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Grateful Dead Dave’s Picks 2019 Subscription

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by dtuck90, Oct 25, 2018.

  1. SJR

    SJR Senior Member

  2. dtuck90

    dtuck90 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Still waiting for mine in the U.K.!
  3. Duffy Shrimpton

    Duffy Shrimpton Forum Resident

    David’s 33 touched down in Croydon last week
    The post accidentally deliver the bloody thing down at the corn exchange when they had on the weekly farmers digs
    Found it under a well massive plate of mash that mrs pigg was tuckin’ into
  4. Hopefully it arrives today!
  5. wabrit

    wabrit from gardens where we feel secure

    Got mine last week - to UK via shipito.
  6. adamos

    adamos Forum Resident

    Southeastern PA
    I received a numbered replacement Dave’s 32 today. My original copy had a cracked digitray and two scratched discs. The replacement process was much slower than usual this time (since another batch had to be made) but it was nice that they sent me a new one vs. just replacement discs.
  7. blackdog68

    blackdog68 Forum Resident

    Hey all - vinyl topic....Dicks 34 is pretty awful compared to other vinyl releases. Think it's a cut off digital.
  8. Clucking

    Clucking Elixir of Life

    Phoenix, AZ
    To be fair, they're ALL cut off digital (except some of the studio album reissues), they tend to favor the Plangent process. But, agreed, lousy job with 34. Real Gone Music did a much better job with the vinyl Dick's 26 that came out, maybe a month or two ago?
  9. Crosseyed

    Crosseyed lock up the rain

    y'all will have to forgive me for quoting myself :0). Glad this is finally getting released.

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