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Jazz...Jazz...Jazz. Been bitten by the bug!

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Michael Renwick, Nov 22, 2020.

  1. Michael Renwick

    Michael Renwick Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I’m in deep, I’ve fallen in love with Jazz.
    A late in life love affair. I’ve stopped buying any other records, I can’t get enough and Spotify is sure not helping. Every time I play Spotify I end up ordering a record.

    So far, overall, I think Grant Green is my favorite. I’m feeling like I don’t have enough time in life to get to listening. I’m having fantasies of sending the wife and kid to Disney so I can get a good solid two weeks in!

    Blue Notes Tone Poet series is fantastic as is the new Acoustic Sounds Series, though the MFSL One-Steps seems to take the cake. Although I have a couple original pressings that blow me away.

    One thing I haven’t done is listen to any current Jazz titles. Any recommendations there? I live in Colorado and plan on being at the Telluride Jazz festival, so excited, hopefully things are calmer then.

    All the best!
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  2. Maseman66

    Maseman66 Forum Resident

    Westchester, NY
    Happy listening!
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  3. davmar77

    davmar77 I'd rather be drummin'...

    clifton park,ny
  4. davmar77

    davmar77 I'd rather be drummin'...

    clifton park,ny
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  5. Kiss73

    Kiss73 Forum Resident

    Oh you poor soul........that is one hell of an endless rabbit hole you have just found yourself in.
  6. Andersoncouncil

    Andersoncouncil Forum Resident

    upstate NY
    I just made my way through the Miles Davis "Mono Recordings" box set on CD. Highly recommended!
  7. davmar77

    davmar77 I'd rather be drummin'...

    clifton park,ny
    I attended this one.

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  8. nosliw

    nosliw Azunyan! にゃーーー!

    Ottawa, ON, Canada
    Kenny Burrell's Midnight Blue if you like Grant Green's Blue Note-era works.
  9. Roger Thornhill

    Roger Thornhill Forum Resident

    Ilford, Essex, UK
    Your best bet is to have a listen to some stuff some labels that are putting out some great new music. These are just three that I can think of right now.

    International Anthem

    Artists | 577 Records

    Firehouse 12 Records
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  10. Michael Renwick

    Michael Renwick Forum Resident Thread Starter

    My wife tried to order this one for me at AS but it says availability “no show”. Have my eye on it.
  11. mpayan

    mpayan Forum Resident

    Big bucks for that one now. Dont discount early cds of jazz material. Lots of good titles in good sound quality for not much cash.
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  12. Jamsterdammer

    Jamsterdammer Forum Resident

    Happy discovering! For something current, I really like the album "Turas" by the Fergus McCreadie Trio from Scotland, released in 2018. Here is "Ardbeg" from that album. Gorgeous!
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  13. jwoverho

    jwoverho Senior Member

    Mobile, AL USA
    You’re in for a wonderful ride. I got back into Jazz heavily the last several years when reentering the vinyl world.

    I did get several MMJ titles, but I also found a trusted seller on EBay from Japan who deals in 70’s Blue Note, Impulse, Verve, etc., reissues.

    My biggest discoveries:
    Bobby Hutcherson
    Andrew Hill
    Duke Pearson
    Lou Donaldson
    Grachan Moncur III
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2020
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  14. If you enjoy horn-style jazz guitar playing, you may check out Sonny Greenwich (1936 - ), a very special, lyrical and melodic musician.

    Also guitarist Jim Hall (1930-2013), a modernist whom later in his career tended to surround himself with younger, more "rocking" rhythm sections.
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  15. Sneaky Pete

    Sneaky Pete Forum Resident

    Welcome to the fold. Jazz is grownup music that expresses and evokes grownup feelings. The best of it is composed and played by virtuosi. I still listen to country, rock, blues, r&b, and classical but I buy more jazz than anything else. It is the music that connects with me most directly.

    Enjoy the journey I keep digging deeper and finding gems. To me there are two kinds of new music, the music just released, and the old music that you’ve never heard before.
  16. astro70

    astro70 Forum Resident

    Carbondale, IL
    It’s an absolutely great time to get into jazz right now. Lots of great high quality AAA reissue series going on, or preparing to start in the coming months. Most of them are $30 or less each too, so if you’re not able to pay $100+ for MMJ or original pressings, it’s quite affordable right now.
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  17. Fischman

    Fischman RockMonster, ClassicalMaster, and JazzMeister

    New Mexico
    Welcome to the obsession! It's a big, big, big, big world with more than enough styles, subgenres, eras, and incredible musical diversity to keep you exploring, discovering, and entertained for multiple lifetimes. It's a huge firehose and I speak from experience when I say there is danger it trying to drink it all in too fast. But the enthusiasm for it can't be beat!

