are interspersed with vintage clips of the bands. The 1968 film "Model Shop" was cited as an inspiration for making this documentary/film. I found that interesting as I hadn't ever heard of this film. Now on my must-find-a-copy list.

    After the film, the director Andy Slater and Jakob Dylan did a Q and A from the audience. Dylan explained that he wanted to ''create the definitive film about Laurel Canyon''. However, he and the director also made it clear they wanted to focus on the groups as opposed to solo artists. ''... Before anyone asks why Joni Mitchell isn't in the film", he said. The film is about the "Echo" of the canyon, how those groups who lived and made music there "Echoed" what they were being influenced by, namely, the Beatles, Dylan, etc.

    I took the opportunity to ask whether the photo they showed that was supposed to be Brian Wilson's piano in the sandbox was authentic. To which I got the great humorous reply:

    "We can't tell you ... It's a piano in a sandbox, don't be so curious."

    This got a lot of laughs.


    After this, Jakob and the band played a mini concert which was a lot of fun!!

    Dedicated To The One I Love
    Go Where You Want To Go
    No Matter What You Do
    You Showed Me
    Never My Love
    The Waiting

    This guy here posted the whole thing:

  19. brownie61

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    I heard a song from the soundtrack on the radio today. In was a cover of the Mamas and Papas “Go Where You Wanna Go” by Jakob Dylan and a woman whose name I did not manage to catch. It sounded amazing. I can’t wait to see this film and hope I am able to see it in some form where I live.
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  20. jamesmaya

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    Mudwest, CA
    Anyone know when this movie will be released for purchase?
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  21. Dan C

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    This looks awesome!
  22. Hall Cat

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    Chicago, IL USA
    I'd like to see actually see it in the theaters
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  23. Chris DeVoe

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    Same here! It is showing in some cities, just not Kansas City or Chicago. I visited the official site and found that it is showing in:

    They are probably doing a slow roll-out to tie into concerts and personal appearances.
  24. Hall Cat

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    Chicago, IL USA
    Well, that doesn't help me at all, lol
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  25. Chris DeVoe

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    Sign up on the site and they'll let you know when it opens in your town.
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