Golden Globes:2023

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Crack To The Egg, Jan 10, 2023.

  1. Hoover Factory

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    Nice win for Costner but for me, the star of the show is Kelly Reilly and her portray of Beth Dutton…but she wasn’t even nominated.

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    Ancient Chinese secret.
  3. Darrin L.

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    Apparently it did disappoint. Only 6.3 million viewers as opposed to 18 million in 2020. I think we are seeing the demise of award shows.
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  4. Bhob

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    But that's all she ever plays. She was terrible in Clueless.
  5. Bottjer713

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    I think you are right. So many people have cut the chord and there are so many options of things to watch, there is no way that these shows can be events that the majority will watch any more.

    I would be interested if Gervais hosted again, but still would not watch live - would just watch the clips and his monologue on Youtube.

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