Georgie Fame - The Whole World’s Shaking (box set)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Boaz, Nov 8, 2015.

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  1. RiRiIII

    RiRiIII Forum Resident

    Athens, Greece
    For weeks it was unavailable everywhere, and now it is back in stock...
  2. Dennis Metz

    Dennis Metz Born In A Motor City south of Detroit

    Fonthill, Ontario
    Mine arrived a few days ago. Nicely done :cheers:
  3. Newscot

    Newscot Forum Resident

    Glasgow, Scotland
  4. smartiepants

    smartiepants Senior Member

    Just received mine from Amazon UK (vinyl) and a bit concerned, the outer box was sealed but all four albums inside had been opened, the seals were on the covers but had all been opened, there was no download codes inside for the tracks as advertised, has anybody else have this before I start an crappy email to Amazon
  5. bibijeebies

    bibijeebies Forum Resident

    Amstelveen (NL)
    Just bought the cd box at the Utrecht record fair and I really love it. Thanks to Dean Rutland the compiler and Tristan Powell, Georgie's son.
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  6. NumberEight

    NumberEight Came too late and stayed too long

    Perfect, and a model for reissues.

    Before the box came out I had two CD compilations covering the 1964-1966 period, Raven's On The Right Track and Ace/BGP's Mod Classics. Both excellent, but leaving me hungry for more. I'd hoped the original albums might be reissued on CD as two-fers, with a separate volume covering the EPs and singles.

    But the box is even better than that. Thoughtfully put together, impeccably annotated, sequenced and packaged (with the original album sleeves), and with unreleased material to boot. Highly recommended.
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  7. Triceratops

    Triceratops Active Member

    Los Angeles, CA
    Based on this thread's enthusiasm, just ordered the vinyl box! Found it for a not-insane $67 (including shipping) new on discogs, even though Amazon (and my local record store) has it new for $118. So keep an eye out for bargains if you seek this. Will comment on the quality when I get the thing...
  8. Newscot

    Newscot Forum Resident

    Glasgow, Scotland
  9. jimod99

    jimod99 Daddy or chips?

    Vienna, Austria
    Shipping costs are astronomical if you are outside the UK though.
  10. culabula

    culabula Unread author.

    Belfast, Ireland

    Arrived yesterday in perfect condition. Looks as though it's back out of stock.
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