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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by JMT, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. Davey

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    Always nice to see detailed reports like this ... but, How Long Should a Paragraph Be? :)
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  2. GyroT

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    About as long as anything on Topographic Oceans! :yikes:
  3. brubacca

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    I just installed a Hana EL on a Rega P2. Lets just say that the EL is miles ahead or the Rega Carbon that came with the table. This cartridge elevates the P2 several notches. The EL is abour 1mm taller than the Carbon so I didn't mess with any spacers. Just installed with the fromt of the Hana flush with the fromt of the tonearm (with the rega protractor).

    Listening to Mercy Street from Peter Gabriel So box set was amazing. The haunting character of that song just came forth from my speakers. Music just flows from the table. Dave Matthews Band Crash LP just works its magic. Even old vinyl like The Police Synchronicity has great vibe and flow.

    Can't say enough about this cartridge. Its amazing and puts my simple P2 up to the level of the rest of my system.

    Said system: Monitor Audio RS8, Naim UnitiQute, Sonore MicroRendu, Schiit Gungnir Multibit, Rega P2 W/ Hana EL, Lehmann Audio Black Cube Statement.
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  4. Voxy

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    I just set up the EL on SL1200GR. So far I am using Schitt Mani as phono stage, the sound so far is on par with MP200.

    anyone using same setup as I am wondering what setting should be done on the TT and the Mani. I am also looking to upgrade the phono stage later after settling on my power amps. Any recommendations would also be welcome.

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  5. dudley07726

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    I’m enjoying the EH on my new P3.
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  6. Voxy

    Voxy Active Member

    Anyone had MOON 110 PHONO with Hana cart? Are these spec sufficient to support MC cart?

    Design features
    • End-user adjustable impedance loading (47kΩ, 475Ω, 100Ω, 10Ω)

    • End-user adjustable capacitance loading (0pF, 100pF, 330pF, 430pF)

    • End-user adjustable gain settings for moving magnet and moving coil cartridges (40dB, 50dB, 54dB, 60dB, 66dB)

    • End user selectable curve (IEC/RIAA)

    • Four layer PCB tracings using pure copper for low impedance characteristics

    • Inductive DC Filtering for a significantly lower noise floor

    • Compact, rigid all-aluminum chassis with gold-plated RCA connectors

    • Designed to be powered up at all times for optimal performance
  7. Davey

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    SF Bay Area, USA
    Yes, I'd start at 60dB gain, 475Ω resistance, and 430pF capacitance, and then listen for a while, tailoring to your taste from there. Try 0 capacitance, 100Ω resistance, lower the gain and bump it up, though try to level match when adjusting gain so you aren't fooled by the louder one.
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  8. Bertram

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    I have the Hana SL, my first MC cartridge. After hours of playing around with settings, I’ve settled on 64 dB and 475 ohms on my Sutherland 20/20 with my Clearaudio Concept. To my ears this is the best balance/gain interplay with my Hegel integrated.
  9. Voxy

    Voxy Active Member

    thanks... I am currently on 470 ohm and 58Db gain with the Mani after tweaking it today. Sounds pretty good.... not bad for a cheap phono amp. Transparent, analogish, detailed resolution and textured bass... haha I can live with it.:D

    the only problem is that I need to turn the amp by another 10 dB more compare to MP200. I think the investment in iFi DC adaptor for Mani and good low capacitance silver phono cables helps the overall system to sound better.

    Nice cart compared to the MP200. I was looking at the Denon 103R before I settle for the Hana EL. The sound overall is as good as SACD via Marantz SA8005 with slightly better bass extension. I will try some phono plugs and see what is the best settings for EL.
  10. thegage

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    I have the 310LP with the Hana ML. Essentially the same loading options as the 110. Very sufficient and very nice sounding.

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  11. Helom

    Helom Forum member

    Is the general consensus that the Hana bodies ride very close to the record surface? It appears to be less than a mm between the cartridge and record with the tonearm parallel to the surface. Makes me hesitant to play warped records.
  12. Erik Tracy

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    I'll cop to saying my SH rides low.

    I have some slightly wavy records that it still plays fine on. One or two used truly warped records - it doesn't track. But then I wouldn't use any good cartridge on them. They resemble a motocross track.:p
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  13. Vinyl Archaeologist

    Vinyl Archaeologist Forum Resident

    I have an EL (great sounding cart for the $$) and it rides very low. was worried until I forgot about it. It becomes and issue with some edge warps and I did get an otherwise mint copy of a rare record that had a lump bump on the raised groove guard that caused a skip on the lead in.

    I also have mine on a td124 so even though the weight is properly set there could be some attraction at play though I suppose it shouldn't make a difference.
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  14. Kyle Mooney

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    I would like to know this also as my SL appears to ride about a mm above the record. I have not yet bottomed out though.
  15. Dbris

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    United Kingdom
    Hi, I realise this is an old thread, but after playing my new Hana EL for around 20 hours I'm getting static pops and crackles when the tonearm descends towards the vinyl. It sounds like the issue you described. Did your replacement Hana hold up okay?
  16. WayneC

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    FWIW, I have my Hana ML for sale on the classifieds section. About 100 hours, just over a year old, £700.00.
  17. Vinyl Archaeologist

    Vinyl Archaeologist Forum Resident

    That sounds like a wiring issue in your tone arm? The cart shouldn’t be capable of doing that if it isn’t touching the record.
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  18. Dbris

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    United Kingdom
    I'm going through a process of elimination.
    The system was fine with the previous cart, and I've since read reports of some Hana cartridges failing internally and creating this static popping that I'm intermitantly experiencing when lowering the tonearm. (It's very strange as it doesn't happen if I move the tonearm around with the platter spinning but no vinyl on, only when I lower thr tonearm towards the vinyl, and not every time)

    Next thing I'm going to do is try a different cart to eliminate tonearm wiring, phono stage etc. and the I'll contact the dealer.
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  19. Dbris

    Dbris Active Member

    United Kingdom
    Update - Hana EL cartridge is now working fine. After checking everything, and re-fitting the cartridge, I think it was a loose blue wire connecting to the cartridge rear; my error!
    Good news is the Hana EL sounds great, and I much prefer it over the 2m Bronze, even though the Hana is only an elliptical.

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