How screwed over is Patrick Moraz?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by arriano, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. George Co-Stanza

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    Moraz was awesome on Relayer, but it was his only Yes Album, and whenever people talk about the classic Yes lineups, the one involving him is never mentioned.

    His work with the Moodies was good, but they are not getting into the Hall because of their pop rock period when he was in the band, but for their classic era of 1967-192 when he was not in the band.
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  2. gojikranz

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    here is a recent quote from Geoff downes:

    There`s been many members through the ranks of the band over the years. Are you planning on any former members making guest appearances over the course of the tour?

    Tony Kaye, the original keyboard player, will be joining us on most of the dates this year. When I first got into Yes Tony was one of the guys I really looked up to as he had that gritty Hammond sound and that`s what drew me into Yes on their Time And A Word album, when I was studying for my A-Levels. I have a lot of respect for Tony and what he did in Yes so I`m really looking forward to him being involved not just for what he did in the early period but also when he came back for the 90125 album in the `80`s. I think Trevor Horn may join us on a few dates and maybe Patrick Moraz, who played on Relayer, might make a few appearances too. It`s going to make this 50th anniversary tour something a bit special.
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    Anyone interested in Moraz based on Relayer should definitely check out Music for Piano and Drums w/ Bill Bruford. Isn't remotely similar, but a wonderful album nonetheless.
  4. pbuzby

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    I'd certainly mention the Moraz lineup whenever I talk about the classic Yes lineups. So would most people I know who like the band.
  5. kaztor

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    The ‘classic line-up’ didn’t exist for more than two albums either. Some fans probably love to put a label on such a thing, but when there’s one considered ‘classic’ line-up and six (6) ‘classic’ albums things get a bit more complicated with Yes.
  6. StarThrower62

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    Why is this Hall Of Fame stuff such a big deal? I just read an interview with Moraz and he said he has nothing but good feelings and memories about his time with both bands. I forget the name of the magazine. I read while having coffee at B&N.
  7. kaztor

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    He probably couldn’t care less. Fans probably get worked up over it more than he does.
  8. StarThrower62

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    Exactly! Reading the interview I learned that he's had a very exciting and interesting musical life. Much richer that some appearance at a stupid awards show.
  9. pool_of_tears

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    Save it for another thread, please.
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    The whole R'n'R HoF corporatization of musical history irritates me, so I can only hope Patrick does not give a flying F about it. Wasn't there some crap about Steve Morse not getting in when Purple were inducted, and he's been with them for 20 years or more. The rules and regs make a nonsense of the musical form, as if we all need a formal scoring system to tell us what constitutes rock history. Play on Patrick.
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