Grateful Dead-Pacific Northwest-73-74/19 disc box set

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by I333I, Jun 12, 2018.

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    Although Jerry does hit a clam in Eyes after the first verse, which was magically edited out of the Movie and out of the Movie Soundtrack.
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  2. It ties my room together and lives with New Releases and In Rotation

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    Yeah, Dream Syndicate right in front!
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    Not hardly
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    This is why Im glad we have the archive/etree etc.
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    Do you forget which stack is the new releases?
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    Also, look closely: he has helpful organizational tabs, like in a record store. But I wonder if there are rules for when an album is no longer a "new release" or gets pulled from the "in rotation" shelf.
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    Mazzy motivated me to line up all my non-CD-sized GD box sets and take a photo of them, and another of the CD-sized releases on their shelves. But I don't have any cool vinyl to go with them, my albums have been in a cupboard for almost 30 years. I occasionally get one out to look at while I play files. I'm sure that's heresy here!
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    Forgive me if this has been discussed already (couldn't find anything with thread search), but I just acquired the PNW box set a few days ago and I need to vent my frustration re: its treatment of the 6/24/73 Dark Star. The problem is that Keith's Fender Rhodes has virtually been EQ'd out of existence on the box set when it can be heard very clearly in the center of the stereo field on Charlie Miller's Archive version.

    For anyone who has the box, listen to the Dark Star starting at around 11:30 and compare it with this version on the Archive and you'll hear what I'm talking about:
    On the Archive, those buttery, bell-like keys come through loud and clear, while on the box set they are reduced to an occasionally audible whisper until the last 2-3 minutes of the Dark Star, when Keith can be heard quite clearly. (One quirk of this Dark Star is that Keith cannot be heard AT ALL until 11:30 on any version--not sure why, but I would guess he was accidentally mixed out for the first 11 minutes).

    Since this is a two-track recording, the keyboard track could not have been turned down individually, so I'm thinking this must be the result of aggressive EQing and/or noise reduction. Bummer, right?
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  11. US Blues

    US Blues Undermining Consensus Reality

    Apparently Keith sat out for the first part of this Dark Star for reasons unknown.
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  12. trd

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    Are we sure it’s the same source?
  13. E_Braunn_Fan

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    Just got mine today.

    I was wondering after reading through this thread over the last few weeks if anyone has still not received it that ordered one last year? I know there were a lot off people that had issues actually getting the box set.
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  14. BlackCircle

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    There is also a weird cut/source change in the Dark Star that I haven't seen anyone mention. I was not familiar with this show until this box was released so maybe others are aware or it had been discussed before as a known issue. Right around the 3:41 minute mark you can hear the drums suddenly shift dead center. Not sure if its a change of source/patch or some board EQ change. It returns back to the original mix at 5:08. Its not like you notice a difference in the quality of the sound, as Jerry & Phil still sound the same, it's more an orientation of the sound or positions of the instruments that change and in particular the drums.
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  15. JimSmiley

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    Good day to break out 06-22-73 from 47 years ago today

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  16. David Beckwith

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    I recently listened to 6-22-73’s big jam again and was blown away. I’ve always loved it, but the other week was a very special listening experience. I did a little write up the other week and figured I’d share it here as well:

    This night is all around a monster of a show. The first set has just about everything one needs in a first set in this era plus even more jamming than usual due to the Here Comes Sunshine and arguably the jazziest version of Bird Song they ever played.

    But the second set jam has truly unique stuff held within its soundscapes. While the first set had some issues with the mix / tape, by this point things were cruising along nicely. I’m pretty sure I saw new galaxies and planets being formed last night in the back of my mind while listening. I’m still somewhat in awe from what I heard.

    He’s Gone begins the journey and is so soft and delicate. It almost sounds like Billy is using brushes. The “whoa, oh, nothing’s gonna bring him back” vocal segment is especially soulful and is pretty much as close to gospel as it gets for the Dead. Really special and deep.

    Truckin roars our of the vocal segment and the crowd is loving it. It rolls along and as soon it begins it seems to evolve into something else entirely. The structure is gone and pure jazzy improv bliss begins. Phil is noticeably steering the directions and soon the rest of the band just lets him do his thing with an extraordinary, long bass solo. At times Billy and / or Jerry join him for the ride, but quickly disappear to make room for the round, bouncy, soothing tones emanating from the bass. The rest of the band eventually comes back in for more jazzy goodness. The sound is so intimate that it’s hard to believe this isn’t happening in one’s living room as opposed to a massive arena.

    Eventually hints of The Other One begin to develop and at this point the song almost feels like an afterthought. Almost. But they still have a lot to say. The usual Phil intro is eschewed for a more nuanced approach which seems to fit this night very well. After the first verse, the bottom drops out and we go to outer space for a bit followed by a Tiger jam. At this point Phil renters the song with his bass intro bringing this full circle. As the theme re-emerges Bobby sings the second verse, a rare occurrence at that point in their career. It lands into a tender and raw Wharf Rat that serves as a lovely way to rejoin reality.

    Wow. Just wow stuff going on this night. So primal.
  17. jhw59

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    Speaking of Charlie Miller, I always wondered if he was real or someone using a pseudonym. He is and is on FB. He accepted my friend request and posts some interesting stuff.
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  18. US Blues

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    Great review!

    Two things of note, one is that Dave said when this was released that there was 10 minutes of music in the big jam that had not circulated prior. The second is more pedantic: Here Comes Sunshine opens the second set.
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    I wish I would have bought this in some format.
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  20. US Blues

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  21. Houseplants

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  22. US Blues

    US Blues Undermining Consensus Reality

    Can you play FLAC files?

    Portland is a must have show, even if you're flipping vinyl like pancakes.

    No CD's? :wtf:
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    I really don't see a need to drop a ton of money on Dead live releases on vinyl. I do have all the best pressings of the studio albums. I'd like a copy of One from the Vault and Two from the Vault though.

    I'm flac all the way for live dead!
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  24. Rne

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    My box is surrounded by other stuff, but it certainly features one of the most beautiful designs I've seen in a box set.
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  25. David Beckwith

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    Thanks and that’s right! Forgot about the HC Sunshine placement.

    Good reminder on the missing music. Believe they had backup patch reels which is awesome. 10 while minutes of missing jamming would have been oh so sad.
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