Elvis Presley: The Movies - Appreciation Thread

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  1. Allied Artists.
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  2. JamieC

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    Allied Artists. An independent.
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  3. croquetlawns

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    I presume that they were swallowed by one of the bigger studios - do you know if Tickle Me is on blu-ray? Just to add to the @Pelvis Ressley list for those hunting them!
  4. While the company still exists (not sure of that history or details, the ‘original’ company closed in the late 70’s) their catalog has been sold in parts to MGM, Warner and Paramount.
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  5. Pelvis Ressley

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    Oops! Good catch, thank you!

    Tickle Me was Allied Artists as noted above. It's now under the WB catalog. There was a DVD release, but no BD.
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  6. The good news was that it got a German Blu-ray release (under the title Cowboy Melodie) which I think is not region locked.
  7. Jayson Wall

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    That is correct--it's not region locked. The same with the German BD of Change Of Habit
  8. Purple Jim

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  9. MrBigFan

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    I wish original TTWII,Loving You and Blue Hawaii was released on bluray,the rest...still only on dvd... I can live without :)
  10. LostWilbury

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    Loved hearing Tom Hanks speak about the Elvis films on Colbert, perhaps the last time the words "Harem Scarum," will be uttered on a primetime network.
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  11. BigBadWolf

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    I stumbled upon this thread, and after reading the comments on his movies, I decided it was time to get them :shh:. So far, I only have Loving You, but I have the 17 disc collection on order now. Found it used on Amazon for about 50 bucks. Yes, Loving You is the legitimate release :winkgrin:. Also, I know they're not movies, but I did get the 68 Comeback and Aloha specials, 2004 deluxe editions. After I get all of them and have time to watch, I'll try to give my reviews.
  12. croquetlawns

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    You could be in for a rough ride!
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  13. MrBigFan

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    I just heard that Blue Hawaii 4K is now available thru Apple Itunes and that a disc release will be out later this year.
    Sounds great to me :)
  14. Fantastic news! I’m hoping the positive reviews of the new Elvis movie - and the additional interest it might generate in Elvis - will shake loose some of the rights holders to get the remaining movies out on Blu-ray while there’s still an audience for physical product.
  15. Here’s a podcast interview with Andrea Kalas (Sr. Director of Asset Management at Paramount) on the restoration of both King Creole and Blue Hawaii for 4K. Not sure if this means King Creole will also get a 4K physical disc release:

    Elvis Presley's Early Film Career

    he mentions the new Baz Elvis movie being a factor in this release.
  16. artfromtex

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    Awesome. I will be pre-oredering that for sure. I have all the Elvis Blu-ray releases except for "Tickle Me (Cowboy Melodie)".

    "Loving You" had a 4K transfer a couple of years ago, but couldn't be released due to song liscensing issues. I hope they can resolve that.
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  17. artfromtex

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    For a movie like this, I'm kind of curious in terms of supplemental material or cut scenes, was there anything left from the filming of interest in that regard?

    There's one thing ... I don't know if I can tell you about it, actually.


    Maybe a surprise coming up later.


    I'll leave it at that. There's something we discovered recently that maybe we'll be revealing later. I don't know. I never know what I'm supposed to talk about. So I'm going to just say that.

    Read More: Paramount Archivist Andrea Kalas On Spiffying Up Elvis Presley's Blue Hawaii For The 21st Century [Interview]
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  18. croquetlawns

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  19. I just did a search for Blue Hawaii on Apple (both on the app on my Roku and ITunes on my IPad) and all I can find are 1080P versions - does anyone have a way to locate the 4K version?

    DISKOJOE Boredom That You Can Afford!

    Salem, MA
    I just finished watching Kid Galahad, which I got for $1.25 at my local Dollar Tree. It may not be Raging Bull, but it has a charm of its own. It was great seeing Charles Bronson and even Ed Asner. I got my money’s worth and more.
  21. Nevermind, found it on Vudu! It’s available by itself or as part of an eight film Elvis bundle which I may spring for as it has the 4K King Creole too.
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