In Defense Of CD Box Sets

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by audiomixer, May 26, 2019.

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  1. audiomixer

    audiomixer As Bald As The Beatles Thread Starter

    With people dumping their CD collections in favor of a simpler, less cluttered surrounding, I can see that.
    (It's not for me, but I get it...)

    However, over the many decades of collecting, my prized possessions are my box sets. Not only is it about the music, but the wonderful and informative information and artwork gathered for these sets. In some cases, the info and photos can be more valuable than the music itself. I can't see just "giving those away" in favor of just having only the music available.

    Thoughts? (I'm sure...) :laugh:
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  2. Juggsnelson

    Juggsnelson Senior Member

    Long Island
    I love box sets and have many of them. Packaging for me is part of what makes music fun. I've read the book for XTC's Coat of Many Cupboards numerous times. I often will just pull out the books in boxsets and flip through the pictures, read the liner notes, read the lyrics, etc...
  3. audiomixer

    audiomixer As Bald As The Beatles Thread Starter

    Exactly. It's like having a library that happens to also contain music. So you rip all the ”tunes” on to a hard drive, what about all the information & photos, etc? (Please don't insult me by saying you can find it on the internet.
    Sure, on about a million different sites.)
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  4. DirkM

    DirkM Forum Resident

    MA, USA
    CD box sets are the best argument in favour of the medium, imo. Whilst I can understand the argument that jewel cases are generic and undesirable (I don't agree with this argument; I just see the point behind it), it saddens me that the many beautiful CD box sets that we have available to us are also oftentimes seen as disposable or useless. Granted, it's rather materialistic of me to feel this way, but I love a well-done box set. They're gorgeous to display, endlessly fun to look at/sift through, and - of course - usually contain wonderful, joyous music.

    If I had to downsize my collection, I suppose I could begrudgingly part with many of my jewel cases (and even some digipacks). But the box sets? They'd be the last to go, especially since many of them contain some goodies that are unavailable elsewhere and (more importantly) are just as good as the artist's core discography.
  5. TheSeldomSeenKid

    TheSeldomSeenKid Forum Resident

    I Love Box Sets!

    Speaking of XTC, I not only own the 'Coat of any Cupboards' Box Set, but also Andy's 'Fuzzy Warbles' Large Box Set, and still have not listened to it yet(assume it could fetch a High Price, but I have no plans to sell it as of now).

    When I bought the Box Sets for Echo & the Bunnymen(Crystal Days) and The CURE(Join the Dots B-Sides), I bought 2 copies. One for Home and One for the Car. Although, realize by the time I need to get a New Car in 3-4 Years, I will not be able to play CDs in it.

    I have so hard to find Box Sets now, like Siouxsie & the Banshees(Downside Up B-Sides).

    I never heard of Pere Ubu, but when 'Datapanic in the the Year Zero' Box Set came out, the Artwork interested me, so I looked them up and read that they were an Art-Rock/Avant Garde Rock Band and decided to buy that Box Set blindly(this was before Youtube, so had no way to check out a few Songs by them). Ended up discovering a Great Music Artist from another Time Era.

    I love the Compilation Box Sets like 'The Brit Box(UK Indie, Shoegaze, BritPop Gems), 'Left of the Dial'('80s Underground Music), 'No Thanks-The '70s Punk Rebellion' and 'A Life Less Lived(The Gothic Box Set).

    I prefer the Size of most of those Box Sets I mentioned though, as ones like the Fuzzy Warbles, Direction, Reaction Creation(The Jam) are too large and Space Eaters. So kind of glad I missed out as the price for Pink Floyd-The Early Years Big Box Set price was dropping on Amazon-UK, as a few years ago in February or March, an hour after I planned to buy it for about $245 Shipped, the price shot way up to over $360. So I just ended up buying the 6 Individual Sets that still cost me around $230 Total. That Big Box Set apparently is a Real Space Eater with wasted space inside of the Box.

    I also like the Book Box Sets like the size of Marvin Gaye-'The Master 1961-1984', Genesis-'Archive 1967-1975', The Police 'Message in a Box' that are similar to the the Echo & the Bunnymen 'Crystal Days' and The CURE 'Join the Dots' I mentioned.

    I also like the Smaller Box Sets for CDs done for David Bowie(the Mastering is a different problem though). Also, the Smaller Box Sets for recent David Gilmour 'Rattle That Lock' & 'Live in Pompeii' and Pink Floyd 'The Endless River'.

    There are exceptions for Big Boxes, as if one includes Vinyl, like Radiohead's 'OKNOTOK Computer' Box Set, or even though I am not the biggest Beatles Fan, I got sucked in to the 'Sgt. Peppers 50th Anniversary Hype and finally listened to the CD I bought in 2009, and liked most of the Songs, so thought for the Box Set, that the Lenticular Cover was real nice and bought that one. Also, recently bought The Beach Boys 'Smile' Box Set, although might put it up for Sale, but it is really nice with the Window Box Front Cover.

