Italian singer, Mario Biondi, 2013 album "Sun" co-produced by Bluey, featuring Jarreau, Chaka, etc

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    1 Intro – Ladies and Gentlemen Introducing Mario Biondi 0:42
    2 Shine On 3:39
    3 Come To Me 5:18
    4 What Have You Done To Me 3:26
    5 Woman Woman 3:32
    6 Never Stop (feat. Omar) 4:46
    7 Deep Space (feat. James Taylor of James Taylor Quartet) 3:25
    8 Catch the Sunshine (feat. Leon Ware) 6:00
    9 La Voglia La Pazzia L’idea 3:20
    10 Light To the World (feat. Al Jarreau) 4:42
    11 Girl Blue 5:23
    12 I Can’t Read Your Mind 5:19
    13 There’s No One Like You 6:03
    14 Lowdown (feat. Chaka Khan) 4:25
    15 Outro 1:00
    16 A Che Ritmo Vai 3:40

    After two years of work in Milan, Los Angeles, New York and London, Mario Biondi’s new album, Sun, was released to stores on January 29. The album has an international flavor, being produced by Biondi and Jean Paul Maunick (aka Bluey), leader of Incognito. the historic British jazz band. Sun is an album characterized by important collaborations, like the one with the great American artist Chaka Khan, who, with Biondi and Incognito, interprets in a unique manner the song "Lowdown" by Boz Scaggs. Sun also features songs such as the first single from the album "Shine On", written by Mario Biondi, Massimo Greco and Jan Kincaid, drummer and keyboardist for the London-based group Brand New Heavies. The gripping arrangements are assigned to one of the most famous musicians and composers today, Simon Hale, also collaborator of Jamiroquai.

    Mario Biondi is a singer and composer, born in Catania, Italy on January 28,1971. His father Stefano Biondi was also a singer. Mario's passion for music began at the early age of twelve when he sang in his church choir . His many musical experiences over time in Italy saw him develop more and more into an artist whose scope was destined to be of an international level. For a while he worked as a session singer - then in 1988 he had an important opportunity as support act to Ray Chales' Italian dates. His love for soul music helped shape his particular vocal styling that takes its cue from great vocalists like Lou Rawls, Al Jarreau and Isacc Hayes. His first big break came in 2004 with the release of the single "This Is What You Are". Originally planned for release only in Japan, the cool and irresistible song gets noticed by European radio. A well-known DJ, Norman Jay begins to feature the song on his BBC1 show playlist and Mario's incredible voice crosses the European continent ahead of the artist himself. The British Consulate honors him with an award during the ceremony for Best Artist representing the Uk-Italy Business Association.

    In 2006 Mario released his debut album Handful Of Soul, recorded with the High Five Quintet. In less than three months it goes platinum. That same year Mario records "L'Amore Ha Sempre Fame" for the tribute cd, Alex, Tributo ad Alex Baroni dedicated to the memory of singer, Alex Baroni. In 2007, at the San Remo festival Mario guests on a duet with Amalia Grè to sing "Amami Per Sempre", a song written by Grè in collaboration with Michele Ranauro and Paola Palma. 2007 also sees the release of the single "No Matter" teamed-up with famed Italian DJ Mario Fargetta. During this time, Mario also records some inspired covers like Billy Joel's "Just The Way You Are". In November 2007 Mario released a double album with the Duke Orchestra, called I Love You More recorded entirely live at the Smeraldo Theatre in Milano.

    In 2009 Mario is once again on the San Remo Festival stage duetting with Karima Ammar in the song "Come In Ogni Ora". The song's producer and co-writer, none other than Burt Bacharach was also on stage conducting the orchestra and playing piano. Mario went on to yet another magical duet performance with premier Italian artist Renato Zero on "Non Smettere Più" included in Renato's album Presente. In November 2009 Mario Biondi released "If" and the first single "Be Lonely" on the Tattica label. The album shot up the charts and went triple platinum. With a voice that references greats like Barry White, Issac Hayes and Lou Rawls while at the same time giving his own spin to the soul and jazz genres, Mario makes music passionately while at the same time, lighthearted and ironic.

    The new video, "Shine On":

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    The video of "Lowdown" by Mario and Chaka with Incognito from 2010:

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    Mario is a star in Italy. His album "Handful Of Soul" topped the Album Chart in late 2006, thanks to the hit single "This Is What You Are", and he's been collaborating with other Italian and international artists like Incognito, Amalia Gre and Renato Zero, Karima, Burt Bacharach (among others) ever since. He also toured with Dionne Warwick a few years ago.
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    He's a great singer! His voice reminds me variously of Isaac Hayes, Michael McDonald and Boz Scaggs. Someone that I had shared his latest video with, mentioned Arthur Prysock, an artist I am not familiar with...
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    The new album is highly recommended, a lot better than "If".
    Also, the CD isn't maximized to death - very solid sound, deep bass, clarity... a pleasure to listen to with my new Sennheiser headphones.
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    Padova, Italy
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    ...and it's good to hear Chaka Khan sounding so good.
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