How exactly did Frank Sinatra revolutionize singing?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by sgtmono, Dec 13, 2013.

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  1. rangerjohn

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    And Jolson. People forget how enormously popular and influential Jolson was.
  2. wavethatflag

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    I agree. According to a PBS special I saw some time ago on great Italian-Americans, what made Frank different is that unlike most singers of his era, he didn't always sing in time with the music. He didn't let the music dictate to him. Rather, he dictated his delivery and had the music serve or follow him.

    Whether he got that from Sammy, I have no idea.

    Based on my own listening, the band leader is never "in charge" of Sinatra like the way Benny Goodman would enlist a singer to do a number like "A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square". When Frank is singing with the Nelson Riddle Orchestra or whomever, Frank is a full partner, if not the "boss".
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  3. dumangl

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    Also try doing that with any professional opera singer, Bollywood playback singer, rap singer or yodeler who ever lived.
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  4. frankfan1

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    He revolutionized popular singing by being Frank Sinatra.
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  5. Tina_UK

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    Something I've often said. And I know I'll never be able to get that " jaiilll note" in " Ol' Man River"

    Franks' songs are as fresh as the first time you hear them, no matter how many times you hear him sing ,no artist can match him.
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