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Hey Steve, why not a APO or AF series of DuNann eng. (Contemporary jazz) Recordings?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by LeeS, Aug 20, 2011.

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  1. LeeS

    LeeS Martini Time Thread Starter

    You know I like this guy's sound and I know you are a big fan. Is there not a rich mine of classic performances that could be done on gold CD or SACD or LP?

    Take for instance the spectacular sound quality of his Art Pepper and your DCC Sonny Rollins and the Contemporary Leaders.

    I bet this would be well subscribed and bought because I don't recall any recent efforts. Kind of a nice companion to the Blue Note reissues going on.

    What do you think? Is this possible?
  2. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your host Your Host

    I did some for DCC and we did a bunch for 45 RPM Analogue Productions vinyl.

    Chad said other than the ones we did, the rest just don't sell. Sorry. Some great music in there, well recorded and everything.

    Try Barney Kessell "Some Like It Hot" OJC CD with Art Pepper. It's like 5 bucks.. You dig it. Crank it up really loud.
  3. LeeS

    LeeS Martini Time Thread Starter

    Okay thanks Steve. Will try the OJC.

    Sad these did not sell. Don't have the buzz of the Blue Notes but I really like em.
  4. Planbee

    Planbee Negative Nellie

    I would love to see Contemporary Records getting some attention. So many excellent records by Shelly Manne, Andre Previn, Hampton Hawes, and Phineas Newborn Jr., to name a few.

    Edit: I guess I shouldn't get my hopes up. Oh well, I don't care what anyone else thinks, likes, or buys--I love "West Coast jazz."
  5. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your host Your Host

    Do people a favor on this thread. List the Contemporary jazz titles you all like. The old OJC CD's are dirt cheap and sound great.

    All engineered by Roy DuNann and Howard Holzer and after 1955, recorded in the mail room on Melrose Place..
  6. Planbee

    Planbee Negative Nellie

    Actually, quite a few OJCs are out of stock at Amazon and available only on its Marketplace at higher than list. And if you go to Concord's website, many titles are download-only.
  7. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your host Your Host

    Remember what I told you guys when Concord bought Fantasy???????????? The OJC's were going out of print, grab every one. Ring a bell?
  8. I did...and I bought my DCC editions of your remasters when they first came out, Steve!!!:winkgrin:
  9. LeeS

    LeeS Martini Time Thread Starter


    I do remember this.
  10. Planbee

    Planbee Negative Nellie

  11. action pact

    action pact Music Omnivore

    I just scored for $5 a super clean deep groove mono pressing of Barney Kessel & the Pollwinners Ride Again. I look forward to playing it later! Those DuNann recordings are amazing.
  12. LeeS

    LeeS Martini Time Thread Starter

    I don't think I have heard this one. I have a copy of the Poll Winners.
  13. LeeS

    LeeS Martini Time Thread Starter

    I wonder if the market could be tested with 1 or 2 releases on AF and see how people react?
  14. J.A.W.

    J.A.W. Music Addict

    Forget it, most West Coast jazz releases on CD are notorious bad sellers. Years ago Pacific Jazz released a limited-edition West Coast jazz series on CD and it went down as one of the worst selling EMI CD series ever. If I remember correctly it included albums by Teddy Edwards, Chet Baker, Russ Freeman and Richard Twardzik, Cy Touff, Bud Shank, Bill Perkins, Jack Montrose, Jack Sheldon, Curtis Amy, Earl Anderza and a few others. DCC's West Coast jazz CDs didn't fare much better, as SH has said.
  15. LeeS

    LeeS Martini Time Thread Starter

    Maybe a different marketing campaign would work...I bet an AF release would get a lot of support from members here.
  16. pig whisperer

    pig whisperer CD Member

    Tokyo, Japan
    I have most of these titles from the "Contemporary CD Masterpiece Series." These were mastered by Daniel Hersch -- earlier titles in the series were mastered by Daniel Hersch and/or Joe Gastwirt.

    If you ever see this one, grab it: VDJ-1677 Joy Bryan - Make The Man Love Me. It is the only pressing and the used stores are offering 5,000 Yen to buy a used copy. I have no idea how much they would sell it for. I haven't seen it in three years of looking.

