Good deals on regularly (Part Three)

Discussion in 'Coupons, Discounts & Sales' started by superstar19, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. Omron

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    Haworth, UK
  3. Larsen

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    Bergen, Norway
    The vinyl was 9.99 a couple of hours a ago.
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  4. Omron

    Omron Forum Resident

    The vinyl was £9.99 when I bought it and posted.
    I mailed a few friends who have also bought a copy for £9.99
  5. smartiepants

    smartiepants Senior Member

    I picked this up when it came up before, they changed my order to cd so I cancelled and ordered from my local store
  6. Arknine

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    Dublin, Ireland
    same here, preordered the vinyl which was switched to cd by amazon

    ended up ordering signed vinyl from her website which just shipped yesterday so should have soon...
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  7. Omron

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    They’ve switched mine to CD so I’ve cancelled.
    They’ve also switched my prime renewal price from £59 to £79 so will be cancelling that.
    I’ve been a prime member for years but just don’t get value for money anymore.
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  8. myles

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    Near Marlow, UK
  9. kazzard

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    Somerset, England
    The coloured vinyl release of Sparks, A Steady Drip, Drip, Drip is currently down to £19.43 - was previously £24.99
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  10. Almost Simon

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  11. Frank Field

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    I ordered this at £9.99 last week, afterwards my order got changed to the CD version on 'my orders' page. I tried to cancel it but was too late as it had already shipped... but it was the LP that was delivered yesterday!
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  12. Arknine

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    Dublin, Ireland
  13. imarcq

    imarcq Men are from Mars, I'm from Bromley...

    Score! I cancelled mine when it was cheaper before, and then it got changed to a CD. Maybe if I'd held my nerve...?
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  14. brimuchmuze

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    Checked out some items, but the shipping cost to Canada is now insane.
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  15. allbrosca

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    Agreed. Shipping from was outrageous for awhile too, and seems to have settled down. Let's hope that happens from the UK too. Might be worth checking the Italian, French and German sites.
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  16. culabula

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    Belfast, Ireland
  17. OobuJoobu

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    Leeds, UK
  18. SJP

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    It is looking like I'm done with Amazon UK. The low cost shipping gravy train is over and unlikely to ever return. It was a great run. I'll never forget the evening several years ago when a ton of amazing box sets were stupid cheap and many of us actually received a lot of what we ordered.

    Amazon UK has always been a solid source of very decent deals. The ABBA CD box above is a great example. It'd be something I'd like to have but far from a must-own. In the good old days, it would have come in at around $29 & change shipped to the USA. Now it's more like $43 & change.

    Other countries have been experiencing high cost international shipping for years so I'm not saying we are any more deserving in the USA. Only that it is clear that we have caught up with the rest of the world, at least with respect to this particular supply chain which has been so fruitful over the years.

    While I may consider Amazon UK when looking at pricing options for stuff I really want, I don't expect them to be the best option very often at all. I'll really miss the deals that are posted here and on SDE of "it'd be nice to have" items. Those have been a lot of fun.
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  20. Almost Simon

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  24. culabula

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    Belfast, Ireland
  25. Almost Simon

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    Not amazon but in UK 365 Games again. They had an offer a while back on vinyl, no "name" artists but some interesting records if you are prepared to investigate with a quick check of the artist/album on youtube or spotify.

    3 for £10. Dont get TOO excited, it is very much slim pickings but if you fancy trying something new its perhaps worth a gamble for £10.

    I did the previous offer and it worked out okay, this time i'm trying the Hooton Tennis Club, Jib Kidder and Cheatahs - Mythologies album, the latter of which sounded pretty good on youtube, kind of "shoegazey."
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