Iron Maiden Song By Song Thread

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Zoot Marimba, Nov 8, 2017.

  1. SizzleVonSizzleton

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    You have to admit, "we need some positivity, let's listen to The X-Factor" is kinda funny!:D
  2. SizzleVonSizzleton

    SizzleVonSizzleton The Last Yeti

    I decided to prep by pulling out a soundboard bootleg from September of 1998. First four songs are Futureal, The Angel and the Repetitive Gambler, Man on the Edge and Lightning Strikes Twice.

    Man on the edge, indeed!!!o_O

  3. Yam Graham

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    West Midlands,UK.
    Repetitive Gambler.....Bwhahaha!!!?!!!
  4. MusicMatt

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    California, U.S.A.
    Raising Hell

    This was not a good time for me or for the band. I know some of you enjoy our personal stories relating to the albums and whatnot so let me expand on that. Around the time of Raising Hell's release my musical tastes were slightly changing though at the time I would've still said Maiden were my favorite band of all time just like today. My Dad got a job up north and my brother went with him to attend college and my mom and I were left to sell the house and get other things in order. Very strange situation and stressful even if I was only 19 years old. When I found out Bruce's last show was going to be broadcast via pay-per-view I asked my mom if we could order it and she said yes. The night came and the concert wouldn't show. Blank screen. Now, it said we had to pay to see it. We did! After a long phone call with the cable company, it started but not before my mom and I got into a heated yelling match back and forth about wasting money. I can remember parts of that night like it was yesterday. This story will matter more when we get to the next album.

    Awful show and the magic tricks/jokes were corny. Really the only song that was good the whole night was Transylvania. Hhmmm, I wonder why. I did end up buying this on VHS and DVD because I'm a completist but I never watch or listen to it anymore unless I'm in a mega-Maiden mood. My favorite band on fumes with a future unknown. Goodbye for now Bruce. You will be missed.
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  5. The Hud

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    I wouldn't mind hearing the Di'Anno from 1980-81 having a go at some Dickinson material. It would be interesting at the very least.
  6. Zoot Marimba

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    Definitely I could hear traces of Di’Anno in NOTB. Rather or not they’d lower the key on some songs for him, who knows? We know from Battlezone and even some Maiden that he can hit high notes, but he is a baritone, whereas Bruce is a tenor.
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  7. Analogmoon

    Analogmoon All the Way Back in the Seventies

    I recall reading somewhere Bruce saying that the top of hair/head was cut during one of those tricks.
  8. now we need one with Eddie dancing with Jannick!
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  9. Acacia and Gangland would be perfect for Paul.
  10. izombie73

    izombie73 Forum Resident

    I remember hearing something like this as well. I think it was more marketing stunt than anything concrete.
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    izombie73 Forum Resident

    Hey there, thanks for sharing your story from the time. Not all of them are going to be happy roses and rainbows.

    I have to tell you a little something that no matter where we are in life, or what's going on, we all have to go through the Sh!t sometimes. I like that at 19 you were a strong enough man to be left behind to help your mom in that stressful situation.

    I am also glad to hear your mom was initially supportive of the purchase and, even though the change of heart happened I don't think it was because she didn't love you. Family situations can be so tough, even straining at times. I know you can remember those bad parts so well but honestly they can be the same moments that define you.

    And that being said, your (hell we) are all a part of this little Iron Maiden lovin family. Good to have you here, with us brother.
  12. Analogmoon

    Analogmoon All the Way Back in the Seventies

    I appreciate all that post in this thread. I stopped listening to Maiden after Somewhere In Time. And for many years did not listen to metal at all. So it is nice to learn about the albums I have never really heard.
  13. The Hud

    The Hud No More Mr. Nice Guy

    I bet you would enjoy Seventh Son of a Seventh Son.
  14. izombie73

    izombie73 Forum Resident

    Totally! :agree:
  15. Analogmoon

    Analogmoon All the Way Back in the Seventies

    I have watched all the documentaries over the years. And I own the first History of Iron Maiden (first one). I have the first 3 albums on cd.
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  16. The Hud

    The Hud No More Mr. Nice Guy

    That's a good start! The first History of Iron Maiden is easily the best. They got a bit lazy with the subsequent installments.
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  17. Analogmoon

    Analogmoon All the Way Back in the Seventies

    I should also add I was outside the Long Beach Arena during the shows that went on Live After Death. Not the same as being inside, of course.
  18. Cheevyjames

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    Durham, NC

    Thanks for posting this. That was a near-zero effort on those songs from Bruce. He simply did not care.

