Empire Strikes Back is visually beautiful

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by matthew5, Feb 28, 2011.

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    I repeat piracy my ass...would you prefer my foot?

    I wasn't digging at you personally. I was disagreeing with your statement. You seem to think that this is on par with you blatantly assigning things I never said?

    Stick to the matter between me and you. While the issues I have with people assigning things I have never said is a problem with me and some others that doesn't change the fact that not only did you do just that, but you have twice ignored my response to you about the subject at hand. Which as you say is "par for the course" in you taking it to a personal level instead of sticking to the facts.

    Enough with the stupid Vidiot card. My criticisms have to do with statements he has made and I attempted to correct the mistruth. This has nothing to do with any kind of personal vendetta which you have erroneously assigned to me and apparently anyone on the board.

    I am allowed to have my opinion without the strawman crap. Back to topic and that includes a minor offshoot of discussion about copyright without misstating what I have said.
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    Downloading a film you haven’t paid for is piracy. That is not a point of view; it is not your “ass;” it is a statement of fact. That is the appropriate term. That is what it is. It was not accusatory, and it was not even addressed to you. But you addressed me first, and that’s fine. But rather than saying, ‘It’s not piracy,’ you said “piracy my ass,” which comes off as mildly aggressive. But I ignored the comment and stated that you were entitled to your opinion but that that was all it was, an opinion. And based on that seemingly harmless comment, we’re having this back and forth. If you’re interested in a back and forth, that’s fine, but you addressed me with “piracy my ass” first, and I did not respond in kind.
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    The first Star Wars movie I saw in a theater. I agree. It is a beautifully visual movie. And even back then as a kid I thought it was a great follow up to Star Wars. Was really looking forward to the next one....which turned out to be a bit better than ok.
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    In Empire, probably. In Jedi, definitely not. That musical number in Jabba's palace is an abomination.
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    A lot more then what I asked for got deleted.

    To clarify one thing that got deleted. I don't think repeating should be a problem since I made the request and I don't anyone to get the wrong idea about my stance.

    I am not speaking for people that download without paying for a copy of the "official" Star Wars. Most of us have done that at least 5 times.

    The people that pay for a copy of the unofficial captures/scans is another matter (especially if they haven't bought Star Wars at all) and I agree that this is something that would be construed as recoverable in damages.


    Getting back

    For me the thing about Empire is that a few scenes scenes seem to sorta benefit from the special editions because of the bad matte paintings.

    Star Wars flaws didn't stick out as much to me.

    I think watching the older films demands you to go to a place much like if you watch Psycho and let your mind suck into being inside the POV of Norman and then follow through with the POV of "mother"....darn straight it is still scary as hell!

    They had flaws, but they were films made as they were, under specific circumstances. I can't imagine digitally fixing Casablanca and Lucas at the least should have used better care instead of being like a kid that just discovered dads new tools and gets hurt.
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    Naw, Phantom Menace is an abomination. The musical number is like a minute. C'mon.
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    I'd say they were both abominations. :)

    Showcase (I think) was showing 7 of the movies over Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. It was such a joy watching IV and V again. Jedi less so but I still enjoy it. But, that bar scene was a true WTF moment, especially in the new version.
  8. Encuentro

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    I've always enjoyed the original version, Lapti Nek. The cartoon version, Jedi Rocks? Not so much. Not at all, actually. I'll take puppets over bad CGI any day.
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    Wow, I guess even an “esteemed critic” like Vincent Canby can have an off day, and just come across as an embittered guy who has watched one too many movies.

    Reading his jaded review of The Empire Strikes Back, you’d think he had lost his Sense Of Wonder at one of those all-expenses paid international film festivals that he gets paid to attend.
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    That's awsome!
  11. Vidiot

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    I prefer noted critic Roger Ebert (who has one more Pulitzer Prize than Canby)'s review of Empire Strikes Back:

    The film was made in 1980 with full knowledge that ``Star Wars'' had become the most successful movie of all time. If corners were cut in the first film's budget, no cost was spared in this one: It is a visual extravaganza from beginning to end, one of the most visionary and inventive of all films.

    The Empire Strikes Back Movie Review (1997) | Roger Ebert
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  12. Simon A

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    My favourite part of this starts at 55:35 where we get to see John Williams at the top of his game.
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  13. Vidiot

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    That is a remarkable documentary on Empire. Apparently it was shot for release only on French television, then shelved and unseen for 38 years. There's stuff in there I've never, ever seen anywhere else. Amazing stuff. Thanks for sharing it!
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