    Then there are the Box Sets that were limited on initial release that I stupidly did not buy, but finally got later at a higher price on the secondary market, like Radiohead(In Rainbows) and Steven Wilson('To The Bone' and 'Hand Cannot Erase').

    The only Box Set that I hated the Dimensions was the one for Talking Heads(my Favorite Music Artist), as the Long Art Book, just is awkward in shape and inconvenient to put anywhere.

    Now, when will Peter Gabriel give us a Box Set with all of the B-Sides and Unreleased Songs he has done? Surprised that U2 also has not put out a Box Set yet.
  6. musicfan37

    musicfan37 Senior Member

    Box Sets are awesome!!!
  7. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    I too love my Box sets! I have many that I glad I bought them when they first came out...many out of reach these days...
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    MARTHY Forum Resident

    I too have a number of box sets in my collection: bands/musicians from the '60s, '70s, and even a few '80s; the complete Chess Records "The Chess Box" series; and a lot of others. They are a great source for unreleased and alternative tracks. (Even have a few boot box sets!)
  9. kwf

    kwf Forum Resident

    Rock City
    You can still look at your cd
  10. Chemguy

    Chemguy Forum Resident

    My Complete Stax Singles 9 cd box set? Just try and take that from my hands!

    Startime! Did someone say Startime?!
  11. JoeF.

    JoeF. Forum Resident

    New Jersey, USA
    I like box sets and the concept of box sets but honestly there are few that aren't a let down in some way. Sometimes they are too expensive or the packaging is shoddy. Other times key tracks are left off. There are box sets that are just "too much" too take in and others that leave you wanting more.
    But enough with the complaints. Bob Dylan and his crew are in my estimation the best at planning and curating box sets and they are usually sturdy and well-priced. The Bootleg Series should be the model that legacy ( are you listening Bruce? Neil? Janie?) artists and their companies should follow.

    Others that "get it" are Jethro Tull with their Steven-Wilson remixes--the Stand Up box is excellent--but alas, as with Aqualung --it's now hard too find and $$$$.

    Five Guys Walk into a Bar ( Faces) Tom Petty's Playback are other examples of box sets that are well presented and half pretty much everything you would need.
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  12. Remy

    Remy Forum Resident

    Brooklyn NY
    Ha. A good box set is worth its weight in gold. They need no defending.
  13. Musical Chairs

    Musical Chairs Forum Resident

    I love CD box sets. The different sizes do complicate storage, however. Liked them LP box size.
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  14. Lately I've gotten:
    The Michael Nesmith "Songs" (it's nicely put together. I have the high def digital downloads as well but will put this on when in the car).
    The Ronnie Lane boxed set is a thing of beauty!
    Roxy Music (both) are pretty terrific although the one for the first album is a wee bit big but has enjoyable contents.
    Looking forward to
    Atlanta Rhythm Section, Abbey Road (I know that's a ways off still).
    I like the Mott The Hoople Mental Train set as well.

    Good boxed sets coming out at terrific prices. It's gold I tell ya, gold.
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  15. Bingo Bongo

    Bingo Bongo Music gives me Eargasms

    Ottawa, Canada
    I gladly sold off my Box Sets along with all my CDs once I put them in my iPod, so NO for me.
  16. I've got my ripped as well but wouldn't give them up. Some terrific information in the books that come with them and photos as well.
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  17. Crimson Witch

    Crimson Witch painting the universal plastically perceptible

    North America
    The box sets that are packaged as
    multiple single jewel-case housed discs, each
    with it's own booklet and tray insert are great ..

    .. er.. wait .. that's just single CDs that
    must be purchased all at once ..
    .. nevermind

  18. I’m a huge vinyl guy but I agree about CD box sets. I have lots of them and love the beautiful packaging too. At times over the top.
  19. ranasakawa

    ranasakawa Forum Resident


    It's exactly why record companies produce box sets.
    So music obsessed collectors such as us buy them and probably keep them for sentimental and other reasons.
  20. Grant

    Grant In holiday HELL

    United States
    I have lots of boxed sets. and couldn't part with them for anything.
  21. jamesmaya

    jamesmaya Senior Member

    Mudwest, SoCal
    “Over the top” Exhibit “A: “The ‘70s Soul Experience - CAN YOU DIG IT?”

    I can dig it!
  22. Sick Sick Phil

    Sick Sick Phil Forum Resident

    Most of the ones I have that I think are great are NOT focused on one album.

    Alice Cooper Life and Crimes
    Maiden 6 CD box set with 2 cds of bsides.
    Johnny Cash unearthed
    Dylan Biography (my first.Dylan purchase )
    Tom Petty American Treasure deluxe
    White Stripes Detroit vinylbox set.
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  23. Dr. Luther's Assistant

    Dr. Luther's Assistant dancing about architecture

    San Francisco

    I've got both of those.
    BadAss... :bdance:
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  24. I have that
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