SH Spotlight I'm asked stuff: Favorite mastering engineer, best BOSTON CD, best TRAVELING WILBURYS CD, etc..

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Steve Hoffman, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your host Your Host Thread Starter

    I wuz there!
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  2. Remy

    Remy Forum Resident

    Brooklyn NY
    What a great post! You are a lucky dog!
  3. David del Toro

    David del Toro Forum Resident

    Steve, what's your favorite post-loudness war album? So like, post 1995 and such. What brickwalled-on-release album would you like to remaster the most?
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  4. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your host Your Host Thread Starter

    I have no idea. Wouldn't do much good on most, since they were squashed when mixed...
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  5. mdm08033

    mdm08033 Forum Resident

    I assume the baked in compression applies to my beloved “The Verve” and Portishead albums...
  6. David del Toro

    David del Toro Forum Resident

    Do you have a favorite album post 95 then? And by the way, wasn't Audio Fidelity trying to get the rights to the Oasis catalog? How would you go about mastering them? They're all squashed to hell
  7. mdm08033

    mdm08033 Forum Resident

    Thank Owen Morris for ruining the Oasis and Verve recordings.
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  8. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your host Your Host Thread Starter

    Favorite? Dunno, not offhand.

    Oasis, would have been fun.
  9. David del Toro

    David del Toro Forum Resident

    I mean a lot of those late 90s alt rock albums were recorded on analog tape, so nasty digital compression can't be mixed into ALL of them. Mastering engineers have to make 'em sound good when they press vinyl records. If you can make a Rick Rubin produced LP sound good, then there still is hope!
  10. All Down The Line

    All Down The Line Forum Resident

    Financial and or locating?
  11. sunspot42

    sunspot42 Forum Resident

    San Francisco
    Of course it could be. Just because I recorded something analog doesn't mean I didn't run it thru massive digital compression during the recording process or afterwards during mixing and mastering.
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  12. Mlle. Aurora

    Mlle. Aurora Hyperactive!

    Munich, Bavaria
    Actually I was referring to our host's posting regarding his work on this project.
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  13. InStepWithTheStars

    InStepWithTheStars It's a miracle, let it alter you

    North Carolina
    Just read through this entire thread. What fun!

    I don't think I'll ever be a "true" audiophile - don't have the interest (or the income) to build a system, and I don't have the ears to appreciate the subtleties that many here love - but my time here has made me fascinated with audio mastering. I love remastering the CDs that I own for better sound. And I've actually convinced one of my favorite artists to send me his albums pre-mastering so I can take my own stab at them. His first album was released in 1994 and sounds like it; the rest was released after and he seemed hell-bent on winning the loudness war. I may not be a professional, but I think I'll do a better job. :) Even though it might just end up being a personal project, I'm glad my obsessive reading of this site has the potential to produce good (or at least better than bad) results. :laugh:

    Back on topic: @Steve Hoffman, you've mentioned a few times when people have asked which album by X artist or from Y genre you'd most like to master, and you've suggested it would be your favorite album by them/in that style. Are there any instances where, if you had the choice to pick one, you would choose an album you prefer less in order to do it better justice? Or would you always go for the album you like better? (Again, this is if you had the choice - I realize that often you didn't.)
  14. James_S888

    James_S888 Forum Resident

    That was my goal too.
    Was post university, post Travel-Around-The-World before I really achieved it.
    My seven year old has no idea how lucky she is...
    When we play The Monkeys Uncle, original 45 mono single, Woo Hoo!!!!
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  15. action pact

    action pact Music Omnivore

    There must be different levels of license. When I was still in high school (1979-1982), I used to like hanging out at the university's FM station at night, and occasionally they would let me go on the air and spin records (which was a thrill when I was 16 or 17).

    Eventually someone insisted that I get a license from the FCC. I remember sending off a form - I don't recall having to pay a fee (I had no money besides my $5 weekly allowance) - but I received a card with my operator's license. I still have it somewhere.

    It looks like this:

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  16. action pact

    action pact Music Omnivore

    Thanks for confirming what I remember from 1981!
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  17. I had a similar experience in the early 80's. I believe it was an FCC 3rd class radio-telephone license. I had to take and pass a test.

    Until then, I was not allowed to DJ at my tech school without a licensed operator in the room. Once I had the license, I could run the station my self. Side note: If I needed to leave the DJ booth to visit the men's room, In-a-Gadda-Da-Vida was very handy. :)
  18. action pact

    action pact Music Omnivore

    Readymade for radio, LOL.
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  19. Anthrax

    Anthrax Forum Resident

    Nonsense. Your radio posts are a wonderful read.
  20. Deano6

    Deano6 Forum Resident

    Plymouth, NC, USA
    Hey, I did the same thing back in '79. Still have mine. Cool.
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  21. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your host Your Host Thread Starter

    I rarely had the choice but when I did, I always picked an album by a group that I could improve upon. Cream "Wheels Of Fire" comes to mind..
  22. Joy-of-radio

    Joy-of-radio Forum Resident

    Skowhegan, ME
    “A speaker that is only good for one kind of music is a speaker that is no good at all, if you ask me.”

    Perhaps not the most ideal place for this quote from you, Steve, but I so agree with it because natural sound is natural sound is natural sound! I apply your ideology to headphones too. :)
  23. Lownote30

    Lownote30 Bass Clef Addict

    Nashville, TN, USA
    My father had that dream quite often after being a DJ when we was younger.
  24. Steve Hoffman

    Steve Hoffman Your host Your Host Thread Starter

    It seems to come back after a stressful day. Like a bad penny.
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  25. Lownote30

    Lownote30 Bass Clef Addict

    Nashville, TN, USA
    Yep. My dream like that is having to be on stage, and I can't find my bass. I ask hundreds of people walking around, and no one seems to know, or care.
    My Dad's other dream like that was about not being able to find his Corvette in a parking garage. He had a 1965 convertible and only had it for 3 years. The dream stayed with him for his whole life!
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