' Godzilla Versus Kong '

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  1. My God I forgot I had seen this. Good old reliable Rex Reason. I always thought that he and his brother Rhodes had made up names. Nope. That was their birth names. Both popular leading men but poor actors. I always confused them they looked so much alike to me.
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  2. The Hud

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    Do you have any specific examples of this? 4K and stand alone BD have been released same day for years now for everything I can remember.
  3. Chazro

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    This was pretty bad! Skull Island is rewatchable, even though it's a bad Kong movie, I've sat through it a number of times. I'll never watch Kong vs. Godzilla again. I felt like I was watching a Transformers movie. For a "big" movie, I felt the special effects were lacking. They probably should've gotten rid of a few actors (the coach, Kyle Chandler!) and a few of the others and dumped the money in special effects! Ultimately I came away thinking the flick is just a way to pump the money so perhaps the kids will generate a 3-peat! Maybe my age is showing, but watching my b&w King Kong AND Godzilla, those movies just spank this new one;)!
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  4. ibanez_ax

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    It made WW84 look like Citizen Kane.
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  5. GeetarFreek

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    Watched last nite, totally stupid, but yet I was entertained.
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  6. The Hud

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    I actually think this would have been better without MechaGodzilla. Didn't think I would ever say that. :)
  7. Jord

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    That's a huge problem with so many of the VS movies.

    They almost have someone win, then stop the fight to take on a 3rd opponent together.
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  8. The Hud

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    Then the final fight is rushed to a conclusion by having the people become necessary to defeat MechaGodzilla, which is exactly what I didn't want to see. Oh well, I guess I got my hopes up again. The design of MechaGodzilla was very cool at least.
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  9. dead of night

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    I wish a Scorsese or Tarantino would tackle a movie like this. We would see how good it could be.
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  10. Jerry

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    Or the Coen Brothers. Frances McDormand as Godzilla, John Goodman as Kong.
  11. TommyTunes

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    As an old fart but a huge Kong and Godzilla fan for the last 60 years, this is a piece of crap. They lost the concept. This is aimed at kids and will be a marketing vehicle for games and toys if it’s successful which I doubt it’ll be.
  12. JohnG

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    Better than the last one, liked the actors in this one, an upgrade but still its the Kong action we are here for and it was alright. Big and loud with some long stretches of boring stuff. Looked and sounded good at my local Dolby XPlus theater. Its one of those see once and then forget movies.
    I'll rent it on Blu ray in a couple of months to hear the soundtrack on my home system but its not a must own.
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  13. Jord

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    Unlike the original which had a very adult look and wasn't aimed at kids at all.
  14. The Revealer

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    I don't understand the "only monsters would be best" attitude. I try, but I don't. Older monster movies where there's more monsters than humans usually plod along. Watching G:KotM with my wife the other night to bring her up to speed before watching the current release again but with her I was just tapping my toes at a certain point. That movie is at least 45 minutes too long. And it's A LOT of monster action.

    Unlike pretty much everyone, I treasure the Gareth Edwards Godzilla. I love it because it's about the people AND it's an extremely well constructed plot, IMO. To the extent that this is all a metaphor for coming catastrophes, it really only matters how it affects the people.

    I thought the new GvKK was the best synthesis of old Godzilla themes (replace aliens w/hollow earth as they have been in all of these films). I think what bugs people is the contemporary mode of storytelling applied to these franchise properties. I think that this series is most like the 90's Hesei films except really really entertaining. Then again, if I had been born in Japan in the late '70's, I might have thought those were great. My point is that there's nothing about the latest series that alters the basic Romantic Thriller frame for these stories. Just count how many Japanese Big G films did not have a romance going on in them going back to the very first one - even if it's only implicit. Not many.

    Like 'em or not, the current franchise seems to reflect a lot of love for the older Godzilla films. Yet, they're up to speed with contemporary audiences. New Godzilla fans are being born. That's a good thing.
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  15. Jerry

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    It was worth every penny I paid for it!
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  16. Anthrax

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    I wanna see Godzilla vs Kong vs Reptilicus vs Predator.
  17. I concur. Who exactly is watching a movie like this expecting more? My first Godzilla movie had a guy in a rubber suit and tiny models of Tokyo for special effects. The story and dialog were just as idiotic then, but we still had fun with the movie. These updates have substantially better special effects and at least try to create a more believable context for the monsters to exist at all (I know, still silly and implausible). And extra points for having a kid in the movie who doesn't speak at all -that was genius!

    A qualified recommendation.
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  18. Not even close. :laugh:

    I actually had my expectations for WW84 methodically destroyed, whereas this movie delivered exactly what I expected.
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  19. rockclassics

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    Tag team match or last monster standing?
  20. greenhorn

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    5 out of 10 at best. One time only watch. What a jumble.
    At no part was I invested in any of it.
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  21. ibanez_ax

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    So you expected it to make no sense?
  22. tommy-thewho

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    Loved it.

    Saw it in Cinemark XD and it delivered.
  23. It made as much sense as I expected.
  24. The Hud

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    Have you seen Gareth Edwards' "Monsters"? It is even better than his Godzilla, which I enjoyed a lot as well.
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  25. Michael

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    that's what it's supposed to do...well after all, Kong & Godzilla are'nt real! ; )
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