ISO recommendations for vertical LP storage AND shelves w/ doors

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by CBackley, Feb 10, 2019.

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    We are likely moving soon, and I may need to look for new LP storage. Right now I have two 4x4 IKEA Kallax shelves that are nearly entirely full. The shelves are placed next to each other in a closet. In our new space, I will likely need to make use of vertical space rather than place the two Kallax units next to each other. Can anyone recommend some reliable LP storage units that make use of vertical space? I thought about getting a taller Kallax, but I’m not sure yet whether I will be able to anchor the shelves to our walls. (We have a 3-year-old.)

    Also, I want to look for LP storage that has some sort of cover on the front. The room may get some sunlight during the morning hours. Plus, we have two cats who can be jerks about scratching stuff sometimes (cats gonna cat, you know?) so I’d want to cover the front of the shelf anyway. Any recommendations here? I saw that IKEA sells inserts for the Kallax with doors on them. Will LPs still fit inside if the insert w/ is used?
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    Records will still fit with the door insert, but the hinges will get in the way on one side and cause you to lose a little bit of shelf space.
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    I would check level on a taller shelf. You'll probably do this anyway, but remove the records from the top on your 4x4. You don't want a tall top loaded shelf.
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