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Grateful Dead - Unreleased Multitrack Concerts

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by monkboughtlunch, Jul 29, 2012.

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  1. monkboughtlunch

    monkboughtlunch Senior Member Thread Starter

    Kansas City
    Is there a full list of Grateful Dead live shows recorded professionally on multitrack tape (i.e. not two tracks) which are in the Dead's vault but have not yet been released commercially?

    What is the best multitrack live stuff that's still in the vault?
  2. pbuzby

    pbuzby Senior Member

    Chicago, IL, US
    Let's see...

    November 10 and 11 1967 Shrine Auditorium parts used on Anthem (not sure how many tracks they used for this)
    January 24 to 26 1969 Avalon Ballroom (parts used on Live/Dead)
    February 27 to March 2 1969 Fillmore West
    February 18 to February 24 1971 Capitol Theatre (February 19 show released as Three From The Vault)
    March 24 1971 Winterland (one song on Skull & Roses)
    April 4 to 6 1971 Manhattan Center (some material on Skull & Roses)
    April 25 to 29 1971 Fillmore East (Skull & Roses/Ladies & Gentlemen)
    July 2 1971 Fillmore West
    Europe 72
    August 27 1972 Veneta, OR
    October 16 to 20 1974 Winterland
    December 31 1976 Cow Palace
    Egypt 1978
    May 15 and 16 1980 Nassau Coliseum (Go To Nassau)
    September 25 to October 31 1980 Warfield/Radio City (Reckoning/Dead Set, many of the unused reels were reportedly erased and reused)
    July 1989 to April 1990 (Without A Net, various other Vault releases)

    There may be others but I think that list is complete at least through 1976.
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  3. monkboughtlunch

    monkboughtlunch Senior Member Thread Starter

    Kansas City
    Thanks - do any outtakes from the 1969 Avalon multis survive, or were they wiped and reused for Fillmore West?

    Were there any multis recorded for the few 1975 shows (other than One From the Vault)?

    Do the November 1967 multis survive? Might those make a nice Road Trips release?

    What about 1970? Were any shows recorded on multitrack that year? Or do only the Bear soundboards survive?
  4. simon-wagstaff

    simon-wagstaff Forum Resident

    the "Without a Net' recordings were digital done on ADAT at 16/44.1 likely, though they are multi-track I am not going to count them.
    I am sure there are many more. First one that come to mind is the King Biscuit Flower Hour show from 10-4-77, not an official band recording though.
  5. *Zod*

    *Zod* So, this is planet Houston

    New England
    let's see.....not a comprehensive list, but just off the top of my head:

    Shrine Aud L.A., Ca. November 1967
    The Jan-Feb 68 Great Northwest Tour 4 track stuff used on Anthem (much already released)
    8/21-24/68 Fillmore & Shrine (2 from vault is 8/24)
    Avalon & Fillmore Jan-March 69 (good part of it released)
    Feb 1971 Portchester run
    April 71 Manhattan Center/Fillmore East (skullf*^% + Ladies & Gentleman
    5/29-30/71 Winterland (these are killer and unreleased)
    I think some of 10/71 is 4-track (like 10/31)
    12/31/71 (maybe??)
    Europe 72
    12/31/72 probably
    I don't know if any 1973 is multi, but it all sounds great
    10/74 Winterland, not sure if anything else is from 1974
    Egypt 78, Winterland 78 (?) 11/24/78 Passaic (?) 12/31/78
    unsure about 79...possibly NYE run
    Nassau Coliseum May 1980
    Warfield/Radio City 80 entire run
    Us Festival and Jamaica 82 probably are
    83-86 need help here
    all the Dylan/Dead 87 shows
    probably 12/31/87
    not sure about 1988
    1989 - all of Summer and Fall, not sure about NYE run
    1990 - not sure about Mardis Gras run, all of Spring, not sure about rest of year.
    1991-1995 ADAT's ushered in, most shows multi after 1992
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  6. *Zod*

    *Zod* So, this is planet Houston

    New England
    the only tapes I have ever heard of being "wiped" were 12/31/68, the first attempted 16 track live recording (probably ever by anyone) because they didn't come out due to mic issues) and parts of the Warfield/Radio City 80 tapes.

    The 11/67 tapes survive but I read Lemieux said they weren't putting them out because the market for the old stuff is not there. There are good circulating tapes of these two shows. They should and probably will put out the 8/21-22/68 Fillmore shows.

    From 1970, isn't 5/15/70 multi? Check that one out.

    With this band in particular, you needn't be overly focused on the multi-track stuff, because so much of their 2 track stuff, done with Nagra and open reels, is of such high quality (see 73-74). Even when it was just cassettes, if the mix was right, they can sound spectacular (see 10/25/79).
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  7. pbuzby

    pbuzby Senior Member

    Chicago, IL, US
    I believe the January 25 and 26 1969 Avalon shows still exist. According to Phil's book, on January 24 Bob Weir's guitar did not come out on the tapes. One song from January 25 is a CD bonus track somewhere. The shows would be very similar to the other early 1969 material that has been released.

    They might also have Woodstock although that isn't a good show, or at least the Dead don't have fond memories of it.

    Unfortunately, not many tapes from 1970 are in the vault. I think 5/15/70 is not a multi, just one of the several very nice two track recordings made by the Fillmore crew.
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  8. monkboughtlunch

    monkboughtlunch Senior Member Thread Starter

    Kansas City
    Speaking of 5/15/70, when I look over the CD tracks, non-available limited bonus tracks and compare to the original setlist, I see the producer cut stuff out and truncated it instead of making this complete. See here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Road_Trips_Volume_3_Number_3

    So, how do fans feel about this chopping up of shows and putting excised pieces on a limited bonus disc that quickly becomes unavailable?

    And how does 5/15/70 (Road Trips Vol 3 No 3) compare to Dick's Picks 4 and 8 -- both also from 1970 -- in terms of performance and sound quality?
  9. jacksondownunda

    jacksondownunda Forum Resident

    I'd be curious about the one-set Oct 4 1970 quad simulcast. The front channels appeared as the classic Mammary boot and on Archive.org, but I've never heard the rear channels mixed in which I presume would be crowd ambience and the organ. The mis-dated(?, not near it) live UJB bous track from Rhino's Workingman's Dead would be from the typical GD sbd 2-track. Maybe it's only familiarity, but I've always felt that those last 40+minutes that made up the boot are really dynamic and unique, and I'd love to see THAT video release. (Quicksilver and Airplane alos played, though not necessarily well, and also night Janis died)

    So not exactly 'multi-track', but more than two!
  10. rbbert

    rbbert Forum Resident

    Reno, NV, USA
    I'm pretty sure WAN (and presumably all the involved shows) was recorded analog with Dolby SR.

    KBFH was 10/6/77, with one song from 3/20/77; I don't know how much (if any) was actually recorded multi-track?

    At least some of the Avalon Jan '69 multi-tracks were discarded or recorded over (haven't looked for the reference, but it's one of the zillion or so books about that period)
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  11. davmar77

    davmar77 I'd rather be drummin'...

    clifton park,ny
    several of the shows mentioned above have been released. the multi's were not used for those?
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  12. reeler

    reeler Forum Resident

    Europe 72 was probably the best of all their multi stuff, and it's out, along with many of the dates mentioned- they even put out Egypt. My best guess would be the Radio City/Warfield stuff from which "Dead set" and "Reckoning" were drawn would be the most hours of multi track stuff left in their vault. Was Keysey's farm a Betty storage locker or is that in the vault? that would be a good one to do. There's Film of it too.
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