Good deals on regularly (Part Three)

Discussion in 'Coupons, Discounts & Sales' started by superstar19, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. Jack White

    Jack White Forum Resident

    They could be 'returns'.
  2. Chris Treece

    Chris Treece Forum Resident

    Haworth, UK
    Actually just cancelled. It's cheaper in many other places.
  3. Almost Simon

    Almost Simon Forum Resident

    Trouble No More 4LP/2CD used copy from amazon marketplace arrived this morning. On first inspection I find no issues. Box is undamaged but of course no outer seal. Booklet is mint, LP outer and inner sleeves the same, as is the vinyl. Only on side 2 of first LP but all seems excellent. The 2 cd's play too. Cant see what the original issue was, perhaps just a return so a mad price to resell at.

    I did cancel my original order the other day, I checked back on the order invoice and noticed in my haste I'd selected one with a damaged box. So cancelled that and reordered one with description stating download code and seal missing, also a quicker delivery too. Very happy purchase. Love this era, nice to finally have myself a physical copy.
  4. hutlock

    hutlock Forum Resident

    Cleveland, OH, USA
    Glad to hear it! Sounds like someone bought it, used the DL code, and then returned it perhaps? Nice snag in any case.
  5. Gavaxeman

    Gavaxeman Take me back to dear old Blighty...

    West Midlands U.K.
    My Dylan box set arrived today , absolutely superb deal, vinyl has never been out of sleeve ,still static city when removed , everything in place but downloads card and box is perfect ...well pleased
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  6. hype

    hype Well-Known Member

    Thanks! Just grabbed one of those Dylan's as well.

    I have never ordered a used item from another countries Amazon but I have ordered quite a few from the US store and in the end I can't recommend them enough tbh. Sure, you get some that are absolutely beat up or something else wrong and you have to return it but they make it so easy it's worth gambling sometimes. I've gotten countless amazing deals but just the last two recently was an immaculate still sealed complete Mono box set of this same Mr. Bob Dylan for the insane price of $40 haha.. I also got the deluxe box set of Deep Purples new album Infinite for like $10-13 and it was still sealed but had a couple medium sized scratches on the front (Even got to use the included shirt as a pre.

    Also, you can't fully judge the condition or description since i've gotten Like New in awful condition and Acceptable in near flawless condition. I take less chances then I used to since I am not home as much but I treat them all as a "wait and see" so I never get my hopes up when a really messed up item shows up.
  7. JPJs Bass Guitar

    JPJs Bass Guitar Forum Resident

    Glasgow, UK
    Exactly the same situation here - I can see no issue on either packaging nor vinyl.

    I never bought this set at the time (the only Bootleg Series to date I could say that about), so to have it land for such a ridiculous price is, frankly, ridiculous.

    Many thanks to @Larsen for the original tip-off. One of the best deals I've had in some time.
  8. JasonPC

    JasonPC Forum Resident

    Shropshire UK
    There’s an echo in here... :)

    My Dylan box showed up today. Visually it’s perfect, static-y vinyl for all records.

    Many thanks @Larsen for the heads-up.
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  9. Larsen

    Larsen Forum Resident

    Bergen, Norway
    I'm happy you all received your copies in great condition! I'm still waiting for shipping confirmation on my order.

    I may be wrong, but I think I read somewhere that the 4-LP/2-CD included a download card for all the music on the 8xCD version. Correct me if I'm wrong!
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  10. Almost Simon

    Almost Simon Forum Resident

    I believe it did. Mine has long gone, as per the advert. Curious as to why amazon accepted a return when the download code was used. I assume something they don't check. A number of people quick enough to order, use code and return box. Which has worked out okay for us.
  11. adm62

    adm62 Forum Resident

    Toronto, Canada
    Just how are they going to check that? And is is made clear on Warehouse deals that downloads may not work.
  12. Almost Simon

    Almost Simon Forum Resident

    Don't know, good point. And i already acknowledged i was aware there wasnt a download code. It wasnt a complaint. Just asking the question.
  13. Gavaxeman

    Gavaxeman Take me back to dear old Blighty...

    West Midlands U.K.
    Yep, normally in description states that may be missing , expired etc
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  14. imarcq

    imarcq Men are from Mars, I'm from Bromley...

    I got the Dylan box too. It looks brand new to me, with only slightly ripped shrink wrap which I've removed anyway. A great buy, and big thanks to @Larsen for the heads up :)
  15. Troy4

    Troy4 Forum Resident

    Can I ask what Turntable and system you use ?
  16. CrazyBrown

    CrazyBrown Forum Resident

    Bridgewater, NJ
    Mine arrived in the exact same condition you described! Excited to spin this tomorrow.
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  17. imarcq

    imarcq Men are from Mars, I'm from Bromley...

    It's on my profile > Information.
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  18. Tjazz

    Tjazz Music is my Mistress

  19. starbuck

    starbuck Forum Resident

    Cloudy, UK
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  20. Almost Simon

    Almost Simon Forum Resident

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  21. imarcq

    imarcq Men are from Mars, I'm from Bromley...

    The Police - 6CD Ltd Box £18 Pre-ordered.

    This title will be released on November 8, 2019.

    Every Move You Make: The Studio Recordings

    Product Description
    Following the 40th anniversary vinyl box, we present a limited edition 6-CD box set edition, featuring all five studio albums + a bonus disc. Six full-colour gatefold CD digi-pak wallets housed in a ‘lift-off lid clamshell’ style box. Includes an exclusive bonus 12-track disc – ‘Flexible Strategies’ comprised of non-album b-sides (including very rare remix of ‘Truth Hits Everybody’) and remastered at Abbey Road Studios. The collection features 14 top-20 singles, including five number ones! Four of the albums reached number one and went on to sell millions of copies around the world.

  22. C6H12O6

    C6H12O6 Forum Resident

    My lab
    In 30 years, their newest compilation will be titled "Every Bond You Break."
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  23. coolcreek

    coolcreek Forum Resident

    Washington, DC
    Thanks for the heads up! Price with shipping to the US ran about $21 - it was sitting at $59 for the CDs alone in the US store.
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  24. imarcq

    imarcq Men are from Mars, I'm from Bromley...

    Yes I just checked! Big pricing difference at the moment... $59.84 on v £18.12 on Amazon UK today.
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  25. starbuck

    starbuck Forum Resident

    Cloudy, UK

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