Finest McIntosh/JBL combination you ever heard?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by antonkk, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. antonkk

    antonkk Senior Member Thread Starter

    I came to the conclusion that Mac/JBL combo is so classic and so right in it's sound that I need to built one for at least 1 of my 2 rooms. What's the finest Mac/JBL combination you ever heard?
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  2. Claus

    Claus Senior Member

    JBL speakers? Great sound? Are you kidding?
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  3. Ezd

    Ezd Forum Resident

    That's seems unnecessary and inappropriate...
    To each their own I suppose...
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  4. antonkk

    antonkk Senior Member Thread Starter

    Well, there are people like me who like or even love the vintage JBL sound. Imagine that.
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  5. Interesting combo. I’ve heard many JBL Systems. I’ve heard many McIntosh Systems.

    Can’t think of a single time I’ve heard then paired.....

    Could work well together under the right conditions. I kind of like the really BIG JBL’s, but only when matched with good source and Amplification, especially on Jazz. Some R&R as well.
  6. Tim 2


    Alberta Canada
    Always like the sound of the Everest's. But never had $60.000USD to spend on speakers.
  7. antonkk

    antonkk Senior Member Thread Starter

    I always though Mac/JBL is THE classic combo. I had wonderful results with 6900 driving L150 as well as 452 driving 250 Ti's. The tonality, the midrange, the bass - everything was incredible.
  8. Daedalus

    Daedalus I haven't heard it all.....

    Big JBL with a reissue of the MC-240 and the tube preamp( c-22 new model-model number?). Great vintage-style sound.
  9. Wingtip

    Wingtip Forum Resident

    I've had a McIntosh MA-6600 integrated pushing a set of immaculate JBL L-300 in my living room for a few years now, and it sounds pretty good to me. I was inspired by the Grateful Dead's Wall of Sound to try this combo and I think the synergy is there, though I am considering a Pass Labs amp next.
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  10. pterodactyl

    pterodactyl Forum Resident

    Boulder, CO
    I resurrected my high school bass rig for a few gigs: MC2105 (glass long gone) and two cabs with a K140 for the neck pickup and a K120 for the bridge pickup. Sounded amazing and pushed the amp a lot less than my Crest Prolite 3.o seems need for the same impact.

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  11. jmpsmash

    jmpsmash Well-Known Member

    Santa Clara, CA
    Not familiar with mc, however if you get a JBL with 15" woofer and horn mid/ high will put many high end speakers to shame.
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  12. screw_squirrel

    screw_squirrel Forum Resident

    Paris France
    JBL 4425 Monitor + Mc2155 = Good !
    JBL 4430 Monitor + Mc2255 = Good !
    JBL DD55000 Everest + Mc2255 = Very Good !!
    JBL DD55000 Everest + Mc275 = Very Good !!
    other better examples :
    JBL 4425 Monitor + Urei 6260 = Very Good !!
    JBL 4430 Monitor + Phase Linear 400 = Amazing !!!
    JBL 4435 Monitor + Phase Linear 400 = WHAOOO !!!!!

    the heavy 15" JBL bass speaker like 2235H needs high Damping Factor which Mc Amps do not have.
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  13. Fruff76

    Fruff76 L100 Classic - Fan Club President

    I wish I would’ve discovered them earlier, instead of wasting so much time on pretentious boutique brands that are completely overrated. Most speakers nowadays have sucked all of the fun out of the hobby.
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  14. BillWojo

    BillWojo Well-Known Member

    Burlington, NJ
    Mac MC40 monoblocks with HeathKit AS101's, basically Altec Valencias in nicer cabinets. A match made in heaven. Horns and tubes are made for each other.

  15. antonkk

    antonkk Senior Member Thread Starter

    Exactly. I had a funny story - dragged the 250 Ti's out of my second room for a quick shoot out between my current B&W 800 Diamonds and them. The B&W's went on sale 15 minutes later.
  16. Fruff76

    Fruff76 L100 Classic - Fan Club President

    I used to have an MC-402. I’d love to hear that with my JBL’s.
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  17. jfine

    jfine Forum Resident

    I dunno, I used a 402 with L300's and L150's, and TBH it sounded not much different than a 1977 Marantz 2285 amp using main in from the same preamp that the 402 used. The 402 had more power though when you cranked it of course.
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  18. Fruff76

    Fruff76 L100 Classic - Fan Club President

    Then I’ll stick with my $450 Adcom
  19. BMWCCA

    BMWCCA Forum Resident

    Central Virginia
    Spoken like someone who has heard maybe one JBL, if that, and likely an L100! :uhhuh:

    I've had my pair of L112s hooked to a Mac C20 with Crown D150 amp ever since they were new. The Mac used to be hooked to my JBL 030 (15-inch 2-ways) with a Fisher SA1000, but my main system now is a pair of JBL 4345s and the 18-inch woofers work very well with my bi-amp Crown PS400 and PS200. Can't tell you about Mac power amps and JBLs but I love the Wall of Sound reference! Must be because I grew up in St. Louis where Bob Heil debuted his Wall of Sound for the Dead.
  20. McLover

    McLover Forum Resident

    East TN
    I listen to JBL and McIntosh often when working. McIntosh MC 2100 or MC 2105 power amplifiers, JBL 4311B loudspeakers, most every broadcast control room I maintain and operate is so equipped. The company standard.
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  21. tom1040

    tom1040 Well-Known Member

    Coast of Maine
    Started with JBL S2600 horn loaded speakers from about 1995 with MC402---loved this combo. Sold off the S2600 for 1400 Arrays--MC402 struggled with the bass response so purchased Marantz MA9S2---perfect! Second system had JBL 4365's with MC601's--sounded ok--currently using Marantz PM-10/SA-10.
  22. Khorn

    Khorn Forum Resident

    My McIntosh/Pro JBL bi amped 3 way system I described in some of my early posts.
  23. cbucki

    cbucki Forum Resident

    Milwaukee, WI

    MAC7200+MCT-450+JBL4429 = Fantastic pairing.

    [​IMG]Entertainment by , on Flickr
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  24. seacliffe301

    seacliffe301 Forum Resident

    I utilize a Mac 1700 with JBL L166's in one of my systems. 4311's in that room prior to that.
    Quite pleasing to my ears.
  25. Jimi Floyd

    Jimi Floyd Forum Resident

    Pisa, Italy
    This was my system few (a-hem) years ago... MA 6900 and 4311 Studio Monitor. Not the very finest McIntosh-JBL combination on earth, but I could get some satisfaction then and there. Oh yeah.

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