Freakbeat Records 16th Anniversary Sale

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    Starts tomorrow and runs through Monday, July 15th. No connection to the store, just a satisfied customer.

    FREAKBEAT RECORDS is proud to announce our 16th ANNIVERSARY SALE. Starting this Thursday, July 11th, and running through Monday, July 15th, EVERYTHING in the store IS ON SALE!!!
    Here's what to expect when you walk in the door:
    - 20% off all NEW vinyl, CDs, and DVDs.
    - 50% off all USED vinyl priced $9.99 or less.
    - 20% off all USED vinyl priced $10.99 or more (including all Collectibles).
    - 50% off all USED CDs and DVDs priced $6.99 or less.
    - 20% off all USED CDs and DVDs priced $7.99 of More
    - 20% off all NEW books and magazines.
    - 50% off all USED books, magazines and posters priced $9.99 or less.
    - All vinyl, CDs, and DVDs in the 99 cent room will be 25 CENTS each!!

    We will be restocking the bins over the course of the weekend so you'll need to come back every day in order to check out the new stuff we keep putting out!!!
    We are extremely pleased to have been serving the community for 16 amazing years. We are very grateful for all of our loyal customers. Please stop by this weekend and take advantage of all the bargains!!!

    Thanks so much for doing business with us.


    Bob, Tom, Joel, Andy and Daniel
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    Sadly I’m missing it again while working out of town. Happy shopping they have a great sale indeed.

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