    This was such a weird time, Maiden going downhill anyway, Bruce phoning it in and sounding horrible on parts of these live albums...that left a bad taste in my mouth at the time. I wasn't that impressed with Balls to Picasso either. And then here comes X Factor and it seemed like a further falling after FOTD. I was getting done with it all. I'll definitely write more about this as we go along, but here's my favorite band making crappy music and then we have other of my favorites like Metallica and Megadeth doing what they did in the early/mid 90's, Ozzy had seriously fallen, it makes me disillusioned all over again just thinking about it. At the time it sucked, but I was discovering other new music that was replacing my love for metal and these bands, stuff like King Crimson, Miles & Coltrane, James Brown, David Garza, Frank Zappa. On top of that, I was writing and playing a lot more of my own music so my attention was elsewhere and it was almost easy to let go of Maiden and Bruce.
  19. Cheevyjames

    Cheevyjames Forum Resident

    Durham, NC
    Raising Hell

    I don't remember the exact circumstances about seeing this, but even though I wasn't able to pay for the PPV and watch it when it aired, I still somehow managed to see it (legally, ha) a few days or a week later. All I remember is that me and my friends watched it and we all hated it. The magic was awful. HAHA, as bad as the band was, I actually thought that magic show was worse. When they announced it I remember thinking, "a freakin MAGIC show???". I had seen all the David Copperfield specials as a kid and I enjoyed them to some extent, but this Simon Drake stuff was way, way worse than Copperfield. If anyone's seen Arrested Development, he reminded me of Gob Bluth. So yeah, the "magic" sucked and then you had just THE WORST Maiden performance. They didn't want to be there and it was obvious. It came through in their performance. Bruce had announced before the tour that he was leaving, he didn't want to be there and yet they schedule a FINAL FINAL show...complete with magic show? Tacky, horrible decision. The only part I liked was Bruce getting put in the iron maiden, that was fun and perfectly tongue in cheek. I saw clips of Raising Hell some years back and it was worse than I remembered. I never bought the DVD, never will.
  20. SizzleVonSizzleton

    SizzleVonSizzleton The Last Yeti

    Watching some of these random FOTD tour clips and re-listening to A Real Dead One today I have to say that Bruce's effort/style change is less of an issue for me than Janick playing so sloppy and Dave having regressed without Adrian pushing him.
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  21. SammyJoe

    SammyJoe Up The Irons!

    Yep, I still have that t-shirt.
  22. CBackley

    CBackley Chairman of the Bored

    I listened to both A Real Live One and A Real Dead One today at work. It was okay, but very unmemorable. I’d look at the tracklists and have no memory of hearing some of the songs just minutes later. “Oh, they played ‘The Trooper?’ I somehow missed that.” These are far and away the worst Maiden live albums. And I think the concepts fail on both. ARLO doesn’t have any of the pre-SiT tracks, so it’s hampered by design. And the takes on old classics on ARDO pale in comparison to other versions.

    It’s nearly impossible for me to not enjoy live Maiden albums. But these two would be near the bottom of the list anytime I want to listen to the band.

    I bought both albums on the day of release. My mom drove to Best Buy in the minivan, which is the least metal thing ever. I remember being extremely let down by both albums, especially ARLO. I checked out of Maiden after ARDO, and didn’t come back on board until about 2013 or so. I took two decades off!

