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Discussion in 'Coupons, Discounts & Sales' started by townsend, Mar 16, 2019.

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    That's on eBay, rather than their web site. I compared everything in my cart at with the eBay sale, and if it was there at all it was almost twice the price at eBay. I'll hold out until their next 10% sale in November.
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    There are some new listing over in the Get_ImportCDS Ebay store in the blowout vinyl section. Some older RSD items like the Def Leppard Live From Abbey Road, Shocking Blue MOV Singles collection Part 2, Sublime Nugs: Best of the Box, and John Coltrane Selections From Both Directions At Once. Free Shipping and 20% off $65 or more!
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    I don't have a lot of incoming right now. Your post got me looking and I found three choice vinyl selections.
    • One from my mental want-list (Ultravox! - debut album in red vinyl to go with the colored vinyl reissues of their 2nd and 3rd albums)
    • Another that I certainly wanted had I realized it existed (The Apartments live)
    • Finally, one which I saw and thought this has to be a great listen (Yaz - Reconnected Live...can't wait to hear Alison Moyet in modern voice taking on her early work)
    Two out of three were the last ones available! :righton:
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    There are some reviews on Amazon regarding the UK set having defective discs. No idea re the veracity, but just something worth noting since importcds seems to be stocking the UK version. I've had some good and some bad incidents returning to them. Make sure you add your own tracking to any returns if they just send you a postage due return label...

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