Fleetwood Mac albums (post-Peter Green 70-74)

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  1. The Panda

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    Maybe once Mick comes off the road, he'll realize there's some value in a box or a rarities collection from this period.
    With Welch and his wife dead, I can't see any blockages from that corner...........obviously a load of hard feelings.
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  2. Rockford & Roll

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    Very good call! I always thought it was John!
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  3. plentyofjamjars67

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    Thank you for pointing out one of my favorite (of many) Bob Welch songs. Sometimes I think my favorite FM song is called "Angel" and my least favorite FM song is also called "Angel" :winkgrin:

    also great to see so many mentions of Welch's "Bright Fire" from Penguin. A long time favorite. I didn't know people considered that good or great. I'm too used to this era getting overlooked or schitt on by most listeners/documentary makers/compilers of compilations etc etc.:cool:
  4. Autotune Sucks

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    Bob's "Angel" is a terrific rocker that would sound great onstage even today. Campbell could really open it up on the solos between each verse. On the other end of the spectrum, Stevie's "Angel" from Tusk is boring and full of her patented goat vocals.
  5. plentyofjamjars67

    plentyofjamjars67 Forum Resident

    (unless you're referring to her as the gREATEST oF aLL tIME, which I doubt you are :laugh:)

    Nothing against Stevie's vocals in general (she's kicked my ass with Live 76 Rhiannon and made me tear up with Landslide) but her song "Angel" is IMO her weakest contribution to the band- full of some of the worst lyrics I can think of in their caliber. hate it. especially since her friend Bob already had a real burner with that title on an FM album that probably only 20 % of FM fans are even aware of..:shake:
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  6. mlew

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    Don't believe anyone mentioned Christine's solo album before she joined FM.
    It's called the Legendary Christine Perfect Album and here's the lead off track
    "Crazy bout You Baby" which was a 1969 song by Ike and Tina

  7. Toad of the Short Forest

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    Love this era of Mac. This song from Bare Trees (my favorite of the Bob Welch period) has some great mellotron playing by Christine McVie.
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  8. 99thfloor

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    As it contains the "Oh Well" single they should have made it complete by also adding "The Green Manalishi"/"World In Harmony" and "Dragonfly"/"Purple Dancer" (although the latter did get a separate release for RSD 2014). Also shows how well Then Play On fits together with the rest of the Kirwan albums and how this is not a new era with a clean break with the past.
  9. belushipower

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    This I did. Was good.
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  10. The Panda

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    yea, it really sounds like a flute!
  11. O Don Piano

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    Great thread!
    I plan on picking up the '71-'74 Mac LPs.
    I have Mystery To Me and Bare Trees already.
    I'm really enjoying "Heroes....." album on You Tube.
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  12. Terrapin Station

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    All of them. Overall it's my favorite period of their work.

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