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Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by kwadguy, Oct 3, 2011.

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    The first half of the 3rd season were just rot. The story of Dana which went exactly nowhere. And then, at the halfway mark, the writers just decided to have her gone home and move on.
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    I've only just seen S8 and I'd rate it "mostly a welcome return to form". Sure it's got flaws, predictable elements, and some broad-brush characterizations, but it held my interest. And I didn't want to throw things at the screen after the finale and coda.
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  3. The Wanderer

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    Now watching Season 8, Episode 5. Will miss it. Claire Danes makes it.
  4. antonkk

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    Watching the breaking news today. Homeland should like come back ASAP.
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    After being away from this show for a few years, I recently got Showtime again and burned through S7 and S8 over the last few weeks. Some good dramatic moments and twists, but far too much just stretched plausability. I've read over this thread for the last two seasons any I echo a lot of the criticisms. Just not believable the way Carrie is allowed to freely move about and do her things no matter how many times she burns people. Always was a big fan of Saul, and his scenes with Carrie, but the way they totally emasculated him this season really annoyed me. Everythign has to be in service of Super-Carrie, but I find myself practically rooting against her too much.

    The John Zabel character was pretty ridiculous. Someone earlier said he was supposed to be modeled on John Bolton. But this guy came off like the idiot kid of a defense contractor/company owner who just inherited daddy's enterprise.

    The end with Carrie in Russia supposedly becoming the new off book asset is an interesting idea, though I just don't buy that Russia would allow her to be in any position to have access (even through Yegevny) to anything of value.

    Oh well. Now I can cross the show off my list, so there is that.
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