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Jico to reintroduce Shure M44-7 and M44G by early 2021

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by thinker10, Nov 22, 2020.

  1. thinker10

    thinker10 Forum Resident Thread Starter

  2. VinylSoul

    VinylSoul Forum Resident

    Lake Erie
    What do you think the price will be?
  3. Aftermath

    Aftermath Senior Member

    Very cool!

    I really like the fact that they will be introducing a replacement for the N-44G stylus as part of this.
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2020
  4. D'Addario

    D'Addario Member

    I’d buy one if it’s less than $150, but I doubt that it will.
    My guess is $200-$300.
    It would be a nice accompaniment to my M75ed T2
    Love that vintage Shure sound!
  5. russk

    russk Forum Resident

    Syracuse NY
    Very cool I wonder if they will bring back other Shure cartridges.
  6. Aftermath

    Aftermath Senior Member

    It would be great if they do. Ever since Shure stopped making the M97xE, I've been using Jico's N97xE elliptical replacement styli and have been pleased with the workmanship and sound quality.
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  7. thinker10

    thinker10 Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I would say around 120 US$ maybe a little less.

    They have to competitive with the DJ market .
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  8. daytona600

    daytona600 Forum Resident


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