Game of Thrones: The Final Season (April 14, 2019)

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    Doesn’t it seem if you have a wealth of wildfire at your disposal and you have enemies at your gates plus scorpions, you use that? I mean really use that. Like more than blowing up the Sept of Balor using that.

    Ugh, watching this show is frustrating. Tyrion used brilliant military tactics in the Battle of Blackwater Bay, but since then it’s been pretty much a facepalm in terms of strategy on any level.
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    Good for her. Headey lost a lot in a bitter divorce years ago and for a while she struggled to make ends meet and take care of her son. I think she's the best actor on the show and I love watching her every little sneer and inflection. Also, Headey didn't have as much screen time in season 8 as the other big actors which drives up that "per minute" number.
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  3. the pope ondine

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    yeah I was bummed, aside from lopping off one head we didn't get to see evil Cersai in action, and that horrendous hairdo they gave her....and Jaime
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    I love every arched eyebrow.. :love:

  6. Amazing how many people are disappointed by this Season. I could go on and on, but, a few points that I think they are trying to emphasize include the fact that everybody is prone to fail at some point - they are "Human". No plan survives contact with the enemy. Power corrupts. etc etc etc.

    ...and lets face it, this is a show with Magic and Dragons, so......

    While I agree with many points raised (strategy, out of character, whatever), I thought Episode 5 worked. Music. Cinematography. Action.

    Hope I enjoy the "Final Episode" as much.
  7. GodShifter

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    The answer is: none more black.
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    that is awesome :)
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  9. Michael

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    Lena is probably the most hated character on the show next to her offspring King J...LOL...she finds it amazing the hate mail she gets...what's wrong with ppl? don't they know this is NOT REAL!!!! Ah HA HA!
  10. Jaco944

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    Anyone else think the darkness for the Winterfell battle episode was actually by design to bookend the vivid and bright destruction of Kings Landing?
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    I didn't know until recently that Heady and the actor who plays Bronn were a 'thing' prior to thrones. Apparently it didn't end well between them, so much so that they deliberately avoided filming any scenes together!
  12. misterdecibel

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    Wasn't the wildfire "hidden all over the city" by the Mad King? I suppose what we were seeing could be the hidden caches that hadn't yet been discovered by Cersei and Qyburn?
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    Yes, it was. But, obviously, with the destruction of the Sept, Cersei and Qyburn had access to a lot of it. I suppose we could assume they used all that they were aware of, though.

    I do think for all the bitching about the episode, the wildfire going off randomly in the city was a good attention to detail.
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  14. vince

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    After Tyrion told the troops that Dani wanted to attack now, Jon said, "We attack at daybreak."
    He KNEW, we weren't gonna stand for another 'night fight'!
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    Speaking of Bronn, I am not sure I know what is going on with his character anymore if anything.
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  16. the pope ondine

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    I thought the darkness (and it was hella dark) was to make it easier on the cgi team since they had so many undead to deal with
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  17. I'm guessing they'll just forget about his storyline now.
  18. the pope ondine

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    prediction: final shot, bronn shows up after all the carnage and points his crossbow at tyrion and says 'you got my money' tyrion says 'I almost always pay my depts. but....I got nothing' bronn shoots him with the crossbow, credits roll
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    I think he’ll show up. We’ll see, but I’d bet I’m right.
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    Anyone else see the video of Maisie Williams saying what the outcome was? Funny person in real life.
  21. GregM

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    One of the great things about HBO shows is they seem to write the script with the actor in mind. You can really see Maisie's personality and humor come through underneath that tough Arya exterior.

    If he shows up again as a bunch of little crows flying around while more people lay down their lives for him, I will be thoroughly disgusted.
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    I would say Ramsay Bolton was the most hated. But long term, definitely Cersei. King Joffrey didn't stick around long to build up a long-term hate.
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  23. Bronn, the sellsword, not Bran, parked in his handicap permit space in the center of Winterfell's courtyard.
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  24. I'm expecting an M. Night Shyamalan twist where Bran warged into the dragon (or Dany) and destroyed Kings Landing, and the Night King was actually trying to stop him.
  25. neo123

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    I'm expecting a Blazing Saddles ending. They invade another HBO set lot and break out in song & dance and have a big melee with the crew of the other set.

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