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Jane's Addiction

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Criminy pete, Aug 22, 2015.

  1. agaraffa

    agaraffa Forum Resident

    Amen!!! Without Eric they just aren't Jane's. I'm so glad I got to see them on the 09' reunion tour... front row, and right in front of Eric to boot. I'm a big fan since back in the day but never got to see them back then... a friend of mine had an extra ticket to the 91' Lollapalooza show in Stanhope, NJ but I was busy and didn't go. That was one of the biggest regrets of my life... stupid... stupid... stupid! :shake:
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  2. GodShifter

    GodShifter Forum Member

    Dallas, TX, USA
    Yeah, so many of JA's songs are predicated upon Eric's melodic bass playing. The albums without him are lacking due to that, IMO. The band does not sound the same sans Avery.
  3. Bellagio Insider

    Bellagio Insider Forum Resident

    Los Angeles, CA
    I remember Eric did a long online interview with a JA fan site discussing the entire second reunion and it's dissolution. That really pissed off the band and frankly, I don't blame them.
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  4. GodShifter

    GodShifter Forum Member

    Dallas, TX, USA
    I watched that whole thing. Navarro called it "a feature length movie" and, yep, it pissed all the guys in the band off big time.

    PS love your forum name! I was just reading The Bellagio Insider in Vegas last week !
  5. agaraffa

    agaraffa Forum Resident

    Yeah, he did that interview with the guy who ran xiola.org, I watched all the videos and appreciated Eric's candor. Of course it was only his side of the story, so who really knows, but I've always considered myself a member of "Team Eric". I honestly think the Perry who I adored of 25 years ago is long gone. As sad as it is to say, I think he's too far gone at this point for there to ever be a meaningful Jane's reunion. In my opinion Dave and Stephen just go along with Perry's crap because it's a paycheck. Just my thoughts... I understand I have no idea of what's really going on, and am essentially just talking out of my ass though.
  6. vamborules

    vamborules Forum Resident

    There's no doubt that Avery is a bit of a flake, especially after he ended up doing the same thing to NIN. But the creative relationship between Eric and Perry was the foundation of what Jane's was. The two of them started the band and wrote a lot of the material before Perkins and Navarro were even involved. Avery was always on a much more equal level with Perry creatively than the other two and I think it burns his ass mightily that Eric was so important.
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  7. dobyblue

    dobyblue Forum Resident

    And they released the multitracks too, so you can create your own non-loudness wars versions...what a shame this isn't the norm! I'd love to get the multis for all of The Great Escape Artist, Vlad the Slammer did a real number on that one and I think it's a great album otherwise.
  8. DeeThomaz

    DeeThomaz Senior Member

    In The Felony Room
    One consequence of the Eric A/JA split is that I strongly doubt the band will ever consent to the release of any classic concerts. Nothing would enhance the band's legacy more that a well curated series of concert releases, but I don't see that happening anymore.

    At least we got Cabinet of Curiousities. I'm not sure it's release was directly facilitated by the reunion, but it couldn't have hurt. In any case, the relationship seems far more strained now.
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    LUNACHUCK Forum Resident

    My mistake. I shouldn't have said 45 RPM as it's 33 1/3 but spread out on 2 - 180g LP's. This was the Rhino reissue done for the April 19th, 2009 RSD.

    Matrix on LP 1 is: RI-25993-A GI RM

    Can still post pics but you may know the press I referred to now that I cleaned up my rpm mistake.

    Love this album.
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  10. moople72

    moople72 Forum Resident

    They were in town on my 17th birthday and i still regret not seeing them (and Lou Reed less than a month later).
    Nothing's Shocking and New York were bibles to me at the time----and still hold up as great records.
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  11. Partyslammer

    Partyslammer Lord Of The New Church

    I've heard a lot of negative comments about the sound quality on the 2 record reissue of RDLH. I considered picking it up a year or so ago but virtually everyone who owns it who's commented on it says the high end is really lacking compared to the original LP or CD release. I have a couple copies of the original single LP (picked a nice one up a few months ago as my original is a bit worn) and the vinyl sounds really good despite the length of side one.
  12. Fullbug

    Fullbug Forum Resident

    Great rhythm section but cursed with a songwriter with a limited, LA-centric worldview. When they lost momentum the RHCP stole 100 percent of Jauna's audience.
  13. agaraffa

    agaraffa Forum Resident

    They didn't lose momentum, they broke up at their peak in popularity. And as far as RHCP stealing 100% of their audience... not quite, as much as I enjoyed the Chili Peppers they were not in Jane's league as far as I was concerned.
  14. supernaut

    supernaut Forum Resident

    Is that the show on Live Voodoo?
    great version of Ted
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  15. Nick Drake fan

    Nick Drake fan Forum Resident

    New Orleans
    Yes that's the one. Never thought I'd get the chance to see the original line-up (did not get to see them back in the day). Was a special night.
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  16. nitsuj

    nitsuj Forum Resident


    Incredibly under-rated album.

    My brother and I saw JA track-side at the Indy 500 last year. I knew what to expect, and my brother was blown away. Massive power and delicate euphoria.
  17. Criminy pete

    Criminy pete Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Eugene, OR
  18. andres lira

    andres lira Forum Resident

    lima, peru
    I remember hearin Tahitian Moon and liking it but i havent listen to the whole album. Gonna give it a try.
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  19. curbach

    curbach Some guy on the internet

    The ATX
    :laugh: I'm pretty sure it violates some sort of forum rule or general principle to respond to a smart-aleck remark more than 6 months after the fact. Just don't throw an apple at me ;)

    For the record I am a fan (or used to be--I haven't paid much attention to the doings of Perry Farrell et al in the last 20 years or so).
  20. Grunge Master

    Grunge Master 8 Bit Enthusiast

    I just got tickets to see them in July with Living Colour and Dinosaur Jr. They're doing 6 shows before they do Lollapalooza this summer. Pretty excited. It isn't the original, and I'm sure Perry doesn't sound the greatest, but I love all 3 bands, and I'd like to say that I saw Jane's at least once.
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  21. eyeCalypso

    eyeCalypso Forum Resident

    Colorado, USA
    Who's playing in Janes these days?
  22. krisjay

    krisjay Forum Resident


    I love Jane's, even now, but, "back in the day", damn they were special. I have always loved this show, since the VHS days.
  23. Merrick

    Merrick The return of the Thin White Duke

    I saw them on the NIN/JA tour with Nine Inch Nails and while half the audience left after the NIN set, I think JA gave a better performance that night.
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  24. PlushFieldHarpy

    PlushFieldHarpy Forum Resident

    They were hugely important to me back in my teenage years; the first heavy, Art-rock band that I ever got into, and my first concert. Now... I enjoy that tattoo reality show that Dave Navarro hosts.
  25. krisjay

    krisjay Forum Resident

    Nothing Shocking was a kick in the nuts when it came out. It changed everything. Far and away, one of the most underated albums of all time, also one of the most underated bands also.

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