Highlander Tv series on dvd

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    How come it is so much on ebay?
    I mean really some dumb person bid to $109 used for near complete set used
    which can mean anything..
    And silly me got a a near complete set for 70% off that price.
    Amazon still sells the complete set for $109 new I feel there a lot shill sellers
    on ebay sigh.. I wish do something about shill bidding..
  2. Highlander: The Series on DVD, Release Info, Reviews, News at TVShowsOnDVD.com

    The show on DVD has been out of print for many years in the United States due to issues with its owner. Upscaled Blu-rays were put out through the producer's website for the first three seasons. Supposedly the show is "locked" to videotape and will never be in HD quality, one of the reasons why it has disappeared from syndication as cable has shifted to HD video for everything.
  3. Mirrorblade.1

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    Well I am only lack season six got season 1-5 for 20 as buy now on ebay
    got season four for $1.00
    I think the quailty of of dvds is very good.

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