How many bands have reunited with the original members and how was the comeback received? *

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  1. Oatsdad

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    Not a reunion of the original band, though...
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  2. kbmh

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    The two that are popping in my head:

    WIRE (mk3): Read & Burn 1/2 and Send. It was great to see the four back again. Enjoyed staring at B.C Gilbert’s back on the tours before he retired from the band. I loved the mk2 reunion as well - though maybe I’m not listening to “Manscape” and “The Drill” too often...

    Killing Joke: Reformed with Youth and Big Paul after Raven’s death. Three albums so far of varying quality (mostly good). I like “Absolute Dissent” a bit better than “MMXII” and “Pylon”.
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  3. Safeway 1

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    Love Poco and love "Call it Love":righton:
  4. Safeway 1

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    Yes trying to piece the original members if possible. A 5 piece band that loses a bass player who does not sing or write songs or something similar to that type of situation that died and replaced would be somewhat acceptable. We all can decide from each situation the uniqueness of the reunion. I know I'm fudging a bit but we could really be splitting hairs if just one individual of minimal importance (a background vocalist out of three background vocalists) is keeping someone from posting. I probably have just confused everybody more!:crazy:
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  5. wes4usc

    wes4usc Forum Resident

    To the delight of their fans worldwide, the original 4 members of ABBA reunited in 2018 and headed back into the studio to record 4 brand new songs! (Abba was just as delighted. It was as if no time had passed!)

    ....unfortunately, 2 years have passed and no one has heard a single note of their monumental effort.
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  6. milankey

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    Kent, Ohio, USA
    I thought Meisner and Messina were great together.
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  7. Mark Snowden

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    First big reunion I thought of was Deep Purple, but that's mk2

    CSN reunited in 77, with a good album and ssuccessful tour and again in 82. Thereafter is was more patchy.

    The semi original (no Jimmy Winston) Small Faces reunited in the late 70's but Ronnie Lane bailed after the first rehearsal and was replaced by Rick Willis (later Foreigner) for the 2 albums. Steve Marriott later revived Humble Pie in the early 80's but that wasn't with Peter Frampton.
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  8. pool_of_tears

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    Exactly right, though the album credits don’t mention that :)
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  9. Instant Dharma

    Instant Dharma Fish or a mountain to scale

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    In the opinion of many ....and myself, Steely Dan was always Fagen and Becker.
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  10. Rosskolnikov

    Rosskolnikov Designated Cloud Yeller

    The tour after Kamakiriad was very well-received.
  11. brimuchmuze

    brimuchmuze Forum Resident

    The results were pretty good as well.
  12. Big Jimbo

    Big Jimbo Forum Resident

    They actually had a second reunion in 1983 and made another album “The Ark” with a tour supplanted by four other members. Eric Burdon was explicit in saying they needed them. A couple years later when “Time” had Boy George on the cover as heading another British invasion, they mentioned that if you saw the Animals tour, you had to remind yourself they were once direct competitors to the Rolling Stones.
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  13. edrebber

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    New York
    The Rolling Stones comeback album, Steel Wheels, was very successful.
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  14. Big Jimbo

    Big Jimbo Forum Resident

    Jefferson Airplane in 1989 had most of the members from its most successful 1960s lineup with a self titled album and tour. Jorma Kaukonen wasn’t complimentary later on, saying Marty Balin and Grace Slick (maybe even Paul Kantner). wanted the album done first to promote rather than work on new material in concerts.

    Hot Tuna itself reunited briefly in the mid 1980s and more permanently five years later
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  15. somnar

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    Potato/potato, IMO re Brutal Youth. Billed or otherwise, a big chunk of that record was Elvis and the Attractions. So I think it fits within the context of the thread.

    And no need to guess about the relationship between EC and BT during that period - BT wrote about it in detail in Rough Notes.
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  16. walrus

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    Minneapolis, MN
    Easier to find bands that haven’t. Let’s be honest. (Aside from premature deaths or other mitigating circumstances that render this impossible, I.e the Beatles). I count it as a legit reunion if enough classic members are there, so situations like Faith No More or Gn’R count for me, even if I wish the missing members were there.

    The Jam, the Smiths, Jellyfish, Talk Talk, Oasis (so far)’s a surprisingly short list.
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  17. bRETT

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    Really only five songs out of 15. But it arguably had far more of an Attractions vibe than the true reunion album, All This Useless Beauty.
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  18. Safeway 1

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    Oh Yeah. I liked that one especially this cut with Eric at his screaming and pleading best-

  19. Guy E

    Guy E Senior Member

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    Mission of Burma and The Go-Betweens are two bands whose reunions I am very thankful for. The Feelies have also comported themselves well in this century.
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  20. MikeM

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    I'm happy that no one got to the best example for this thread before I did.

    Raspberries reunited in late 2004 with all original members, and played a series of ecstatically received (pun intended) live shows over the next year or more. Though they didn't record any new studio material, one of those shows was released as a DVD.

    Regrettably, old tensions emerged after a time, and the probability of them reuniting again is considerably less than zero.

    I was in the audience when they opened their first reunion show with this song.

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  21. Safeway 1

    Safeway 1 "mad, bad, and dangerous to know" Thread Starter

    Manzanillo, Mexico

    Seems like a lot of these reunions led to unintended tensions returning, some probably which caused the break up in the first place. The almighty dollar has a way to make these tensions subside even if it is for a short time.
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  22. TheSeldomSeenKid

    TheSeldomSeenKid Forum Resident

    Well, we will never see a Talk Talk reunion now, as RIP Mark Hollis:cry:.
  23. surforia

    surforia Forum Resident

    Blink 182 - they reunited with Tom Delonge and released Neighborhoods, which was pretty good actually. They also had a few massive tours together before DeLonge stepped away again.
  24. quicksrt

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    City of Angels
    I didn't read the entire thread. But UFO got back with Michael Schenker in 1995 and it was rather great. It was like hearing the "Strangers in the Night" live album performed live again for you in there person. Nobody walked out thinking that was a bad idea.
  25. Harry Hood

    Harry Hood Forum Resident

    Apart from Mental Mickey himself who walked out in the middle of the tour.

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