From one SD card to another?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by husafreak, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. husafreak

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    I want to copy the music files on one micro SD card to another. I'm thinking it will be easy. Two MAC's and a PC later and I guess not. None of these computers can complete the task of downloading the files from the full SD card to a folder on the computer. I start getting multiple different "unable..." and "error..." type messages within minutes.
    What is the "right way" to do this?
    Cards are 200GB and 256GB SanDisk if that matters. ExFat or Fat32.
  2. PooreBoy

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    Have you tried copying maybe half of the contents to see if that works? If it does you should be able to slowly copy all of the contents.
  3. Mike-48

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    I have done it before without trouble. Something obviously is different in your case, but I have no idea what it might be.

    When I did it, I took the SD card out of the device (phone?) and put it into a reader attached directly to the computer.
  4. JerryC

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    If you are getting the error messages on multiple computers, you probably have one or more corrupted files on the SD card. Do as mentioned above and try a batch of files at a time, or 1 folder at a time, until you narrow down where the corrupted files lie.
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  5. harby

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    If you have two card readers, each with it's own drive letter, it should be cake to copy between them.

    However, one might be on the way out, or have a corrupted file system. Too much time copying without results due to bad media and you get errors. You can try copying less at a time, or use a more persistent program such as Robocopy to do the job. I had a similar issue with bad flash on an mp3 player, ended up just tossing it.
  6. Shak Cohen

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    If the original opens OK in the SD slot, you could put the new MicroSD into a USB adapter, and drag and drop once the new card has been formatted. You might want to try copying one folder at a time instead of the entire thing all at once.
  7. c-eling

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    Do these cards have a 'lock' ?
    I had :doh: moment a few years ago on one of mine.
  8. HGN2001

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    Are the files within a folder? Or are they all in the root directory of the card? Sometimes you'll run across the 256 file limit.
  9. husafreak

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    NorCal, Bay Area
    Thanks for your replies. I’ll try doing small batches and see how it goes. I’ll look into the robocopy program too. It would take a long time to drag and drop all those files! Funny how the files could be corrupted but still play.

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