    A little story from my time in the Maiden-less fiends and I were at the mall one day in high school, in 1995 or maybe early 1996. We were browsing through CDs at San Goody when one of my friends said “whoa, there’s Iron Maiden!” I thought he was referring to the section for Iron Maiden CDs, so I couldn’t care less. I owned them all anyway, and had fallen out with the band a couple years prior. So my reply was “so??” He said “no, I mean Iron Maiden is sitting right there!” I turned around and not more than 6-7 feet away from me the band was sitting at a table signing albums for fans. There was Steve, Nicko, Dave, Janick...and Blaze. I felt depressed seeing my former rock gods fallen from glory, looking sad and mopey. I had some dumb reaction that I’m sure made me sound like Butt-Head. Nicko shot me a look like “get the **** out of here, you *****.”

    I’ve never had the fortune of seeing Maiden in concert. But I stood 5-6 feet away from them unexpectedly. I guess that’s as good as it’s ever going to get! :)

    I was a snotty young punk then, so I didn’t care about bumping into them. Especially with Blaze in the band now, and my beloved Bruce off doing his own thing. Now that I’m back into the band and I really, truly enjoy the two Blaze albums, I wish I could go back in time and thank them all for their music. We’ll get to the Blaze era soon (tomorrow?). But it took resilience and guts to weather through the crappy 90s the way Maiden did. And to come out of that funk to create the excellent post-reunion albums is a miracle.

    That was long and rambling. Sorry.
  23. SammyJoe

    SammyJoe Up The Irons!

    I think it was somewhere mentioned that while Iron Maiden changed over to Parlophone in 2012, then they had the opportunity to release the back-catalogue on the new label, except the rights for the 3 live-albums ("A Real Live One", "A Real Dead One" and "Live At Donington") were left to EMI (or whatever it is nowadays) so that's why they weren't unfornately part of the reissue-program. For the same reason, I suppose there won't be Eddie's Archives-boxset shows on vinyl (for example the Hammersmith 1982 which many has waited).
    Time willl tell, hopefully those 3 can someday get deserved reissues.
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  24. SammyJoe

    SammyJoe Up The Irons!

    From good old MTV-times that they actually played music and had Headbangers Ball.
    Vanessa Warwick interviews Bruce there on the set:
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  25. SammyJoe

    SammyJoe Up The Irons!

    "Raising Hell", the show wasn't obviously available for cable or anything else around here, but Im not sure as it's been so long time.
    Anyways, I remember that I bought this on vhs from the local record store (that's isn't anymore) which was great since they always helped me get stuff.
    Boy, was I anxious and rushed home to see this last show ever from my main idol..little did I know what future would hold for me and Maiden.
    I don't quite remember the initial feelings I had then, of course sad because Bruce left and we didn't really know what would happen.
    I actually haven't watched the show for years, I later bought the official dvd from USA but those went only to my collection really.
    The whole setting and the show still felt a bit weird, I thought the tricks and jokes there with Drake were corny and overall feeling was weird for Bruce's final show.
    Not sure why it was decided to do the last show and pair it with this magic-show? It sucked..I mean the magic-show stuff.

    And also during the tricks there was some really cheesy metal playing in the background and later I found out that it was Cacophony actually. Why not Maiden?
    I remember that the mix was yet again weird and muddy, can't recall was it the same on the both formats? Most likely it was the same thing there.
    And there were weird cuts and camera-choices as the director wouldn't always concentrate on the particular guitarist during the solos etc.
    From what I recall, the band kicked asses on when they were best and ok, but the overall feeling was that this wasn't one of their best shows at all.
    It just seemed them playing in the weird setting and like that they didn't even much want to be there, but this could have been something really special..
    Maybe if I watch and listen the show now, I can see and hear it different than back in 1994, now that I've seen and heard more I can do some comparison.
    Also, some things are now much more easier to interpret and see compared to my much younger self there in 1994.

    In 1994 there was reissue of Maiden England-vhs, it was released in limited edition vhs+cd package and I got that from my parents.
    So, that was much more interesting release for me back then and maybe that (among other things) got me sorta forgot the whole "Magic show".

    It's been years since I managed to watch the show in full, most of the time I just passed the nonsense stuff and tricks but..this got me thinking.
    What if I today take the dvd or vhs and put it on when I get back home from work? I think I might do that today, just for fun. And ask my wife if she had seen the show before.
    Therefore, I feel that I won't be giving this any rank at all this time. I'll report back later when I have watched the show again.
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