James Bond 007 film-by-film thread

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    OTTOMH yes
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    The John Glen Bond films are the toughest for me to rank. As mentioned here, he seems more suited to action than the story and his films have this drab greyness that may have to do with the era, plus 3 of the films seem to be trying for a down to the earth Bond which isn't the one I favor. However, there are some great stunts/action contained although each film has its deficiencies.

    The Brosnan Bond films are also tough for me to rank. Yes, Goldeneye is the likely peak, however there are times while watching Tomorrow Never Dies that I feel it his most quintessential Bond film. The action in that one is relentless, but my opinion depends on how awkward the shift feels after Paris's death. TWINE is the one I want to love, but there are just so many things that go astray by the end with a SUBstandard climax. It also has a bit of a soap opera feel in the interaction scenes. Die Another Day is the one people seem to all throw to the garbage pit, but this is the one where like Moonraker fanaticism kicks in. It may be the most fun for me to watch of all of Brosnan's films. The detriments are Halle Berry (oscar winner?), some too fast editing and the obvious CG in some shots. Some say the movie starts well then goes on a tangent after the fantastic swordfight and I feel that is when the movie really gets going. Easily Brosnan's kitchen sink Bond film.
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    The World Is Not Enough

    if you want to see James Bond on Christmas.
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    I think Christmas came more than once a year?

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    The Spy Who Loved Me was my first Bond in the theaters. The pre-title sequence the Carly Simon song “Nobody Does It Better” hooked me as fan!!!

    Now, I did a ranking years ago and gave Moonraker another viewing! Dolly and Tchaikovsky’s Romeo & Juliet music aside (so many thought she had braces. It would make more sense if she did to make her fall in love with Jaws as they have big smiles looking at each other), the double taking pigeon, the smirking dog, the gondola car, the Star Wars cash in, the product placements throughout (my one gripe about it now), I loved it!!! Moore still looked great! He aged noticeably after this. The next film he was in his mid fifties.

    For Your Eyes Only. This one has not aged well. It was Roger Moore’s gritty, cold blooded kill Bond portrayal. Carole Bouquet gave a terrific performance. The mountain climbing scene is very suspenseful. But, Lynn-Holly Johnson fawning over Bond was cringe worthy. The Blofield knockofff beginning “steel delicatessen” seemed jarring and out of place as was the Maggie Thatcher being fooled by a parrot? And the Bill Conti disco score dates the film. John Glen’s movies feel made for TV.

    I love both films but I would find myself reaching for Moonraker quicker and more often than For Your Eyes Only. Yes, my opinions on both films have changed dramatically.
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    Best looking? Oh, yes! Add the Spy Who Loved Me to You Only Live Twice and Moonraker (all Lewis Gilbert films and all the same film redone). Pure eye candy! Rio looks beautiful as does Venice! I had it near the bottom years ago, but it has risen dramatically! If I put it on, I can’t shut it off. The centrifuge scene being my favorite. Bond looking messed up, pushing Holly Goodhead to one side.
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    is a children's movie. James Bond was not supposed to be a
    children's series. If you turn Bond into a children's movie you're doing it
    all wrong. The film is mind-numbing and staggeringly stoopid. It would
    make better sense if they had thrown out the script and started over again
    with a lean mean savage semi-surreal thriller.

    My fan edit of For Your Eyes Only fixes all the things that bother you,
    insofar as they can be fixed. Blofeld and Thatcher are gone, and 9/10's
    of the ice-skater. The sinking of the trawler and Bond being called to
    service from his wife's graveside are now the pretitle sequence as
    originally intended. After the titles, Bond shows up at his office and the
    attack on the yacht happens while he is enroute there. Some things can't
    be fixed because they're missing. The idea that Bond feels spooked and
    vulnerable that he may not survive the mission is one of those things
    that can't be recovered because it was never emphasized in the shooting
    like Richard Maibaum intended. I still haven't figured out how to replace
    Conti's inappropriate jazz score but I know it can be done and I'm working
    on it. Have chosen the Barry cues that work best (none from Thunderball,
    in case you're wondering).
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    His heart was on the wrong side.
    That must be kind of rare.
    Does the toppling of missiles really compensate for having no hands. Lol
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    Thank you for insulting my opinion. Though with trends on the forum, I’m not surprised. You hate it for the reasons mention, I’m not going to criticize your opinion for dismissing it. You could have stated this separately. You chose to quote my opinion with your posts.

    The tone of this forum makes me unwatch threads where I feel my posts are disrespected.
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    OHMSS is still the most well-written/well-casted one imo. Doesn't feel out of place like some of the others either. Believable.
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    I agree but think what OHMSS would be like if there hadn't been
    two years of delays (waiting for snow to return to the Alps) and
    the film had gone ahead with its original, contracted cast:

    Sean Connery is James Bond.
    Yul Brynner is Blofeld.
    Bridgette Bardot is Tracy.
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    Daisuke's currently on a James Bond Discussion Live Stream. Tonight it's Casino Royal ('67):


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