Hi-res digital vinyl Rip.

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Cyrille.A, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. elvisizer

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    San Jose
    I use the Korg DSD recorder too, but I keep the files as DSD 5.6- Audiogate lets you split and label tracks without converting to PCM if you don't want to.
    The Korg is easy to use and sounds great, I love it.
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  2. Cliff

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    I always capture at 24/176.4 (dividend of 44.1). Do click repair, separate the tracks, label them and save at that resolution in my folder called vinyl rips (my master files). I listen on my Schiit/Sennheiser computer setup at raw resolution or 'send' it to my Oppo for listening on my main system. I also down-sample/dither to 16/44.1 for mobile listening. I would never capture at 16/44.1. That would be a waste of time, IMO.
  3. BayouTiger

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    Love the Korg, but Audiogate, not so much. I use it to get the recording, but much prefer to work the file in VinylStudio.
  4. Cyrille.A

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    Thanks for thise precisions. It's clearer for me now.

    As lots of people i record in 24/96 as it is as easy as record in mp3, and storage is not really a problem nowadays. I convert it in redbook for my car and my phone and play 24/96 at home .
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  5. Linto

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    Turntable into phone stage, into line-in to PC desktop (XPS 8700), Audacity set at 24/48, no other mucking about.

    Sounds good enough for me, playback via Audiolab M-Dac or Chord Mojo.
  6. elvisizer

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    San Jose
    Yeah, audiogate’s interface isn’t great.
    Hmmm, I see vinyl studio supports dsd! I’ll have to give it a try

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