Jimi Hendrix Experience Electric Ladyland (50th Anniversary Edition) 4-CD Box EH/Sony Nov. 9

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by kanakaris, Mar 21, 2018.

  1. DTK

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    Unnatural? It's a purely mechanical sound. As least on Jimi's records.
  2. Shipping would be free anyway on Amazon, you don't need to be Prime to get it for this item.
  3. John Harchar

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    Oh yeah, the $35 limit! It's been so long since I had to think about it, I forgot!
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    Non prime free shipping just sits there for days.

    Its an insult.

    Take your business elsewhere
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    Has anyone compared the sonics on the mono "STP/LSD" from the box set with any other (CD) sources? I forget where else I have the mono mix, but if the reissued box set is a sonic improvement, I might be (more) tempted to re-buy it.
  6. John Harchar

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    I just compared it to the one from the Singles Album CD. It's...marginally better sonically, a little more open sounding. I bought it as a download since I had the purple box since it came out, for completeness sake. It does do a weird shift in my headphones from one ear to the other right as it starts, does anyone else have this?
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  7. malcolm reynolds

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    I noticed that my order placed as soon as it went up on amazon.com shows that it has a release date of Nov 9 but the delivery date is still pending. Both my Dylan and Beatles sets show release day delivery dates so I wonder if this is going to be a case where not everyone gets theirs on release date for the Hendrix?
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  8. slop101

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    The eternal question... CD or vinyl... vinyl or CD... ?
  9. John Harchar

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    I had that happen with me for Tolkien's Fall of Gondolin: they had a release date of Aug 30, but said they'd let me know when it would have a delivery date. A few weeks out, they let me know the delivery date would be...August 30. I suspect a whole bunch of people will be getting them on Nov. 9 while others as reb noted, may have theirs take a little while longer. But we'll see.
  10. Gordon Johnson

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    Vinyl, not even close!

    At the very least you get to make a CD for yourself from the vinyl, I always struggle to do that in reverse :)
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  11. Hymie the Robot

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    d.) None of the Above
  12. Wayne Hubbard

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    Every Hendrix release I have purchased on Amazon has shipped the day of release. Never before. I have never been bothered because most have had the auto-rip feature available for me to listen to until I got the physical product.
  13. crozcat

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    I can´t stand vinyl noise/crackle...
    LP´s are also generally too expensive, I think.
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  14. Dr. Luther's Assistant

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    Great. I'm not even sure if I own the full Ottawa, and I'm already stressing over whether I should replace it with the later release. (Speed issues drive me nuts.) :sweating:

    Anyway -- thank you for response.
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  15. John Harchar

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    And the mystery is solved via the news section of the Jimi Hendrix site:

    The Jimi Hendrix Experience: “Burning Of The Midnight Lamp” (7” EP, Mono)

    Electric Ladyland is arguably Jimi Hendrix’s most authentic and personal work, a realization of music as “my personal diary — a release of all my inner feelings, aggression, tenderness, sympathy, everything” (as he said in an interview not long after the album’s release). To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the final album Hendrix issued during his lifetime, this 7” three-song EP offers the rare, original UK mono single mix of “Burning Of The Midnight Lamp,” that was originally prepared by Jimi Hendrix and Chas Chandler in 1967. The B-Side features the original, folded-mono mixes of “Crosstown Traffic” and “Gypsy Eyes” that were created by Reprise Records for a promotional 7” single, first released in 1968.
  16. SoundAdvice

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    BOG was released March 1970.
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  17. Gordon Johnson

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    Just been listening to that along with a number of other Reprise / Classic pressings.

    The only surprise being EH actually posted this on their own site, that has to be a first :)

    Mystery? Never was one!

    Great spot btw John.
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  18. John Harchar

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    Would’ve been so much easier to post this in the first place :)
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  19. Lonson

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    My amazon.com order is "Lady" as the artist and "Land" as the title. . . I ordered it before it was officially the new release.
  20. Gordon Johnson

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    As pointed out up thread, the statements came from a other source. Looks like EH had them correct the initial claims and an edited version if what appears on the official site was used.

    Let's hope this is a turning point from EH to present new releases in a clearer fashion.
  21. marcb

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    One, they sound like folddowns. Two, listen to the stereo folded down...does it differ other than perhaps a little bit tonally?

    Additionally rather than trying to prove the unlikely, can anyone provide any evidence of any mono mixes being made? Why would they make mono mixes for just two songs - and then not use them in the UK which was behind much of the world in adopting stereo?

    Again, think horses, not zebras.
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  22. marcb

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    It depends upon your definition of rare, I suppose. The true mono mix of Burning is available on a 50 year old, low selling 45 and an out of print, limited edition box set. I’d say that qualifies as “rare” for most other than the most ardent of Hendrix fans.
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  23. marcb

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    Don’t bet on it. Music ad copy has been intentionally and unintentionally incorrect for eons. The much bigger surprise is they corrected it, not that it was incorrect originally.
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  24. Laservampire

    Laservampire ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    All CD issues and vinyl reissues of the mono STPw/LSD I've compared sound poor, and so does the original Track 45. The only good sounding source I've heard is the French Barclay 7". Same story as the mono AYE, possibly not by coincidence!
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  25. Gordon Johnson

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    At least we can now move on!

    I was asking why folk were posting about these being fold down [or not] as I never noticed a single post which read as, "I sat and gave them a listen and concluded as …………..". All we got was a black statement and as usual, it turned out to be simply someone's comment from some long forgotten past being recycled, correct or otherwise in this instance!

    As I have and had listened to these records [again, I own them so can check] I already knew the outcome, I don't rely on 'drop's to attempt to evaluate this sort of material.

    Anyway, nice of EH to have come up to speed for us.

    I also have a good number of the other mono mixes / fold downs from the common to the genuinely rare but making a statement as to there status is worthless here. It may just upset some folks opinion and we know were that leads us!

    As for the definition of rare.
    In our case it means, in its literal sense, low numbers. We can caveat that with "though available in high numbers, this is an item rare to the market".

    Burning Of The Midnight Lamp fits neither of the above. The original Track records 45 was issued in the thousands and though the CD box set was available in lower numbers it still saw a three figure issue, again thousands. That an item is no longer produced does not equate to it being rare. Easily available to find and cheap to buy. So rare is simply being used here for marketing reasons.

    And yes, the original statement and corrected one are both from a third party be they lifted as part of an official statement or otherwise, so my "bet" would be more than a safe one!

    Hope this post helps, I have tried ever so hard to avoid being subjective, I deliberately avoided words like Better, Worse, Good and Poor. Being way too subjective to present anything worthwhile reading!

    For instance, there is no "good" sounding mono AYE, just as an example of course. That different pressings sound different and have different levels of appeal on play back does not make a "poor" sound, sound "good".

    Right, plenty to crack on with here before I get to sit and listen to a rare record [low in number originally, low in number as in surviving 49 years and extremely infrequent to the market so it ticks all the "rare" boxes :)

    But will we move on?

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