    If you like bass, check out "The Arrival Of Victor Feldman." Scott LaFaro is great on this one.

    I have the 4 CD "THE CONTEMPORARY RECORDS STORY" and that has some good stuff: http://allmusic.com/album/the-contemporary-records-story-r692088/review

    I like Phineas Newborn Jr. a lot.

    Released [86.5.21]
    VDJ-1551 Sonny Rollins Way Out West Plus
    VDJ-1552 Sonny RollinsSonny Rollins and the Contemporary Leaders
    VDJ-1553 Hampton Hawes Hampton Hawes Trio, Vol. 1
    VDJ-1554 Barney Kessel To Swing Or Not
    VDJ-1555 Ray Brown Something for Lester

    Released [86.6.21]
    VDJ-1556 Art Pepper Meets the Rythm Section
    VDJ-1557 Barney Kessel The Poll Winners
    VDJ-1558 Phineas Newborn Jr. Harlem Blues
    VDJ-1559 Hampton Hawes This Is Hampton Hawes: Vol. 2, The Trio
    VDP-5031~32 Hampton Hawes All Night Session (2 CD set)

    Released [86.7.21]
    VDJ-1560 Shelly Mann & His Friends My Fair Lady (Shelly Mann & His Friends, Vol. 2)
    VDJ-1561 Phineas Newborn Jr. World of Piano
    VDJ-1562 Benny Carter Benny Carter: "Swingin' The 20s"
    VDJ-1563 Barney Kessel The Poll Winners Ride Again!
    VDJ-1564 Hampton Hawes Everybody Likes Hampton Hawes, Vol. 3: The Trio

    Released [86.12.16]
    VDJ-1577 Art Pepper Art Pepper With Warne Marsh
    VDJ-1578 Art Pepper Art Pepper + Eleven: Modern Jazz Classics
    VDJ-1579 Art Pepper Gettin' Together
    VDJ-1580 Art Pepper Smack Up
    VDJ-1581 Art Pepper Intensity

    Released [87.1.21]
    VDJ-1582 Art Pepper Living Legend
    VDJ-1583 Art Pepper The Trip
    VDJ-1584 Art Pepper No limit
    VDP-5043~46 Art Pepper The Village Vanguard Collection (4 CD set)
    VDP-5047~48 Art Pepper Featured in Other Groups (2 CD set)

    Released [88.3.2]
    VDJ-1625 Barney Kessel Easy Like Volume 1
    VDJ-1626 Andre Previn And His Pals Shelly Mann And Red Mitchell West Side Story
    VDJ-1627 Art Farmer Portrait of Art Farmer
    VDJ-1628 Phineas Newbourne Jr. Please Send Me Someone to Love
    VDJ-1629 Benny Golson New York Scene

    Released [88.3.2]
    VDJ-1630 Howard Rumsey’s Lighthouse All-Stars Lighthouse At Laguna
    VDJ-1631 Hampton Hawes For Real
    VDJ-1632 Buddy Collette Nice Day With Buddy Collette
    VDJ-1633 Cecil Taylor Looking Ahead
    VDJ-1634 Ornette Coleman Tomorrow is the Question

    Released [88.11.21]
    VDJ-1645 Barney Kessel With Shelly Mann and Ray Brown Poll Winners Three
    VDJ-1646 Hampton Hawes Green Leaves of Summer
    VDJ-1647 Victor Feldman The Arrival Of Victor Feldman
    VDJ-1648 Phineas Newborne Jr. The Great Jazz Piano of Phineas Newbourne Jr.
    VDJ-1649 Elmo Hope Trio Elmo Hope Trio

    Released [88.12.16]
    VDJ-1660 Barney Kessel Kessel Plays Standards
    VDJ-1661 Hampton Hawes Four!
    VDJ-1662 Leroy Vinnegar Sextet Leroy Walks
    VDJ-1663 Andre Previn & Russ Freeman Double Play
    VDJ-1664 Ornette Coleman Something Else

    Released [89.1 21]
    VDJ-1675 Shelly Mann & His Men Swingin' Sounds
    VDJ-1676 Andre Previn King Size!
    VDJ-1677 Joy Bryan Make The Man Love Me
    VDJ-1678 Bennie Carter Jazz Giant
    VDJ-1679 Phineas Newborne Jr. The Newborne Touch
  17. J.A.W.

