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Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by DorothyV, Feb 27, 2018.

  1. DorothyV

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    Cleveland, Ohio
    Anyone have experience with buying used guitars online from Guitar Center?

    As in, the used guitar is currently stocked by one Guitar Center location, and you purchase it online to have it shipped to your nearest Guitar Center location for pick-up.

    The photos and descriptions online usually aren't that extensive - but the prices can be 20-40% off the list price of a same model new guitar stocked by Guitar Center.

    I am wondering if protections for the buyer if, when you go for pick-up, there are serious issues with the guitar that weren't ascertainable through the photos and/or described previously provided by Guitar Center.
  2. danomar

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    Atlanta, GA
    My understanding is that, if the guitar is not what you expected, then you do not have to take it. I know a few people who negotiated the price when the item they thought they were buying turned out not to be the same. On the flip side, Guitar Center is notoriously bad about selling crap and not standing behind their products. I think much of the issue lies with the particular GC that you deal with. If they know you and the folks there are not $Hî†$, then it could be a good thing.
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  3. deadcoldfish

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    or check on for similar items, from dealers that are friendly and know how to pack and ship, and should have extensive photos to allow you to judge condition.
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  4. Jvalvano

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    Another nod to I bought a guitar amp through them. Perfect condition, brand new open box for several hundred dollars off.
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  5. Dan

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    I buy from GC online quite a bit. You can find some deals but it always good to call and talk to someone (easier said than done sometimes). Their pictures are for s**t.

    I buy and sell on Reverb as well.

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