Ever foregone or sold a tube amp due to it overheating the room?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Strat-Mangler, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. E.Baba

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    Just got my tube amp and frankly don't feel like using it to heat my house on a hot Aussie summer day. (Aircon too noisy as per the OP ).
    Thinking it might be nice in the cooler weather though.
  2. Agitater

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    I think it might also be really important to exhaust the room. Getting rid of stale, humid air from a closed off room reduces the possibility of mold growth, improves air quality/health, and helps cool the room.

    A floor standing ductless A/C unit will work, but not while you're actually listening or playing because the units are noisy.
  3. Dennis0675

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    I will agree that the heat a Fisher throws off is largely inconsequential to the comfort of a room larger than a closet. I have found no part on any SS that is hotter than a power tube. I've brush my knuckle against one when messing with a wire and it is an instant burn. I also wouldn't leave one running unattended for fear of burning down my house. I have however left a 200 W SS amp on for years at a time.

    I run my 400 outside of its case and have it sitting inside of stand that has an enclosed shelf. It has about five inches clear side to side an a bit less than that from the tubes to the shelf that is over it. It gets really hot and I can smell the wood after a couple hours, I turn it right off. A couple weeks ago I played a record in the morning before heading out of town for work, I got ten miles away from home and I couldn't remember turning it off. I freaked out, no one was going to be home for the next 8 hours and that felt like a real fire hazard. It also didn't seem like the best best ting for the amp. I turned right around and went home. My fears were correct, it was on.

    I just got home and in a very similar situation I have a huge SS amp inside of a cabinet, its been on since Sunday and no issues. Every tube amp is way hotter than any SS amp.
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  4. gov

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    Was quite worried about the heat myself. New owner of a cm2 and the heat is there but nothing like what I found on the lm508 I looked at.

    The preamp tubes get warm to hot but the power tubes get red hot. Infrared heat gun I had measured 220+ F
  5. martinb4

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    Irvine, California
    My only experience living with a tube amp is the EL34 based Line Magnetic 211IA. Based on this amp alone I don’t think EL34 tubes put off enough heat to be an issue for you. Sure, cage and transformer get hot to the touch but not anything that radiates a ton of heat. I bet bigger tubes are a different story.
  6. Brucedgoose

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    I live in Hawaii. Got rid of a Class A Krell and replaced it with a class AB amp in part because of the heat issue, as well as the electric bill. (Highest electric rates in the U.S. by a factor of 3). Would never consider tubes for this reason.

  7. Seafinch

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    I went from th CMII to a LM508 and this is true - LM508 gives off a lot more heat. Luckily I have a near silent mini-split in my listening room.
  8. levimax

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    I have a pair Dynaco mk3's mono block tube amps and a class A SS amp in a tri-amp set up... Way too much heat for the summer even with AC so I switch to all SS class AB amps in summer... When I make the change to my summer amps I say to myself that it sounds fine...but in the late fall when I go back to tubes and class A SS it is a real treat ....
  9. dirtymac

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    Exile, MN
    I bought a tube amp and have been able to put the thermostat down a full 10 degrees during our cold MN winters. Unfrotunatately, I cannot run it at all from April through October as the searing heat is blinding and coats my family and our dogs in sweat as if we've all been dumped in a pool. ;)

    In actuality, I suppose this could be a problem if you're sitting a foot or two from your amp and your amp is in an enclosed area. I have a Rogue Cronus Magnum and cannot imagine feeling its heat if I sat three feet from it. Since I'm about 10 feet away it's no concern whatsoever.
  10. jkull

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    845 power tubes and large transformers in my 13x15 listening room.. nevermind the heat, and totally worth whatever bit of it the amp throws off.
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