    J.A.W. Music Addict

    That does not guarantee the item will sell well, though.
  18. Planbee

    Planbee Negative Nellie

    Well, back when DCC was in its heyday, this forum didn't exist. That could make a difference now. If this place has proved anything, it's that people here are willing to take a chance on unfamiliar music if Steve is involved.

    Then, there's the collector mentality (which I've never quite understood, but whatever) of buying everything in a series--especially if it's on SACD or gold disc.

    For those two reasons, there might be a market. If not, that's OK, too. The Contemporary stuff was so well-recorded that the old OJC CDs sound very nice. It's not like the Blue Notes.
  19. mwheelerk

    mwheelerk Aging Gracefully...Nope!

    Gilbert Arizona

    And I might be one of the people who would have to buy them for the release to be successful but truthfully doubt that I would. This is not a criticism whatsoever of the music but a minor reality check of the market. My jazz collection is at most 15% of my library and maybe 80% of that is the 'classic' Blue Note 'type' releases and the rest more contemporary titles. I am satisfied with what I have of old releases and focus my jazz purchases now on newer releases or superior remastering (I.e. Steve, Kevin) of titles I already own. I would have virtually zero interest in these selections. I think we all sometimes have blinders on about the music we love and simply find it difficult to understand why others (in this case maybe me) don't get it. I know I feel that way on certain things when I have tried to turn others on to simply beautiful music I love and in return get an interest level response of a yawn

    Market place realities can be a beech.
  20. Planbee

    Planbee Negative Nellie

    That's fine--I just gave a couple reasons why it might work. In all honesty, until Lee started the thread last night, I never even thought about a Contemporary reissue series. Seems to me many jazz fans think Blue Note is the only game in town.
  21. J.A.W.

    J.A.W. Music Addict

    How much difference would it make in terms of sold copies? 50, 75? How many forum members here are really interested in jazz? Not that many, I'd guess. Jazz is a niche market these days, and West Coast jazz is a niche market within that niche market. Some people here would probably buy a jazz series as proposed in this thread because the mastering was done by SH or KG, not because they like jazz that much, but that still wouldn't mean a series like that would sell well.
  22. mwheelerk

    mwheelerk Aging Gracefully...Nope!

    Gilbert Arizona
    My response was not a quote of your post but to the premise of the thread by the OP.
  23. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your host Your Host

    The Contemporary Records jazz label made one fatal mistake. They recorded everything in California instead of New York. The "West Coast Jazz" label means (crazily) that it's not as cool as East Coast. Sad but not true. This stuff on Contemporary is always great to listen to and it's all so well recorded (by Howard Holzer and Roy DuNann) that it's totally crankable. Unlike certain East Coast recordings. Painful to crank up to a realistic listening level.
  24. Burnt

    Burnt Well-Known Member

    I'd be all for some great jazz being released. I don't know a lot of the artists from the previous link but would try anything from there or elsewhere that you released Steve.

    This forum does make a difference to me. It lets me know all kinds of things I had no idea about. I had no idea about different masterings back when DCC was in it's heyday or even of DCC's existence. I would have bought all kinds of stuff if I had known.

    Not sure about the money side of things but maybe you could have limited runs of 1000-1500 or so? Just a thought.
  25. Gary Freed

    Gary Freed Forum Resident

    I agree with Hans.

    Concord is of course already in this reissue program of OJC's including many recorded at Contemporary Records. Strike one.

    The Contemporary OJC titles already sounded great relative to many other recordings from any era. Strike 2.

    That is a cause for concern for the boutique remastering companies who might think of jumping into this.

    Yes, the boutiques would probably squeeze a bit more from the tapes, but in many cases like the Contemporary releases, why bother. Jazz is such a small nitch market to begin with, especially some of the back catalog from Contemporary. Strike 3.

    Hardly worth the trouble.

    One more thing. The new Concord OJC reissue program will have many folks selling off their older versions. More product available on the used market.
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