    Be sure to check out the Listening to Jazz and Conversation thread.... so much to encounter there!

    I'm also a great lover of Grant Green. If you're digging him, do spend some time with the aforementioned Kenny Burrell as well as Wes Montgomery.

    As for new stuff, here's some of my recommended recordings from the most recent decade, including both newer artists and newer recordings from established artists:

    Kenny Barron and Dave Holland - The Art of Conversation
    John Scofield - Past Present
    Henri Texier - Chance
    Stanton Moore - Conversations
    Paolo Fresu - Alma
    Gary Peacock - Now This
    Theo Croker - Afro Physicist
    Brad Mehldau - Ode
    Marcus Miller - Afrodeezia
    Max Gerl - Tblisi
    Hiromi Uehara - Spark
    Pat Metheny - Kin
    Connie Han - Crime Scene

    Tons more than that, but that's mostly stuff that is easy to break into for a newb. If that all digests well, then there's further out stuff that is great to add to the collection!
  18. audiotom

    audiotom Ground Control to Major Tom

    New Orleans La USA
    Wow - enjoy the deep dive

    As for MODERN musicians

    Jazz guitar
    mike moreno - wonderful jazz guitar - tasteful
    Also plays on Aaron Parks records

    Nels Cline from Wilco
    Some classic. - Lovers
    Some Avant Gaurde

    Bill Frisell - whole range of styles

    marc Ribot - usually the heavier style

    My must buy New jazz artists
    Chris Potter
    Kendrick Scott
    Dave Holland
    Jan Gabarek
    Vijay Iyer
    Wayne Shorter Quartet
    Brian Blade
    Mariah Schneider - poetic tone big band nuance
    The Thompson Fields and Data Lords are both stunning

    missing some names

    ECM Records
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2020
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  19. Jimmy Disco D

    Jimmy Disco D Forum Resident

    Shropshire, UK
    Have a look in the CTI thread if you can find it, there’s a huge variety of fantastic music and you can usually find really nice condition originals for under a tenner (well, you used to anyway )

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  20. audiotom

    audiotom Ground Control to Major Tom

    New Orleans La USA
    put it in as an order
    If it becomes available they will Notify you

    if not they may consider a repress
    It has already happened with this wonderful record

    also all of Kenny Burell records are great
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  21. audiotom

    audiotom Ground Control to Major Tom

    New Orleans La USA
    Acoustic Sounds has their new Impulse releases of John Coltranes
    A love Supreme

    they sound as good as the Speakers Corner 45s

    they are going fast so buy this landmark album while you can

    Ballads is a warm beautiful piece
  22. Chris C

    Chris C Music was my first love and it will be my last!

    For something new, check out my best friend's nephew's band "Huntertones" ...

  23. Michael Renwick

    Michael Renwick Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Thanks everyone, I’ll watch the vids tonight and look into the referrals as well.
  24. Bill007

    Bill007 Forum Resident

    Boynton Beach, Fla
    I also recommend Midnight Blue by Kenny B.
    In addition:
    Any Bill Evans albums
    Art Blakey Monnin’
    The most recent Pat Metheny record ( From This Place) for something new.
  25. chervokas

    chervokas Forum Resident

    Well, jazz is a diverse field of music and the style of current jazz can range about as far and broad as the history of jazz itself. My favorite new jazz album of 2020 has been Matthew Shipp's solo piano album The Piano Equation, but it may not be the first thing a new jazz fan who is into swinging hard bop guitar like Grant Green cottons to. Trumpeter Dave Douglas' Dizzy Atmosphere, inspired by the life and work of Dizzy Gillespie but not retro bebop, its another 2020 jazz album I liked very much that might be an easier entry point for you. From a completely different point of view within the contemporary streams of jazz, I really liked Kahil El'Zabar's America the Beautiful, this year. Shabaka Hutchings' Shabaka and the Ancestors We Are Sent Here By History is one that is going to top a lot of year end jazz lists this year I'm sure and might be a good contemporary intro to one of the big influencers on jazz in 2020. All jazz, and all pretty different kinds of albums.

    I don't know how far back you want to go to scratch your contemporary itch -- two years, five years, ten years, twenty years, thirty years? I don't know if you're looking for particular types of jazz, or a survey of current trends, of an intro to the major figures and albums form 1980 to the present.

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