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Films where they got exactly the right actor

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Sordel, Oct 27, 2020.

  1. Jazzmonkie

    Jazzmonkie Forum Resident

    Tempe, AZ
    Sabu as Mowgli in Jungle Book (1942) and as the young general in Black Narcissus (1947). It's a shame Hollywood chewed him up and spit him out.
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  2. Scowl

    Scowl Forum Resident

    Portland, OR
    Jack Lemmon in Glengarry Glen Ross. I can't think of any other actor who could portray a character so complicated that I liked him, I hated him, I rooted for him, and then I enjoyed what happened to him in the end. What other actor could do that fake smile and phony cheerful voice so convincingly?
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  3. Honey Bunches of Sadness

    Honey Bunches of Sadness Forum Resident

    SF Bay Area
    Agreed that his Lecter is a bit hammy in Silence of the Lambs. I thought Brian Cox was very effective playing the same character in Manhunter, albeit in a much smaller role. No reason Cox couldn't have done it in Silence, too.
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  4. Sordel

    Sordel Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Midlands, UK
    The Coens had, I think, the advantage that they would have seen what Buscemi could do in Reservoir Dogs before writing the Fargo role. He was, of course, very good in both.
  5. MrCJF

    MrCJF Best served with coffee and cake.

    United Kingdom
    Every actor in Reservoir Dogs- known or unknown- delivered big time for an unknown writer/director.

    I agree Buscemi gave a "top of the CV" performance in RD that inspired the Coens to write to his strengths.
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  6. Sordel

    Sordel Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Midlands, UK
    It's an interesting thought experiment but of course Jonathan Demme & Michael Mann have a very different aesthetic and the two actors served their visions.
  7. GregM

    GregM No static at all

    Daddyland, CA
    I think you've both got your timeline a bit wrong. Reservoir Dogs (1992) was later than both Barton Fink (1991) where the Coens cast Buscemi as a bellboy named Chet and Miller's Crossing (1990), where the Coens cast Busciemi as Mink. The Coens were well aware of what Buscemi could do independent of Reservoir Dogs.
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  8. Warzawa

    Warzawa The Starman

    Before the first hunger games movie I had read the book before hand and when i was reading it I always had envisioned Haymitch looking like Woody Harrelson , he so nailed that role. As well as Lenny Kravitz nailing the role for Cinna
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  9. Steve Baker

    Steve Baker Forum Resident

    Columbia, Maryland
    The entire cast of "Rob Roy" except for Eric Stoltz (awful)

    Lee Marvin as Walker in "Point Blank"

    Sean Connery in "The Untouchables"

    Jeff Daniels as Joshua Chamberlain in "Gettysburg"

    Earth Kitt as Catwoman

    Peter O'Toole as "Lawrence of Arabia" (honorable mention Anthony Quinn as Auda Abu Taii")

    Steve Buscemi as Mr. Pink in "Reservoir Dogs"

    Robert Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones as Agustus McCrea and Woodrow Call in "Lonesome Dove"

    Jeff Bridges in "Wild Bill"
  10. MrCJF

    MrCJF Best served with coffee and cake.

    United Kingdom
    I stand (sitting really) corrected.
  11. polchik

    polchik Forum Resident

    gerard butler - 300

    i really cant imagine another actor in this role ..... he really was perfect for this film
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  12. First movie and actor that came to mind when I read the title of the thread.
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  13. citizensmurf

    citizensmurf Ain't but the one way.

    Surely someone has said Being John Malkovich already. Can't get much more perfect casting than the title actor to play "himself".
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  14. Hoyt

    Hoyt Forum Resident

    Robert Blake— In Cold Blood.
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  15. polchik

    polchik Forum Resident

    jack nicholson in 'one who flew over the cuckoo's nest' .....

    the whole cast really!
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  16. applebonkerz

    applebonkerz Forum Resident


    John Houseman as Professor Charles W. Kingsfield in The Paper Chase
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  17. Honey Bunches of Sadness

    Honey Bunches of Sadness Forum Resident

    SF Bay Area
    Thread winner here. Disappointed I didn't think of this one myself...
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  18. MrCJF

    MrCJF Best served with coffee and cake.

    United Kingdom
    It has to be said that Muhammed Ali was the wrong choice to play Muhammed Ali in The Greatest. They really needed an actor in that role.
  19. applebonkerz

    applebonkerz Forum Resident

    I was surprised myself getting to the thread this late, that he hadn't been mentioned already. Houseman was the first person that came to my thoughts seeing the subject title.
  20. Claus LH

    Claus LH Forum Resident

    A Swiss and two Germans:

    Bruno Ganz as Hitler in "Downfall". After so many attempts at him, Ganz's version became the gold standard.

    Jurgen Prochnow as the captain in "Das Boot". Unforgettable, they can put that one on his tombstone.

    Gunther Lamprecht as Biberkopf in "Berlin Alexanderplatz". Carrying that monster series the way he did would be worthy of any award. Extraordinary work.
  21. PNeski@aol.com

    PNeski@aol.com Forum Resident

    New York
    Martin Sheen Badlands
    Orson Welles Kane
    Jack Nicholson Chinatown
    Peter O'Toole Lawrence of Arabia
    Peter Sellers x 3 Dr Strangelove
    Walter Matthau The Odd Couple
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  22. Sterling Cooper

    Sterling Cooper Forum Resident

    Fort Myers, FL
    It's difficult to image any actor playing Indiana Jones' father other than Sean Connery.

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  23. jawaka1000

    jawaka1000 Forum Resident

    Wow, and Gottfried John as Reinhold Hoffman aswell.
    Oh, and Hanna Schygulla! What about Hanna Schygulla?
    In like every Rainer Werner Fassbinder movie?
  24. guyfromscene24

    guyfromscene24 Forum Resident

    Nicholson in the Shining
    Hoffman in Rain Man
    Pacino in Scent of a Women
  25. Kaskade10729

    Kaskade10729 Forum Resident

    Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor in ------

    Oh, wait.

    No, that was the complete opposite of what this thread was focused on. Nothing to see here.
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